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Argenta Serket

Argenta Serket is a player character played by Arbitrated.

  Argenta Serket  
  Species & Gender:    Minkan Female  
  Date of Birth:    YE17  
  Organization:    Star Army of Yamatai  
  Occupation:    Combat Engineer/Technician  
  Rank:    Santô Hei  
  Current Placement:    N/A  

Preferred Plots

  - YSS Ryujo

Physical Description


Height: 165cm

Weight: 60kg

Eye Color: Jade

Hair Style/Length: Typically a bust-length ponytail

Hair Color: Brown

BWH: 33B, 27, 34

A fairly plain woman, Argenta Serket is a minkan with an unremarkable and simple body. Sporting a fairly slender frame, this young Minkan is able to slip through small gaps or work inside a confined space. Little about her is visually interesting, often causing Argenta to disappear almost every time she entered a crowd. Mostly from her occupation, Serket works with moderately calloused hands and little forms of beautification, often preferring the comfort of shorts and pants to the looseness of a skirt, dress, or leggings.


Argenta has a personal problem with failure, often refusing to give up or surrender even against the ultimate odds. She additionally prefers a direct solution to a given problem, taking what may not be the path of least resistance but rather the path with the minimal amount of complications.

Some time after her parent's death, Argenta began to form a protective mental shell around herself. Putting forth a cool but slightly aloof attitude when she can, Serket tries to distance herself emotionally from other people for fear that she would lose them if she would get too attached. When something goes wrong, she often would blame the failure on an action or inaction of her own save if it was something she knew entirely nothing about.


Argenta Serket was born in YE17.

Born during an emigration voyage from Yamatai to Gamije I, Argenta often had difficulty truly staying in one place for too long a time. Her father had died in a workplace accident when she was young, causing the young girl and her mother to mourn for some time… After a few years, a disease swept across the planet which had taken away her mother. With little to lose and a nomadic instinct, Argenta made her way back to Yamatai, asking about their Star Army and learning of the ability to become a Minkan.

Social Connections

Argenta Serket is connected to: Mary Serket(Deceased) and Aaron Serket(Deceased).

Skills Learned

Star Army Common Skills

Standard-issue skills taught during normal training. There was a minor focus on the use of pistols, blunt weaponry, and hand-to-hand combat.


During training, Argenta managed to learn the basics of fabricating new items or designing a sound shelter from the elements. She additionally has made attempts to know how to design and construct proper fortifications, such as bunkers and gunnery nests.

Maintinance and Repair

Generally allowing things to stay effective for much longer than normal, Argenta often found herself making sure she could get the most out of what she was given. She can patch normal age-and-use related damage to technology and equipment, and to an extent is capable of repairing battle damage efficiently.


Although not notably proficient in this field, Serket can operate vehicles on demand. This typically was in the realm of tankettes, rather than mecha or fightercraft.


Analyzing a design for improvements, identifying weaknesses, or other data is incredibly helpful in the field. Argenta can at a glance approximate load bearing sections or other possible design features of many starships or buildings she may encounter. She additionally can note places of a structure that may need additional reinforcement should the occasion arise.


Synergizing well with on-site analysis of structures and blueprints, Argenta can estimate optimal locations and payloads for charges designed to rapidly deconstruct obstacles. She prefers standard plastic explosives, but has had some experience with mines and handheld explosives (such as grenades).

Inventory & Finance

Argenta Serket has the Star Army Standard Issue Items.

Argenta Serket currently has 3000 KS.

OOC Information

  • Can this character be killed forever? Actually, yes, as long as I am made aware ahead of time.
  • Can this character be killed temporarily? Yes

In the case Arbitrated becomes inactive:

  •  Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? No
  •  Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? No

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