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Gobiash Arta

Gobiash Arta
Species: Gartagen
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Height: 5'0“
Weight: 130lbs
Organization: Rapid Reaction Force
Occupation: Infantry
Rank: Field Commander
Current Placement: 147th Kith

Gobiash Arta in Roleplay

Gobiash Arta is a GMPC played by Tony (Ira).

Preferred Plots

Physical Characteristics

Gobiash Arta

Build and Skin Color: Arta is what would be regarded as the epitome of thick. She is a very muscular creature with rounded thighs, butt, and some a C-cup in terms of breasts. Her waist is smaller giving her some what of an hour glass figure. By Gartagen standards she is of a very athletic build. Arta is a Sermac so she has purple skin. For more information see: Gartagen Ethnic Groups

Eyes and Facial Features: Cat like eyes with dark red irises.

Ears: N/A Holes in side of head

Hair Color and Style: Standard hair, of similar color to her skin. Arta Typically keeps it pulled back, but her hair is very long and fine.

Distinguishing Features: Arta a septum piercing, with a small thing chain that connects to another piercing in her hair. Her outer thighs have matching tattoos which are her family crest. Her left shoulder sports a tattoo celebrating her survival of Rapid Reaction Force training. Her fore arms sports matching tattoos, which are mostly spiritual wards to protect her soul in battle(Superstitious). She has two eye brow rings on her left eye, and across her forehead is a personalized tattoo representing her “Signature” identifying her among her family. On her left hand outer finger is the tattoo of her rank.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Arta is a brave and fiery individual. Arta is very much the poster child for being a Rapid Reaction Force officer in that she embodies their warrior ethos to the fullest. Arta does not pretend to abide by the creed of the military, she lives and breaths it. Arta gives everything she does her all and expects the same from those under her command. Intuitive caring, Arta will not flinch in the face of danger. Like most Rapid Reaction Force officer's she bunks, cleans and dines with the men and women under her command, and takes care of them at every turn.

  • Likes: Music(of all sorts) Animation(she is enthralled by Yamatian Animation.) Guns, star ships, sports(general types) romance stories, cooking and children.
  • Dislikes: Slackers, cold blooded killers, lack of honor, financial class systems, mindless gossip.
  • Goals: To make the 147th kith the most prestigious infantry out fit in the Union, and the glory of combat in order to elevate her family's social standing.

Personal and Professional Relationships

This is a list of the relationships Arta has, how she views the people she interacts with.

  • Duncan Shaw - The ID-SOL NCO in the 147th. The 147th's Gartagens accepted Duncan with open arms and help him when ever he needs it and Duncan doing them the same honor. Arta was no different. She does not coddle Duncan because he is an outsider, In fact she holds this alien to a higher standard then she does the others. This standard however was matched by Duncan at every turn. Arta trusts Duncan to the letter, and has a close friendship with him, often the Gartagen officer will seek the ID-SOL's counsel and advice during dire times.
  • Bap Suitez - She views Bapz as an idiot, but he is another that she trusts implicitly. Though where as she trusts Duncan for his sage words, she trusts Suitez for his actions. Suitez for all of his flaws has proven to be dependable. Arta is hard on him, but considers him a sibling.
  • Shar Khirijian Vetel - Arta views Vetel with a measure of Ire. The outspoken medic has rubbed Arta the wrong way. On the other hand Vetel does her job, and has saved more lives in battle then any one else in the kith. Arta respects Vetel, but trust has yet to be earned.
  • A’soongao Javaír Líes - The Naval attache to the 147th. Arta sits on the middle with this one. She sees his skittish nature but has to remember that he is not RRF. As of now Lies has not made an impression that is good nor bad on Arta.
  • Sheshren Ray'kel Vuras - Arta views Vuras as naive and insubordinate. She has to remember he is young and needs guidence. Vuras has slighted her once before, but Arta is willing to grant him a second chance.
  • Viras Vidiam Gentet Vidiam reguarded as a buffoon by many in the kith. Arta sees something different. Vidiam is not stand up fighter. No Vidiam uses what he has to survive and Arta respects him for it. Vdiam does his job when under fire, and speaks his opinion when asked. Arta respects Vidiam, and would defend him with her life.
  • Bithut Palmatar Tam - Tam is the XO of the 147th Kith. Arta's views her relationship with Tam as purely professional, though she does maintain a friendship with the former murder turned RRF Officer. She has a respect for Tam that not many other's can claim. There is obvious sexual tension between the two, Arta would never act on it due to protocol with in the union military.


Family (or Creators)

House Arta


Arta is the eldest puggle her parents produced comes from a very affluent family. She has 11 brothers and sisters, and numerous cousins, aunts and uncles. Her Parents are both what amounts to lawyers, with other member's of the family being scientists or politicians. Arta's house is very rich and prestigious with little ties to the military and consider themselves intellectuals and thinkers, rather then warriors. Though viewed as “weak” by other Gartagen houses, the war like Arta has always stood apart from her rather docile and quiet family and went against the traditions. Much to the chagrin of her parents, Arta scored high in academic levels, but opted to user her family's influence to apply for an officer's commission in the newly formed Rapid Reaction Force. Arta did not wish to sit by and look at research reports, or argue politics, Arta wanted to defend her family's honor and prove that house Arta had produced a strong warrior. Arta's family while displeased with her defiant nature have embraced her as the poster child of the house. At present they have paid off several military officer's to have their prized child stationed away from the heavy fighting preventing Arta from getting the glory she seeks. Contrary to the lack of official recognition for her efforts, Arta is being petitioned by her family to select a mate from several other prominent families on Gartaga.


