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Arynn Sher'Meso

Arynn Sher Meso is a player character played by Arbitrated.

Arynn Sher Meso
Species & Gender: Shukaren Daur (Sub-Species) Female
Date of Birth: ER758 (21 in YE40)
Organization: Neshaten Division 5
Occupation: Intelligence Operator
Rank: Operator
Current Placement: Division 5

Physical Description

Arynn, in a word, is tiny. Even for a Daur, she's really small, with a height of a whopping 91.5 cm1). Her fluffy tail is a bright, but slightly burnt orange color with a clean white tip, often wavering about her body slowly, as if it has a mind of its own. The young woman's green eyes shine brightly like gemstones when she's alert and awake, which she isn't always. Her extra-small body, combined with feminine features modest even for the Daur, often result in her being accidentally mistaken for a child. Her β€œskin” is a pale, sandy color, and she has reddened hair that can reach down to her waist - but it is usually held up in compact buns to minimize length.


Miss Sher'Meso has a minor tendency to act, look, and sound tired when she's not outright focusing on something. This can sometimes give the impression of her being lazy, but she actually can do a lot of work in a relatively short time when she's ready for it. She has a tendency to overwork herself a bit to prove other people wrong, which in certain situations can be dangerous - but usually, this tends to impact her social relationships only. Generally speaking, though, she actually likes to be nice to people, and loves to lend out a helping hand or bits of advice even when actively working to prove someone wrong2).

Like almost all Daur, Arynn loves darkness in general. That being said, she often has a high-powered flashlight on her person at any given time, which she loves to use in lots of opportunities - pointing things out, self-defense by blinding people, or just making shadows on a wall. She's had this habit for years, so long in fact that she actually doesn't remember where she started doing it. She does like climbing things and generally being off of the ground or floor.

Likes: Headpats, being warm, and savory foods. Dislikes: Cold weather, spicy foods, and being picked up.


Arynn Sher'Meso was born in EoR 7583) in the city of Netoshen, Nesha Prime (Planet), to a teacher mother and archaeologist father. Or that's how everyone thinks she was born. In reality, she was born in the royal palace, the only child of the officially-deceased Se'ase royal family. Due to being an infant, the young Katia Se'ase was often left under the care of servants and a nanny while her parents were attending to official meetings, announcements, kingdom-wide decisions and other royalty responsibilities. It was during one of these announcements that a servant, secretly a member of Netrunu'marol, kidnapped the child who was still too young to even move on her own. To cover their tracks, the sleeper agent released a wild CREATURE in the nursery and wounded themselves to spread blood on the crib, to make it apparent that the child had been killed and eaten.

On the run, the sleeper agent knew they couldn't hold onto the child for long - and defying their orders to kill this member of the royal family would only shorten their own lifespan considerably if the child were to be discovered by anyone; the servant in disguise didn't have the lack of morality to kill an infant they had up to now taken care of. Desperate and on the run, they left baby Katia on the doorstep of a random nearby apartment and parted ways as quickly as possible. This was the home of the Sher'Meso family, which had trouble in having children; seeing this as a miracle, they adopted the tiny Daur and named her Arynn.

When she was ten years old, Arynn's sister, Lilliesta, was born. In such a small family, this was a miracle for everyone; Arynn already knew life as such a precious thing, and saw her sister as something to protect. Completely unaware of her past - in fact, not even knowing she was adopted - she made the decision that the best way for her to protect her family and friends, would be to take charge against the most personifiable, direct threats: internal and external. It would, however, be several years before she could join the Navy.

When she had turned eighteen, though, Arynn had chosen a path in life that followed her heroic dream - joining the Division of Public Safety. Though her miniature stature made it difficult to become a proper operative, and generally made her less of an asset when out in the field, the Sher'Meso girl stuck with it - partially to prove that she could help, and also because of her belief that she could do almost anything if she put her mind to it - just like the public hero V'kaste had, hundreds of years ago. With the continual rising of power of the Netrunu'marol, Arynn jumped onto the opportunity to defend her family, home, and species from the radical group. She joined Division 5 as soon as she was able to, her experience in the DoPS being quite beneficial in this regard; she was trained and assigned as an Intelligence Operator.

Skills Learned

Arynn Sher'Meso has the following notable skills:

  • Communications: Communications-related skills are the backbone of an Info Op's job. Arynn can speak, read, and write in all languages commonly spoken in the Kingdom of Neshaten, as well as actively translate if needed. She is able to speak and write in Trade and Yamataigo slightly less-fluently. She can make and solve ciphers fairly reliably if given the time to do so, but she doesn't always do it well when under a lot of pressure.
  • Physical: Arynn is really good at climbing things, partially because of her being so small but also because of her own experience. She has great upper and lower body strength for someone of her physique.
  • Fighting: Sher'Meso picked up several fighting-related skills while working for the DoPS and during her training into Division 5, training her in the use of firearms such as the Shukara Covert SMG and Sharp - Needler Pistol. She can hold her own in most hand-to-hand combat scenarios, though her lack of actual physical strength can put her at a disadvantage when her climbing skills and small body cannot help her avoid getting hurt.
  • Technology Operation: In order to help out her fellow operatives in the DoPS and S5, Arynne has learned a lot about modern cyberwarfare, how to counter it, and how to engage in it when the time is right. She also can create programs on her own, usually for the benefit of the people working with her.
  • Covert Ops: Arynn has been trained to be able to sneak in and around hostile territory, a skill enhanced by her general smallness and climbing aptitude. This stealthy approach also allows her to silently take down enemies when needed, allowing her to systematically whittle an enemy's forces down without a direct confrontation.

Social Connections

Arynn Sher'Meso is connected to:

  • Amelia Sher'Meso (Mother)
  • Tyler Sher'Meso (Father)
  • Kranokov (Elder twin brother)
  • Lilliesta (Little sister)


This particular operator has the following items:

OOC Information

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In the case Arbitrated becomes inactive:

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effectively 3 feet
She knows better than to argue hard facts, though - and she's actually pretty terrible at calling a bluff reliably
21 years old in YE 40

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