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Ariel Remora

Ariel Remora
Species: Elysian (Plebeian)
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Family (or Creators): Maeael Remora (Father, deceased), Laslanil Remora (Mother, deceased), Avrael Remora (Twin sister)
Height: 73 in / 185 cm
Weight: 128 lbs / 58 kg
Organization: Elysian Celestial Navy
Rank: Duplicari
Occupation: Captain
Current Placement: ECS Civetta di Cielo

Ariel in Roleplay

Ariel is a Player Character played by Orion and is currently involved in the ECS Civetta di Cielo plot.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 73 in / 185 cm Mass: 128 lbs / 58 kg

Build and Skin Colour: A grace of his talent and recent military career, Ariel is quite well-fed, but as any Plebeian, his build is still extremely slender and lithe, and to a human's eye he probably still looks malnourished. His complexion is rather pale, though not quite chalky. Though his wings are not useful for flying (what Plebeian can fly?), they are good sized, measuring about 130 inches at full span, and fully feathered. His feathers are not pure white, a slight tinge of red-orange identifies his impurity to those with an eye.

Facial Features and Eye Colour: Ariel has a very avian face, sharply angled and somewhat swept-back in appearance. He has thin lips and a low nose, goldenrod yellow eyes that would seem a little too wide were they not constantly half-closed. Ariel is sometimes mistaken for a narcoleptic because of this; he perpetually appears somewhat tired and distant.

Hair Colour and Style: Ariel has fiery orange hair of about chin length, slightly curly at the ends and meticulously well-cared for. He usually binds it back into a ponytail, just because ponytails are awesome, but will on occasion let it fall. Or braid it, he does braiding too.

Distinguishing Features: The orange hair isn't too common among Elysians. Ariel has no other obviously unique features.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Ariel is complicated. On the surface he is quiet but very determined, self-assured, and confident. He is plain-spoken and concise, thinks quickly on his feet, and parses through difficult decisions effectively and easily. He is, in other words, a rather model soldier and a good candidate as a military officer. Beneath the outward apearance, however, Ariel is something of a radical and rabble-rouser at heart. He has an innate distrust of any authority short of God, and is often loathe to believe even Priests and Senators, as they have led Elysia astray from God's vision in the past. He would never advocate war against his own kind, but he firmly believes that those who would harm God's grand plan are yet entrenched in Elysia's political foundation, and he would see them removed - if only he had the authority. Tricky thing, of course, is that he doesn't want the authority. Ariel is, himself, no holy man and he knows it well. He does not trust himself with power any more than he trusts others. He acts for now purely on faith, believing that God surely will lead Elysia back to the light, and surely will help Elysia to cast aside the idolaters who still defile her.

Ariel is extremely close to his twin sister Avrael. Though they went into different sections of the military, the fraternal love between them is remarkable, and they maintain extremely close contact.

Likes: Quiet, reading, music, theater, Avrael, poignant discussion Dislikes: Useless people, sloth, greed, arrogant people, vacuous discussion Goals: One of his major goals is to earn a Patrician body. Considering his talent and his background, he is a prime candidate - but like any Plebeian he has a lot of work to do still. He also has a long-term goal to affect major social change within Elysia, but he is unsure precisely what change he wishes to affect.



Ariel and Avrael Remora were born into a middle class Plebeian family. Maeael made a decent living in the engineering industry, Laslanil in exobiology. Though neither parents could be called revolutionary or genius, they both knew their trades and brought home enough money, plus a little extra. Early in life, the twins never really wanted for food or… anything. Even during the wars, life remained fairly comfortable for the Remora family - though they were, as one can imagine, conscripted to use their skills for military purposes, this ensured the continued survival of their children.

When the floating islands were conquered in YE 15, however, life stopped being quite so easy. Under the brief rule by Yamatai, the Remoras found themselves without employment and without much in the way of hope. Laslanil was killed during the end of the fighting, and Ariel and Avrael - both eight - watched as everything they knew came crashing down. It wasn't until nearly five years later, some time after the exodus to Elysia Novus, that life really started looking up for the family again. Ariel and Avrael, as it turned out, were gifted children. This didn't come as any surprise to Maeael, but as the new Elysian government was only just beginning to implement uniform education for Plebeians, it was something of a shock to many Patricians. The Remora twins were educated, all expenses paid, in Patrician colleges for several years. They didn't feel the sparsity and pain of the Fourth War at all, though their father died at some point during the fighting. As the Plebeian education system was developed, Ariel and Avrael were later transferred into a Plebeian college, where they reigned at the top of the class for two years.

