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Arlyle 'The Librarian' Arlie Ablemare The Third (NPC)

Arlyle is a member of the Lazarus Consortium, primarily responsible for executive planning execution, operations planning. Arlyle is known to excel at information and psychological warfare and is an expert social engineer in both the corporate, political and security/military sectors. Organisation, bureaucracy, research, private investigation (street-work, forensic evidence, records investigation), logical deduction, law and the discovery and exploitations of legal grey areas are also cherished skills.

As with all members of the consortium, Arlyle is incredibly secretive, their identity unknown, though it is theorised they have ties to either law-enforcement, a legal department or an investigative department of government on some level.

Arlyle Arlie Ablemare The Third is a non-player character played by Osaka/Osakanone, Moogle, Luca and DocTomoe and is used in the ongoing Lazarus Consortium subplot of the Phoenix II.

This character may not be adopted.
Arlyle Arlie Ablemare The Third
Species: Unknown
Gender: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Organization: Lazarus Consortium
Current Location: Unknown

Physical Characteristics

Arlyle has appeared in the form of a ROM construct in the form of a female bat-aspected L'manel. Given Arlyle's use of painkillers to combat the nervous incompatibilities of interspecies construct uplink, it is probable that she is not Lorath and may not even be female and is intentionally misrepresenting herself for security purposes.

  • Height: 6'1
  • Mass: Unknown

Build and Skin Color: Arlyle's physical form is believed to be aged somewhere between 35 and 45. Her frame is describable as “motherly” and “plump”. Her skin has an olive-yellowish quality.

Eyes and Facial Features: Arlyle's eyes are a stark and very pale yellow. They commonly lack focus, often looking “through” a person and do not successfully respond to light, giving her iris a permanently over-dilated appearance. Her facial features are typical of southern Lor, less thin, refined, sleek and angular (as is the case with Northerners and many Yamataians) but broad, soft and rounded.

Ears: Bat-aspected, Arlyle's ears crown her head like large hands, branching from the base of her jawline, sitting far back over her skull, making her head appear much larger. They have a deep conal structure with a ribbed interior and dwarf her face.

Hair Color and Style: Arlyle's hair is a dark gray with navy blue incandescence. It is shoulder-length at the front with a swept fringe and thickly braided at the back. It is very well maintained.

Distinguishing Features: Arlyle has what appears to be a blue birthmark on her right shoulder-blade and over her left hip.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Arlyle is coy, manipulative and preys on the insecurities and worries of others which she grasps very quickly. She is known to particularly play up her blindness for sympathy before taking advantage of a person, exploiting her natural psionic capabilities which allow her to see through the eyes of the people around her – executing all of this through a very pleasant veneer. Arlyle has been described as a completionist and archivist, hinting at possible hoarding behaviour-patterns. She is calm, subdued and yet at the same time, highly charged sexually making repeated aggressive passes at males whom she views as the inferior sex and being very very tactile and sensual with others, particularly Lalah who she regards fondly and dotes on, whether she is present or not. Arlyle generally prefers one on one company rather than a crowd, though she thrives on the presence of other people, preferring not to be alone when she can help it.

For reasons unknown, she has a very deep love of dogs but refuses to keep pets.

  • Likes: Alcohol, public debate, reading, hand-puzzles, red-meat, men, dogs
  • Dislikes: Wide open spaces, vehicles, cats, extended social isolation, personal space
  • Goals: Unknown


Within the consortium, Arlyle operates as the Librarian. She rediscovered Project Emptyroom and associated materials, the Pierre/Podkletnov gravity wheel and all associated materials and the consortium's interests in these areas.

Her claim to fame is operation mule: an extended engagement of social engineering, money laundering, black-mail, coersion and threats to manipulate high-level military contractors and academics into developing components for Project Inverse – and for bringing onboard The Physician/Aiesu Kalopsia who then went on to design the backbone of the consortium's third generation information structures which would optimise the hardware and make it usable.

Unfortunately evidence which came to light from a case investigating Miles Gunn (who coincidently is hired by Aiesu Kalopsia on a consultancy basis) sparked a private investigation by Helen Klein, an operator/inquisitor of the Star-Army of Yamatai Intelligence division - SAINT. The investigation partially exposed Operation Mule's origins and the existence of another individual operating under the codename A3. On August 22nd, YE-36, Helen abducted La'al “Lalah” Ioru L'manel, a waitress and medical student aged 28 who Arlyle regards as a “familiar” or “muse”.

La'al's whereabouts at this time are unknown and she is thought to be in SAINT custody under either observation or interrogation. What is known is that about the same time, Arlyle's communications became erratic shortly before entering isolation or self-exile somewhere inside Nepleslian space and is not answering the Consortium's requests for new information for fear of exposing their identity - only maintaining very basic contact with Aiesu specifically, presumably waiting for the heat to die down or to indict her.

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