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This article is a work in progress; It is currently not approved as canon.

Arieg Hessel

Arieg Hessel is a player character played by Arieg.

Arieg Hessel

Now I have a machine gun, Ho Ho Ho.
General Character Information
Age 8
Species Vat born Nepleslian
Place of Birth
Birth Date
Height 6' 3“
Weight 160 Ibs
Skin Color Pale White
Eye Color Steel Grey
Hair Color Brown
Ethnicity Caucasian
Faction and Organization Affiliation
Organization Formerly The Paragon Initiative, Now Freelance
Faction Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia (Citizen Of)
Occupation Mercenary
Rank or Status N/A
Current Placement or Unit Freelancer
Miscellaneous Character Information
Likes Cigars.
Large Amounts of Ammunition.
Search and Destroy Contracts.
Dislikes Conservatives.
'Soft' People.
Special Interest Mindsets.
Goals Find a new worthwhile cause to take up.
Character Financials
Deposits/Withdrawals Date Of/Reason

Physical Description

  • Build and Skin Color
  • He is tall and thin, with a very pale almost unhealthy looking complexion.
  • Eyes and Facial Features
  • Grey eyes set in a long thin face, a small scar runs from under his right eye down to his jawline.
  • Ears
  • Human, small, left one missing a significant amount of tissue.
  • Hair Color and Style
  • Brown, he keeps it short, practically to stubble.
  • Distinguishing Features
  • Extensive cyberization of the brain stem and lower cortex, this has given him the capability to operate a HUD in his vision center and the use of radio telepathy. A small data port on the back of his neck allows direct input interface with any compatible hardware.

Mental Description

A quiet.. almost distant individual, Arieg prefers listening rather then speaking. Often giving his input in less then a few meaningful sentences. His actions however speak volumes about what goes on in his mind, he is precise, efficient, and never wasteful in virtually any activity he chooses or is told to carry out. His methodical approach makes him an excellent soldier and military contractor in Paragon's ranks.

Relations and Family

A vat born Red soldier, his immediate unit is what he considers his 'family'.

Character History


Starting life as a vat bred replacement pilot for the Red Military air units, he was one of many to break off during Paragon's formation and brought his expertise to his new found organization. Being one of a handful of trained pilots he soon found himself training would be pilots, during a routine exercise involving live fire operations his aircraft crashed. Barely surviving the incident intact he began searching for an alternative means of service within Paragon and enrolled in the training program for the Special Combat Battalion. He found a specialization in demolitions during this training period and excelled in the application of high explosives to various 'issues' and removing them.

As of YE 33 he is available for independent contracting operations.

Roleplay Events

Character Skills

  • Demolitions
  • He is capable of employing explosives in a wide variety of roles. He specializes however in using them to destroy enemy assets and placing them as ambush tools in the form of improvised explosive devices.
  • Survival and Military
  • Extensive training in guerrilla tactics and urban warfare makes Arieg a potent fighter in a city environment, he is capable however of operating in a wide variety of combat zones.
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • He is capable of maintaining his cybernetics and weapons on a basic level in the field, he also knows basic maintenance practices on several vehicle types. However this is only capable of fixing minor issues or placing stopgaps, he is incapable of serious repairs.
  • Leadership
  • He excels in small unit command, often no more then four to six men and is capable of inflicting proportionality greater damage with a unit of this size. He tends to be a hands off leader, giving each man basic tasks that contribute to the progress of any given operation and balancing these to maintain unit cohesiveness.
  • Technology Operation
  • He has the ability to handle network systems, communications, and general operating computers for the various vehicles and weapons available to him. He has also begun sharpening his capability in network infiltration and other information warfare capacities.
  • Fighting
  • Fluent in close quarter battle tactics, he is quite capable of dispatching opponents with Paragon's various weapon systems up close and personal or out to medium to long range. Of course up close his preferred method is his knife, quite, quiet, and very personal
  • Vehicles
  • Arieg is an ex-gunship pilot but still maintains basic knowledge of how to fly these craft, his combat indoctrination training into Paragon's SCB group has given him basic experience in operating ground vehicles such as trucks all the way up to light armored vehicles.

Character Inventory

Character Inventory
Handheld Gauss Rifle 1500x 7.62 x 100 mm Depleted Uranium darts
8x 75-round magazines
Personal Infantry Machine Pistol (PIMP) 2x 80-round 5.8x30mm ammunition canister
2x 45-round 'long' magazine
Leather Pistol Belt w/holster, Black
SFR-01 Rocket Launcher 4x PM-2B Thermobaric Rockets
4x PM-1B Tandem HEAT Rockets
Three rocket quiver backpack
Utility Combat Knife M01A Sheath w/belt attachment
Zen Arms FEAR (Fuchs Enhanced Application Rifle) Zen Standard Foregrip/Weapon Light
Zen ZAH-1 Holographic Sight
Zen-FEAR 35-round Magazine 6x
Zen-FEAR 75-round Extended Magazine 2x
Zen ZWS-2 Thirty Caliber Weapon Suppressor
Zen ZSS-3 Single Point Weapon Sling
MG-32 Medium Machine Gun 4x Magnification Digital Infrared Sight.
1,200 Backpack Cassette with Flex Feed Belt.
1x Impulse Powered Armor w/ Origin Assault Backpack (Paragon Modified)
Personal Effects
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