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Aruvind Rahi

Aruvind Rahi
Species: Maekardanii Iroma
Gender Identity: Male
Age: 25
Family (or Creators): Ombaj Dej'wa Indiya Raki
Dreamer: Jafar the Stalwart
Height: 5'6“
Weight: 120lbs

Aruvind Rahi In Roleplay

Aruvind is a player character played by Soda.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'6” Mass: 120lbs Measurements: 36B-32-42

Build and Skin Color: His skin a well tanned light brown and a very toned, muscular build with rather overly pronounced hips and somewhat too much of a chest for your average boy.

Facial Features and Eye Color: He has smooth, round face, quite full, slightly more pink lips. His eyes are smooth round almond shaped and have an almost white-ish blue colour.

Hair Color and Style: His hair pitch black but kept healthy and shiny, a messy slant bang and purposefully rummaged short hair all over emphazise his playful nature.

Horns: His horns are a light warm grey, smooth and start tilted slighty backwards to then curve forwards gently, to end up in straight up pointing tips which gives them a really light S shape if viewed from his left. They are well maintained and the left has a decorative black line running over the side which splits half way into two before meeting eachother on the other side of the horn where it continues upwards to the tip of the horn.

Distinguishing Features: His chest is always covered in loosely draped clothes.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Aruvind is usually upbeat, almost always curious and perhaps even a bit overly interested in things that would seem to matter little to most, he just likes knowing things and people. When he's so upbeat he's usually quite talkative but can also spend hours just listening, deeply intrigued in the other's stories, without saying a single word, only asking a question when silence falls naturally or when he's really confused. He likes to relax with close friends, the cozier the better, especially in a hookah lounge. Though with strangers he tends to be a lot more distant when it comes to physical contact. However relaxing isn't all he cares for, he likes helping people out and believes this will eventually help himself out too. 'Giving is Receiving.' However these moods of being upbeat are strongly contrasted by being easily confronted with his own weaknesses and imperfections… and his lack of manhood, usually driving him into a gloomy, more introvert mindset which takes time to crawl back out of.

Likes: Hookahs, Shopping, Cooking, Sweet pastries and pies, Working out and staying in shape, Boy butts, Lifestories of people, Sky Boarding (liftboard), Going out, Helping others Dislikes: Prejudice, Confrontation, Being called she; miss; ma'am; girl, Not understanding things, Taking it slow Goals: Finding his true identity, becoming full and complete so he can continue living happily and help people.



Ombaj Dej'wa (father) Indiya Raki (mother) Hasna Raki (younger sister)


Born a girl and raised as Auriana, she had a fairly normal childhood, her parents were loving and she was free to be the way she wanted to be. At school she usually stuck with playing with the boys, where she tried to prove herself to be just as tough as them, but at the same time didn't mind playing with the girls, braiding their hair and dressing them up. However, never would anyone make her look any different then she did, she didn't want ponytails or cute dresses, that was for girls! This had somewhat worried her parents but they gave Auriana all the room and time she needed to be, not forcing her into any gender stereotype.

As Auriana reached highschool she noticed she definitly fancied boys more then just as equals, but getting one was hard with all the competition of the girls that looked charming and feminine, curly locks of shiny hair, eyes defined by powerful make up and lips, cute, glossy and pink. If she were ever to get a boy to call her own, the girls on her school said, she had to start becoming more of a girl. Auriana, who had a mayor crush on one of the most beautiful, extravagant and vain boys of the school. Many girls had gone before her, all their offers of love had been refused, but non of the heart broken girls had ever said why their love had been denied.

Thinking she would have a chance if she were the prettiest and the girliest of them all. Auriana had gathered all her courage and stepped up to the boy, asking him out for a drink, still in her tomboyish attire of baggy jeans and simple tank tops. He was both delighted and surprised, and agreed. The following day Auriana, with the help of all her female friends, worked their very best to make her more beautiful then any girl there ever was, and at that point, she was the prettiest girl all of Maekardan would have ever seen, but all Auriana saw when she stared blankly into the mirror, was someone else, it felt completely wrong, but she couldn't just stop, not with all the help from her friends.

So she went on and out, to meet up with the boy of her dreams… though when he saw her he was startled. He had complimented her on how pretty she looked, but said he didn't quite understand. Auriana's hopes were already fading, he wasn't interested at all it seemed… and after an awkward date full of silences and staring vaguely at their surroundings Auriana had to confess to him her love, but almost immediately she bursted out in tears, washing out the hours of work in perfecting her make up, but she couldn't care. The boy was utterly confused, trying to calm the girl down. He explained to her that he thought she looked a lot happier the day before without make up, and that he thought she just wanted to be friends… what he also told her baffled her. He liked boys more then girls.

From that point on Auriana realized she didn't have to be a girl to fancy the boys, because there were also boys who fancied other boys. Despite her crush on him, they stayed friends. Him accepting her for her boyish behavioural traits, not minding letting her borrow some of his clothes, even being allowed to do her hair, but making it look rough and tough rather then girly and perfect.

