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Argus Zepheris

Argus Zepheris is a player character played by club24.

Argus Zepheris
Species & Gender: Separa'Shan (Venis) Male
Date of Birth: YE 17
Organization: Galactic Horizon
Occupation: BioTech
Rank: Biology Specialist

Physical Description

Argus stands at roughly 6ft tall casually and is 12ft in total length from tail to head and weighs 170lbs (77kg) with his scale colours resembling that of the Asian Vine Snake of mainly green with white and black highlights.

Argus' face is hard and devoid of expression most of the time as he makes sure he stays in control of his emotions and distancing himself from others. His eyes are yellow with black slits also based on the Asian Vine Snake, he has a short black buzz-cut for hair, his jaw and face, excluding eyes, are human-like with a standard jaw, nose and ear form with the more prominent fangs that secrete his venom.

His skin is green even on the human part of his body and is the main colour of his scales with an almost white shade of green on his underbelly, his human body is lean and slightly muscled and he is in good physical condition and his hands are steady and precise due to his medical training. Argus' family mark is a red stripe from the base of his skull running down his back to the end of his tail where it branches out into four ends that wrap around the tip of his tail which indicates his family and venom type which is a nervous and muscular inhibitor, it is however temporary and leaves no major or long-term side effects. 2)


Argus like many Venis has a serious overall personality and tends to not get into large arguments or disputes to avoid an accident, he however has some compassion for those that he works with and treats but won't openly show it and instead wears a cold expression and speaks with a curt tone.

When working on a patient Argus will often block out the world around him to help focus on his work, in a combat situation where he is performing field-aid he still does this but to a smaller degree. Despite his cold outside appearance and serious tones, Argus will quite easily hold conversations with others especially those he works closely with.



Argus Zepheris was born in YE 17 on Essia System into small clutch of six with one brother and four sisters, his family owned a small plot of land where his father would grow their own food while his mother would work to barter and sell their produce as well as making clothes for the family. When he and his siblings had completed their ascension, his sisters learned how to trade and sew with other domestic duties while Argus and his brother were put to work on the small farm and were taught about the land and the flora and fauna.

As he matured Argus' natural affinity to medicine and its practice became apparent he spent less time with his father on their farm and instead furthered his understanding of medical practices and became an apprentice in the local doctors surgery. Eventually he became interested in expanding his knowledge with the knowledge of other species among the stars, Argus eventually left his family and homeworld in YE 34 and traveled between space ports not really finding anywhere he seemed to fit in but picking up on new things all the time.

Argus started running into financial trouble about three years after leaving and as a result got mixed up in a well equipped gang of thieves who decided they would use him for his skills as a medical practitioner, being an intelligent individual he quickly picked up on the true intentions of the crew he'd joined and realised he wouldn't be able to escape them easily. Having to be responsible to treat the crew for all the various illnesses they β€œpicked up” Argus had access to almost all of the crew, he created a non lethal drug that would paralyze and render victims unconscious using his own venom and some other medical supplies to help mask it.

After escaping from the thieves gang in YE 39he found himself trapped in alien space with no way to contact anyone or get home with nothing but his clothes and some basic equipment he stole from them including a Data Jockey and a NAM 12mm RPB Pistol which he took from the second in command before fleeing into the safety of the crowds of the port and took time to redesign himself as a person. Argus found that even though the they had used him he felt as though he fit in on the ship, as a pirate, and decided that he would find another crew but would not be their puppet but instead join because he wanted to be there, which then lead to him to join the Baba Yaga as their surgeon.

RP history

After sailing on the Baba Yaga for a short time Argus quickly realised that being a pirate just wasn't what he wanted to do, when the original captain dissapeared he took the opportunity to leave the ship in search of a better career path. It wasn't long before he heard of the slowly emerging company Galactic Horizon and applied to join and help them develop the Medical technology division of the business, ultimately preferring to work in the labs than on a pirate ship>

Skills Learned

Argus Zepheris has the following notable skills:

  • Medical - Studying the medical techniques and information from various species and factions Argus built upon his natural interest in medical science and furthered his own ability to perform procedures until he was eventually good enough to perform surgery on almost any species with his accumulated knowledge helping him to make informed decisions for each species he works with.
  • Survival - Growing up on a small farm Argus was mentored by his father in survival practices, this included ways to survive with limited supplies and also built up his physical and mental endurance, this ensured he would not give up or suffer from self-doubt when faced with a difficult situation
  • Rogue - Working with thieves and criminals for a period of time Argus had to learn some tricks of the trade and developed a knack for pick-pocketing and slight-of-hand using his steady hands and excellent coordination to take and place things as he wished with a very slim chance he would be discovered.

Social Connections

Argus Zepheris connected to:

  • Mother
  • Father
  • 5 Siblings

Inventory & Finance

OOC Information

In the case club24 becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO
art by Suesanne

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