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Ari'Su Sha'Ri

Ari'Su Sha'Ri is a player character played by Dwarfofdefeat.

Ari Su Sha Ri
Species: Shukaren Laibe
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Height: 5' 7
Weight: 150 Lbs
Organization: Neshaten Shukara Navy
Occupation: Combat Engineer
Rank: C'Baruce
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots

  1. NSV Gam'trosha
  2. NSV Gam'trosha
  3. NSV Gam'trosha

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5' 7
  • Mass: 150 Lbs
  • Measurements: B cup

Build and Skin Color: A slender frame her muscle tone is quite low compared to her race, but it proves to provide a more 'softer' and 'kinder' look. Her skin is pink under her thick fur, with Black being the fur's color.

Eyes and Facial Features: Cautious, deep purple eyes will great a person upon noticing the eyes. The facial shape is Triangular, with black fur.

Ears: short, black furred, fox ears.

Hair Color and Style: Black fur.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Despite being apart of the Shukaren Laibe, Ari'su does not share the common view of her kin. The idea that the Laibe are the 'True master race' does not even register in her mind. To Ari'su, All three of the peoples of the Neshaten Kingdom are one. This occurred due to her raising, in which her parents, also believed that the three peoples were all equal.

She would appear to aggressive like a stereotypical Laibe, but deep down, she is actually a caring, kind soul. She constantly makes sure her Step-brother is okay, always taking sides with him no matter what is happening. To her, family comes first.

She is flirtatious, but only in a joking manner, never actually meaning any of it. She would rather not get bogged down by kits at such a young age.

She has a knack for Loyalty, this budding off of her love for her family, anyone who can befriend her is sure to have support from her.

  • Likes: Stahp (her 'Brother' ), Messing with anything that looks like it could be improved.
  • Dislikes: Threats directed at her Brother, being denied the right to modify things.
  • Goals: Ari'su wants to be remembered for her deeds whether good or bad.


Family (or Creators)

Daughter of Si'lao and No'ri Sha'ri. She has one Adopted sibling, a Daur named Prok'hor Spyr'idon Stahp.


Daughter of two 'radical' equality supporters. She was often picked on because of her parents and was forced into hating the Shukaren Daur, and My'leke. A life changing event would occur for her and the Daur she encountered. The young Daur's parent's home was caught ablaze. In a wreckless and daring attempt to save what sounded like a boy calling for help within the home, she ran into the firey inferno, carrying the Daur boy to safety.

When everything calmed down, the Sha'Ri family adopted the boy. And their bond took off ever sense…

Later she would find herself enlisting in the Navy as a Combat engineer. She was naturally Curious about what was beyond what they knew. Always 'exploring' when she was a kit even before she met Stahp. They found her knack for picking apart anything and making the slightest improvement to it (or the occasional complete irreversable destruction) astonishing, it was only natural she would be stationed with the next Exploration ship available.


Starship Operations

Required in order to operate a starship and perform repairs.

Technology Operation

Required in order to design software or hardware but also to repair said software or hardware


All Neshaten, Myleke and Shukaren alike, are taught hand-to-hand combat. However, given their culture, most already know both hand-to-hand and weapons training before they even enter the military. Fighting requires to the use of Martial Arts, Swordsmenship, and Archery.


Ari'su's own interest in making, breaking, and altering things has given her a knack for messing with things and making it better. Not always, But most of the time the end results are more good then they are bad. Even if it is a slim increase.


Because of how important history is, but also in order to curb the racial problems that would naturally exist in their culture, all Neshaten are taught about their past and what lead up to them having to colonize a new world but also about their allies the My'leke or the Shukaren. This is also related to law as well, where-as a soldier must know their Kingdoms laws so they can enforce them when needed.

Maintenance and Repair (small craft)

Ari'su was taught by her father, Si'lao Sha'ri, a Small craft mechanic. The basics of how Small Craft work. It was through those very lessons from her childhood she was able to grasp the concepts of space based small craft.


Ari'Su Sha'Ri has the following items:


Ari'Su Sha'Ri is currently a Combat Engineer in the Neshaten Shukara Navy.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
5000 RN Starting Funds
5000 RN 300 RN Sharp - Needler Pistol
4700 RN 160 RN Needler Clips x 8

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