Mental disaster struck soon enough however, reaching puberty she had her first period, and like most girls, was in complete panic, but unlike most girls, the panicking didn't stop. Eventually she had gotten used to it, no matter how much she hated it. Hated it as much as her breasts starting to grow, her hips starting to take fuller shape. Seeing her female schoolmates showing off their bodies with daring clothes and jewelry she realised more and that this wasn't her.

As her own little counter culture she had had her hair cut short, started participating more actively in school sport activities, but nontheless enjoyed spending time with both her male and her female friends. From shopping for new, boyish and even boy clothing with the girls, to enjoying the sight of lush boys with pretty horns on the beach, to playing video games with the boys and trying out Sky Boarding even though her parents insisted that she wouldn't, after all, she was such a pretty young girl. Something that clearly aggravated her and only enforced the increasing lean to wreckless and boyish behaviour.

However, years later, nearing the end of college a certain insight came to her on the slow sunset that she spent on her liftboard, alone. Because when no one saw her… no one could assume she was a girl, and when no one would assume she was a girl, she could just be, be herself. Meditating on this she realised finally and clearly, despite her own previous efforts, that of her friends and that of her family to be a girl were all pointless, because she, wasn't, a girl. With this eye opening insight she headed home and started to explore the idea. If she wasn't a girl, what was she then… and who was she anyway? After weeks of having thought about it she still wasn't able to conclude what and who she really was, because all she knew, is that she was a girl that fought against being a girl, but did that make her not a girl at all? Did that make her a boy?

The first person she turned to was her best friend, the boy from high school. Upon hearing her story he chuckled and asked her to take a look in the mirror and tell him what she saw. With her baggy clothes most of her shapes were hidden, her hair was short and she had worn very little make up. There she saw a fragmented self, part of the picture, things that fitted and things that didn't belong at all. What belonged least was her shapely body. Her friend told her that he had never really seen her as a girl to begin with, he promised to keep on supporting her. He kept things private. They had small dress up sessions and he called Auriana him instead of her. Eventually they incorporated the careful binding of her chest. Being able to wear a nice tight tank top made her burst out in tears of joy, all those years she had supressed her discontent with her body, but suddenly there she was standing, full of joy, it just felt right!

From there on things went quite quickly, she explained how she felt to her parents, who took it rather well, but still felt very sorry for her having to find herself on such a difficult path. Her much younger sister didn't quite understand but hadn't really viewed her as particularly big sis, just big something protective. Auriana slowly tried to become accustomed to the idea of being different then female herself as her surroundings allowed her more and more room for exploration. It wasn't long before she no longer wanted to be refered with the female pronouns and adapted a new name, trying out a few before finding that Aruvind stuck rather well.

He found himself embarking onto a new life, full of trying out new things, finding out who he really was and if this was really who he wanted to be. After he finished college, as Aruvind, he decided he needed to find himself and would do so by stepping far outside of his comfort zones, his familiar surroundings of the metropolitain life with warming friends who accepted whatever he felt, but who gave little to measure himself by. As such, he took to travelling away from the large cities and towards there were he could be of help and where could learn more about people, more about the world and more about himself. And so he went off, off to the Nuocr Expanse.



Aruvind keeps well in shape through jogging, working out in sporting facilities such as gyms, and loves racing through the streets or over the beaches on his liftboard. He's able to quickly respond, maneuver, and dodge obstacles, and is well able to carry some weight.


Along with training in the gym, Aruvind also spent time in kick-boxing classes to relieve himself of stress and worries, purely for the look of his body, making him quite fast with footwork, and being capable of delivering a good punch or two when needed.


Being quite fond of looking good and taking good care of himself, he found it important to be able to provide himself with a good, varied diet, so he took up cooking classes to learn how to best prepare a healthy meal. Added to that, the cleaning of the apartment he lives in, doing his laundry, dishes, and the overall taking care of himself, makes him very efficient around the house, and doesn't he mind cooking up a meal for a friend.


His interest in cooking eventually grew so far that he started taking more advanced, specialized cooking classes, learning more about baking. His love for sweet pastries and pies had him wanting to make the perfect wafery, thin, sweet goodness himself. As he was not sure if this would become his profession, he did not enter a bakers school, instead going to college, but all in all he's very well able to make the fluffiest bread to the sweetest puff pastry snack.


He took classes in philosophy, as well as participating in debate and discussion groups. He loves to have a deep discussion about life, religion and beyond. Aruvind isn't particularly bad at forging new bonds with people either; his good reasoning, and a bit of smooth talking, have gotten him far.


With Skyboarding also comes Skyfalling, often being lucky and having most of the protective gear catch the blow, but on less lucky days a nasty chafe, or sometimes a bleeding flesh wound as well. As a precaution, Aruvind started carrying a small kit of First Aid supplies on him, becoming quite handy with cleaning wounds, applying bandages and even learning a thing or two about more serious wounds from when he did end up at the hospital. Furthermore, he's quite alright at finding his way, even in places he's never been to, or where the only navigational guide is the sun.


Taking extra classes in college in the field of arts allowed him to expand his ways of expressing himself. Rather then just blowing off steam in the gym, he found a new medium of expression in the form of abstract or surrealistic art, as well as semi-realistic sketching, with drawing landscapes as a particular interest. This makes for a good pastime to get his mind off of things, as well as the ability to draw understandable pictures of areas and locations.


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