  • The First RP: Arta found her self feeling rebuked by Naval Command by being given a home line position. However her first mission saw her meeting Tam for the first time. The Kith received a distress call in deep space from a seed colony that was under attack by an unknown species. Arta and the 147th found many civilians had been slain, as well as most of the RRF on station. During the battle the kith rescued Bapz Suitez and Duncan, absorbing them into the unit. Arta and the 147th received little recognition for their efforts.
  • Diplomatic Incident(Save the cheer leader, save the world): After returning to their transport for debrief. Like their first mission the kith received another distress signal, only this time from an Abwehran World. The 147th responded to find NMX forces on the planet. Arta's fledgling command was tested here, as her mixed squad had many moral questions to resolve. The resulting battle was quick, but NMX forces were eventually crushed when the Abwehran relief forces arrived. The 147th was punished for violating Abwehran Territory.
  • Return to Shara: The 147th was singled out for nearly causing a diplomatic incident with the Abwehrans, as a punishment they were deployed in the imperial city for guard duty. Arta had a tearful reunion with her parents and sibling. Arta's family were over joyed to see their estranged child return after many years of being gone. The Gobiash house old then sponsored the 147th, giving the house-less members a home to return to, and a purpose when the kith gets discharged.
  • Battle of the Imperial City: After some much needed R&R Arta and her kith set out to patrol the Imperial city. Everything went normal until sounds of weapons fire and an unauthorized missile launch destroyed the Imperial Palace killing the Incumbent leader. It was a political coup initiated by long displaced royal families. Arta found her command was all that stood between the royalist forces and utterly dominating the Union. Arta and her kith moved to answer a CORE's assistance call and rescued an alien child of unknown origins. After which the kith moved to secure the space elevator and establish contact with the Solar Navy. This was successful, until Arta found her self face to face with her own self doubt, and then the enemy general. Arta fought a desperate battle against the enemy General, though bravely it was futile. The Royalist General was more experienced and stronger then Arta. Arta's life was saved(unknown to her) by Bap Suitez at the final moment.
  • Return to Space: Arta, received a promotion to Field Commander and received a new host star ship the D'jehendrazade. Their orders came from the empress her self: Return Shen'leon to her people.

Skill Areas


Arta has received extensive training in most Gartagen weapons, and CQC fighting techniques. As an officer Arta is fully expected to square off against the enemy along side her troopers. Arta is an expert with most small arms available to the Union, as well as melee weapons.

Technology Operation

Arta is extremely proficient in the use of Gartagen computers, and other pieces of technology. She has taken both basic and advanced classes to get an understanding of modern computer operations, as well as how to interact with Gartagen Neuro-computers systems on a more advanced level than is the norm.


As an officer Arta would need to know how to properly communicate over a radio or PA system. Arta is fluent in speaking code over the radio as well as relaying coordinates and reading maps.

Military (Leadership)

Arta is an Rapid Reaction Force officer. She knows how to lead men and women into battle, and how to send them to their deaths. Arta has an expert understanding of all protocols surrounding Gartagen military operations. She is trained to lead by example and to motivate even the most docile member of her race into action.

Military (Tactics)

Arta is thoroughly versed in how to wage war on a grand scale. Arta can conduct large scale military operations from a bunker and by initiating tactics, managing logistics, and thinking out side of the box.

Humanities(Politics and Law)

Arta was groomed from a young age to become a politician. She has a very great and direct understanding of past, present and possible politics, and is very capable of reciting and dealing out the law of the Union.


Arta believe it or not is a talented Architect. Prior to joining the Rapid Reaction Force academy Arta was looking into attending school to learn how to become a professional architect. It is more of a hobby for her, and Arta will often draw and plan out building blue prints in her spare time.


Arta received a private education as a result of her affluent up bringing. Dueling was one of the sports Arta took up for recreational pleasure. She trained from an early age to use the Renshen(Officer's blade) in one on one combat. Joining the military has seen her skill with her weapon only improve and to become a weapon which she can use effectively in war.


Arta has drilled her self in the use of the pistol, or in her case the Edjia Gauss Revolver. Her skills have seen her master how to quickly draw her weapon and accurately hit targets at distant and close ranges. Gun duels, like sword or blade duels are common on Gartaga, and Arta is for all intents and purposes a professional duelist with her weapon. She can also do a number of tricks and shows with the weapon to impress crowds and socialites. The weapon is compact enough that she can use it to great effect in melee combat.


Gobiash Arta Dies has the following items:


Pharmaceutics Enhancements & Upgrades

  • Renthea - Arta's bones and tendons have been reinforced giving her and improved toughness.
  • Match Up - Arta's muscles have been augmented increasing her strength.
  • Gene-Wash L1 - Arta's Genetic make up has been enhanced, all of her general attributes have improved slightly.
  • Clarity Arta's reflexes and general mental abilities have been greatly improved.


Arta is currently a Sub-Commander 1st Class in the Rapid Reaction Force. She earns 1150UD per week

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
6000 UD 0 0 Starting Funds
7050 UD 1050 UD 0 Pay
5050 UD 0 2000 UD Matchup Upgrade
2550 UD 0 2500 UD Renthea Upgrade
11750 UD 9200 0 Pay
1750 UD 0 10000 Gene-wash upgrade
10950 UD 9200 UD 0 Two months worth of pay
8950 UD 0 2000 UD Clarity Upgrade
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