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Ash'Hareva Sher'Van

Ash'Hareva Sher'Van is a player character played by Zonr 0.

Ash'Hareva Sher'Van
Species: Shukaren-Duar
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Height: 5'0
Weight: 113
Organization: Shukara Volunteer Navy
Occupation: Recon Marine
Rank: C'Baruce
Current Placement: SNV Gam'trosha

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5'0
  • Mass: 113
  • Measurements:

Build and Skin Color: His fur color takes on more of a light gray color in comparison to his hair.

Eyes and Facial Features: He has yellow eyes.

Ears: Black fox ears with red inner-fuzz.

Hair Color and Style: Black hair kept loose.

Distinguishing Features: His tail is black with a red tip.

Strong Sense: Touch

Weak Sense: Taste

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Sher'Van is a young man of passion. Despite his mother's best attempts to calm him, he is often rash, impulsive, and prone to acting or speaking without thinking. He is not above a little troublemaking and rule-breaking if he doesn't see any real harm caused by it and although he is well-versed and respectful of tradition, he doesn't always feel he should be bound to it for tradition's sake.

On the other hand, his mother's efforts weren't completely in vain. He does have a deep spiritual side to himself, and he finds meditation and focus relaxing at times. He tries to spend time every day to go through his swordwork to center himself, keep his knowledge fresh, and to honor his mother. It's clear that his teacher has successfully planted the seeds for him to grow into wisdom, but as of yet, they have not blossomed. Hopefully he won't do something reckless and get himself killed before then.

  • Likes: Activity, goodnatured teasing, being trusted, new things, swordwork, putting his talents to use
  • Dislikes: menial tasks, boredom, being defeated (particularly in a swordfight)
  • Goals: Become a Royal Guard for the Queen. Find somebody worthy to finish his training. Deal with his grief.


Family (or Creators)

Mother (Deceased): Ash'Hareva Zonoya

Father: Ash'Hareva Shaysh


“Deflect your fear. Cut down your sorrow. Do not let my future cloud yours.” – Ash'Hareva Zonoya's final words to her son..

Sher'Van was the only son of Ash'Hareva Zonoya, a royal guard protecting Queen Vas’Sumera Yume'na and the previous queen before her. Although the young kit never met the queen or her predecessor, he grew up constantly aware of the importance of his mother and he was always in awe whenever he got to see displays of his mother's skill. Even from an early age he sincerely hoped to continue in her footsteps and begged for her to teach him. To his great pleasure, on his 12th birthday, she announced that she would acquiesce to his request and teach him.

She would not make this training easy, even at a young age. Although their training sessions were short (given the nature of Zonoya's job), she pushed her son to the limit physically and was unforgiving of mistakes. More often though, her lessons were mental and spiritual in nature. She taught Sher'Van how to focus himself, to steel himself in adversity and the importance of honor in all things. It was not uncommon for them to spend one of the precious few times she could spare for lessons in the archives, showing him and explaining to him the importance of a historical event.

Time passed. The queen passed away and Vas'Sumera Yumena took the throne with Zonoya remaining as part of the new queen's guard. She enjoyed watching over her new charge (although like the rest of the guards, was a bit critical for her propensity at putting herself in danger), but was not fated to be a part of her retinue for long. She was diagnosed with terminal cancer in the second half Full Harvest of EE 01 and was not expected to live long.

She retired and dedicated herself to training Sher'Van full time and began the stylistic teaching in earnest. She was as strict and intolerant of mistakes as ever, but Sher'Van proved a capable learner, picking up the forms rapidly. The training was forced to slow as Zonoya became progressively weaker, and so, despite reservations, she concluded her final physical lesson with an introduction to Kentro'las.

She passed away not long after, at the end of New Cold. Sher'Van was devastated. Despite everything his mother told and taught him, he could not set his mind at ease and he could not calm himself. His home and the capital city began to haunt him with memories and so he volunteered for military service shortly after his mother's death.

As expected, he excelled at melee combat exercises compared to his fellow recruits in basic, which mystified the instructors when he stated a preference to working with long range weaponry. He stated that the sword reminded him of his mother, which while partially true wasn't the real reason. In reality, he felt that nobody else was qualified to continue his mother's training. His instructors would often sigh, but he was competent with guns as well and even showed respectable marksmanship. So, despite some raised eyebrows and some stern questions, he was allowed to pursue recon specialization training.

Recon training was a slightly different story. He went from being one of the more talented students to merely average. His accuracy, while notable in basic was merely adequate here, and he spent a good amount of time practicing his shots in frustration. Still, he was no slouch and showed a bit more aptitude in other areas of the course. He found quiet and stealthy movements came natural to him with an already well sense of body control and self-awareness.

Eventually, his time in training came to an end. Although the time helped soften it, the death of his mother was still somewhat fresh on his mind. Thus, he looked towards his first posting with a sense of escapist hope.



Fluent in Nashaten. Expected level of proficiency in the written language.


Despite his long training at the hands of his mother, his lessons at the end were rushed. Thus in physical practice, he is only roughly as capable as somebody fresh out of swordmaster specialization training. However, he has very solid theoretical groundwork and an exposure to a wide variety of styles, including the basics of Kentro'las. He is skilled in the use of both sniper rifles and more mundane rifles but his marksmanship is merely competent and nothing to write home about.


Surprisingly strong for his size and built for speed and quick movements. He has a heightened sense of touch which gives me a heightened spatial awareness and bodily awareness which can be helpful in swordfighting. Of course, the obvious downside is that he is more susceptible to pain, especially with not having significant practice focusing himself and ignoring it.


Recon specialization training has provided him with the tools to move quickly and quietly and to avoid attracting attention in both wilderness and urban environments. He is trained in setting up recon posts, sniper rifles, and independent or small team operations. Additionally, he has found focusing excercises useful for controlling his breathing to quiet himself or steady a shot.


Another area heavily worked on during recon training, he has been trained to allow for extended operation without support in the field, including various hypotheticals for possible alien worlds and civilizations. This means that among other things, he is adept at finding food, dealing with injuries in the field, and extended solo assignments.

Trained in orienteering and landmark based navigation with an eye towards unfamiliar worlds and terrain. He has a good head for orienteering, especially given a map and compass.


Sher'Van has a strong sense of history and cultural identity. His mother was even more of a stickler on this than most and he has a surprising knowledge of historical events.


Ash'Hareva Sher'Van has the following items:


Ash'Hareva Sher'Van is currently a C'Baruce in the Shukara Volunteer Navy.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
5000 Rh Starting Funds

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