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Arraak'Viro'Crysi 'Shaman' Fyunnen

Arraak'Viro'Crysi 'Shaman' Fyunnen is a player character played by Bloodyscarlet.

Arraak'Viro'Crysi 'Shaman' Fyunnen
Species & Gender: Lorath (Fyunnen) Female
Date of Birth: YE 1, looks 20 years old.
Organization: Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia
Occupation: Support, Aid, and Warden (SAW) Corps
Rank: Private First Class
Current Placement:

Physical Description

Arraak is an 8 foot 7 inches tall Fyunnen. She has a very muscular frame that suits her tall frame. She weights 270 pounds because of her height and muscle mass and she has low body fat.

Arraak normally has a pale skin tone, from their years underground, but since she has been wondering around outside in the later years she has been gotten a small tan going.

Arraak's measurements are 46E-35-42 (Breasts-Waist-Hips).

Arraak has a heart shaped face, with elven ears and have free lobes, a Greek style nose and almond violet coloured eyes.

Arraak keeps her hair at shoulder length and always make sure she dyes it in deep blue, pastel pink and a light purple colour.

Arraak has a a few distinguishing features, one is the wings that all Loraths that have tips of the wings just reach the hips, and a covered in jet black feathers. The other distinguishing feature that she has is a full body tribal tattoo done in black ink.


Arraak is a calm and friendly person who likes a joke or two, she will follow her tasks as quick as the job requires. She follows the rules of her lorath traditions, but inside doesn't really care for the house stuff, she keeps it to her self but she hates the no inter-house relationships and that sort of thing. She will try and help anyone that comes to her no matter the problem, she loves to help others but if she can see that what they are asking won't be good for their health she will get them to stop and rest. She is quite flirty and likes to tease people as well, her size and body mixed with her profession allow her to people she feels close to a bit easier than she would expect.

* Likes: sweet foods, Helping others, sports, soft plushies and relaxing with others sharing a hot meal.

* Dislikes: People arguing with her help, spicy food and the Lorath house system.

* Goals: She want to write up a document full of science and other information to show to the Lorath why it would be good to stop the house traditions even if it means her own exile.


Arraak'Viro'Crysi 'Shaman' Fyunnen was born in YE 1, looks 20 years old..

Arraak Had been through everything that Yamatai had done to the lorath, plus everything else that has happened to their species over the years. But where others grew hatred to Yamatai for what they did to the Lorath queen and Lor, she actually welcomed the idea, when they first met with Yamatai she was 27, had spent her entire life in the house system. She was a solider nothing more at this point, but then seeing Yamatai and how they ran things, gave her a spark that there was more to her life.

With this spark, while the Lorath became separate again, a war was almost started and a treaty was written up between the Lorath and Yamatai, she had a new calling within her military background and became a medic. She went around with the LSDF patching up wounded and helping to defend their people from whatever came at them, be it NMX or Yamatai or anything else that came after the civilians of the Lorath.

While she was working within the LSDF she was writing up her life's work as she called it in her spare time. A document that she hoped would turn the old traditions of her species and bring about a new era of the Lorath, this was a dream of hers, but because of what she was writing, she knew if any of her species found it, it would mean exile. She had bought her own tablet to work on it, gotten the best encryption she could on it and always hide it whenever she wasn't holding it. Since this document was why the Lorath should abolish the Housing system they have and alloy more diversity into the species as a whole.

Since the treaty with Yamatai, she has just been traversing from place to place, assignment to assignment, always helping her crew and friends, but also writing her documents. Since moving into the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia she has gotten a bit more lax with hiding her tablet, unless there are other Loraths on the ships. When people ask about the tablet she tells them that she has been writing up ideas for making new medicine out of natural substances that would work as quick help on planet side battlefields.

Social Connections

Arraak'Viro'Crysi 'Shaman' Fyunnen is connected to: The Fyunnen House.

Skills Learned


Arraak is familiar with basic radio operation and procedures and can make transmissions to and receive transmissions from other characters through headsets, ships, ground vehicles, power armor, and shuttles in both combat and non-combat conditions. She is fluent in Nepleslian, Trade and Lorathi. She can speak and write it correctly and efficiently and can write reports, fill forms, issue orders under fire.


Due to the Fyunnen's training Arraak is skilled in advanced hand-to-hand tactics, melee weapon tactics, and various forms of martial arts. While working with Nepleslia she has learnt how to fight with pistols, grenades and rifles.


Due to the Fyunnen's training Arraak has trained to be able to handle their own home affairs, this includes preparing their own meals, handling their own laundry, providing for their children, and keeping their living space clean and efficient. She hasn't been given any addition training in this, as she has thought this is enough and her household hasn't deemed her in a position to do more domestic training.


With the treaching of Fyunnen, Arraak has trained in the workings of a leadership role; She has learned to command individuals on a one on one level and be able to lead a full company if the task needs her to lead.

Survival and Military Skills

Arraak has been taught both by the Fyunnen and the Nepleslian's in individual survival, how find their own food and water, how to build makeshift weapons, navigate by use of landmarks and stars overhead that are visible, construct shelters, signal for assistance, and conceal their positions.


Arraak has trained herself to learn Biology in her spare time, both living species biology to help with her research documents and papaers, but she has also spent time researching plant biology to help with her survival training to tell what plants could be safe for food or healing.


Arraak has gotten training in the medical field so she could help people, she knows how to diagnose and treat conditions, apply first aid and emergency care, and perform field surgery/general surgery if given the proper tools/facilities. The character knows how to work in and use hospital equipment.

Inventory & Finance

Arraak'Viro'Crysi 'Shaman' Fyunnen has the following items:




  • 2 Tank tops, green, with fleet number on the right chest
  • 2 Pairs of ankle length pajama pants, khaki
  • 1 Pair of slip-on flexi-shoes, black


  • 2 Short-sleeved mocks with fleet number on the right chest, Green
  • 2 Work-out shorts, black
  • 4 pairs green ankle Socks
  • 1 pair green low-top sneaker shoes
  • 2 black sports bra
  • 1 One-piece bathing suit, green, fleet number on right breast
  • 1 Bikini, green, fleet number on right breast.

Weapons and Weapon Accessories


  • 1 pair identification tags, metal, with name and hometown
  • 1 computer tablet
  • 1 Canteen, 1 quart
  • 1 Wallet with the Marine Corps Insignia plated on it.
  • Starting pay of: 6000 DA

OOC Notes

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In the case Bloodyscarlet becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? YES

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