In YE 25, both were accepted into the Empyrean Academy. They completed three years of courses there, both ranked within the top five of the hundred-person class, and then - aged 21 - moved on to a military career. Though they began in basic infantry training, within a year both found themselves in more specialized training. It was also the first time in their lives they had ever been seperate for more than a few hours. Avrael chose to stay with the Elysian Celestial Army, and rose to the rank of Hypolokhagos over the two year span, her tactical ability quickly recognized and put to use. Ariel, conversely, joined the Elysian Celestial Navy. Aptitude testing eventually placed him as a pilot, and he spent the next two years in intensive training for various piloting tasks in the ECN. As with every other academy situation in his life, Ariel finished in the top percentile. Newly graduated, he awaits assignment.

Service Record

Thule Task Force

  • Ariel was assigned as the pilot of the ECS Phalanx.
  • Ariel was removed from service on the ECS Phalanx following the Prefectii's leave of absence.
ECS Civetta di Cielo
  • Ariel was reassigned to command the ECS Civetta di Cielo and promoted to the rank of Duplicari, a move intended to test his aptitude for leadership in an ostensibly forgiving environment.


Starship Operations

This is Ariel's specialty. Generally speaking, if it's a starship built by Elysians, he can fly it and fly it well. His skills at the helm are exceptional, and complemented nicely by well-developed navigational skills and a thorough knowledge of stellar cartography and astrometrics. He is intimately familiar with the workings of most ECN vessels (though he is not perfectly fluent with some of the older designs) and adapts easily to most vessels that he lacks that familiarity with. Not to say he could fly a Star Army or Nerimian vessel without further training in those systems, of course.


Ariel is fluent in verbal and written Seraphim, English, and Japanese. He can effectively operate and communicate with radio equipment common to the Elysian military. He is telepathic and trained in its use, capable of communicating within 1.25 kilometres.


Ariel has undergone basic training with the Elysian Celestial Army, and is proficient in the use of xiphos, aspis, phaelaes, pistols, rifles, flamethrowers, and other infantry weapons used by Elysia. He is also skilled in unarmed combat due to the Elysian love of Pankriaton, and he is trained in Zero-Gravity fighting. When he transferred to the ECN, Ariel underwent training in the flying and operation of the Hikael power armor, though not being a Patrician he was incapable of learning others.


Ariel has a sufficient background in mathematics to account for his starship operations capability. He is capable of everything from basic arithmetic to advanced calculus and is fairly familiar with quantum mechanics and dimensional theories. (His player is not.)


Ariel is in excellent physical condition. Not being malnourished, he is very strong, the Elysian heritage shining through. The intensive training of the ECA only helped with this - Ariel can run and swim for long distances, sprint while carrying a full complement of military equipment, and in general do very physically demanding things without killing himself.

Maintenance and Repair

He isn't going to replace a mechanic, but in a pinch Ariel is familiar enough with the inner workings of most Elysian technology to perform emergency repairs. He can keep something running, even if it won't be the most graceful maintenance. He is not proficient with the workings of anything non-Elysian, and older Elysian technology is often different enough to render him ineffective.

Survival and Military

Ariel underwent basic training with the ECA and learned the necessities of survival in hostile environments. He can forage, hunt, find water, construct shelters, navigate effectively over land and in general support himself in Elysia-like conditions. He is also proficient in Elysian signaling techniques and in camouflage.



  • ECN Uniforms… (We really need to detail this some more.)
  • Soh'k'tos in ECN colors
  • Iyko (one red, one white)
  • I'yaloh (white, banded with red)


Personal Hygiene

  • Soap
  • More soap, since Ariel likes soap



  • Other equipment/items shall remain anonymous background flavor until such time as we have more of it written up. In theory Elysians do have things like, you know, personal communication devices. But there's nothing written yet.


Ariel Remora is currently a Semeai in the Elysian Celestial Navy.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
15,000 Aureas Starting Funds
14,600 Aureas -400 Datapad

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