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Ashlinn Freyja Sarn

Ashlinn Freyja Sarn is a player character played by Ashlinn.

Now her curiosity was getting at her as her attention turned towards her sensor data as she caught up with the group. her tail twitched slightly, but visibly as she made one high, arcing jump of her own to get a good look at the car park, adding in a short booster assisted hover at the apex while she soaked in the data, got a good still image of what she saw and then dropped like a rock with an engraved invitation to the snow covered pavement below, “On a related note - The lack of high grade military gear is a plus… If I were hostile, I'd have herded us all into here and dropped the buildings on us and in the confusion starting picking people off as they emerged from the rubble… And thats the 'gentle' way of saying hello.” Axe-Crazy? Ash? Nooooo…… ~Ashlinn, Tange IV, Misato City to the rest of the squad.

Ashlinn Freyja Sarn
Species: NH-33 Nekovalkyrja
Gender: Female
Age: 2
Height: 64 In / 164cm / 5'4“
Weight: 99kg / 100lbs
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Infantry, 01B
Rank: Santo Hei
Current Placement: LSDF Val'ta,Security

Ashlinn's Theme

Kaizo Trap/ Paradigm

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 64 In / 164cm / 5'4”
  • Mass: 99kg / 100lbs
  • Measurements: 32C-25-35

Build and Skin Color: Ashlinn stands slim and trim, with a very athletic and defined build that is inherent to all NH-33 Nekovalkyrja, though her skin color is a more rarer shade of almost pinkish-blue. Her love affair with kickboxing and running shows when she moves as her muscles are quite defined beneath the soft skin.

Eyes and Facial Features: Ashlinn's eyes are a soft green, almost luminescent depending upon her mood. Her mostly rounded face slowly tapers into a thin jawline giving her face a somewhat sleek appearance, her eyebrows are kept trimmed into a thin line that seems to sweep up and away at the far corners of her eyes and is the same dark color as the fur upon her ears. A thin rounded nose defines the center of her face and seems to most of the time be where her facial expressions radiate from as she's fond of wrinkling her nose when surprised or in deep concentration.

Ears: Her ears are smooth and almost elven in appearance shaped as they're slightly up swept. along the backside of her ears however soft, sable fur grows along the back of the ear ending in a few tufts of black fur that stick out, hinting that he hair color is originally black.

Hair Color and Style: Wearing her hair short in a pixie cut that keeps her hair away from her eyes, drapes around her pointed ears, frames the curvature of her skull and contrasts startlingly, or even surprisingly with her skin tone, her hair starts pink at the base, and slowly turns red towards the tips. Rarely does she not dye her hair some shocking color, but when not dyed her hair matches the fur growing along the back of her ears.

Distinguishing Features: Ashlinn tends to change her hairstyle frequently, and the color just as much. She is Ambidextrous, and can often be seen using her left hand more often than her right. And of course there's also the Tail, covered in blueish-pink fur. She has a small pair of parallel stripes a few centimeters wide, by roughly 5cm long along the left side of her cheek between her lip and her eye that curve slightly down towards the corner of her jaw, said air of stripes would almost be reminiscent of whiskers if they weren't cornflower blue, and missing a second matching set on her right cheek. They are in her words both a proud statement of who she is and what she does, and a humble reminder to herself that she should honor the past by living for the future.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Ashlinn's personality is still slowly developing though she's exhibited an almost Zen-like state of calmness, preferring to remain fluid and accept things as they happen. She see's life as a fluid state of events that should be enjoyed and appreciated. Even the worst posting should be treated as if it were a reward and honored. And she makes a point of doing her best to preserve the peace among her peers and fellows, Self-Sacrificing, loyal and when needed quite outspoken, she's often flirtatious with those who catch her interest and isn't above open displays of affection so long as they don't intrude upon military decorum, tending to reserve those moments for off-duty hours.

  • Likes: Kickboxing, Meditation, Hot cups of coffee, field stripping and cleaning her gear, Discipline.
  • Dislikes: Wasting resources, complaining, Spicy foods.
  • Goals: Explore new worlds, Seek out new experiences and of course, raise through the ranks. But not too high. Riding a desk might be a fate worse than death. Eventually own her own ship when her contract is up.



Ketsurui Zaibatsu, Manufactured.


Ashlinn's entering her second year within the Star Army after having spent her first year as a simple soldier before settling into the role of a Planetary Infantry specialist, and showing competency with the Daisy armor and improvised tactics, Making the most of limited resources to accomplish her objectives. So far she's been content to accept all duties and postings as they come, which so far include a fair number of unremarkable assignments dirt side and aboard a few ships of the line.

As her personality began to develop she began to find she was curious about Yamatai's allies and began expressing an interest in learning things beyond her basic training, choosing to learn what she could about ship-board duties, expanding her mathematics knowledge, picking up hobbies that would keep her interests and focus her into being more useful while attempting to find skills that were complimentary. Finding openings posted for a Lorath ship spurred her to begin learning the language and technology of Yamatai's Lorath Allies, under the DATASS treaty, with the hopes of potentially seeing a posting as either liaison or crew-member among one of their ships in the near future.

Current Posting

LSDF Val'ta

Assigned to the Val'Ta as an Infantry Soldier on its maiden voyage Ashlinn has rapidly let her personality run wild. Cheerful in the extreme she's thrown herself into both making friends and learning everything she can while temporarily separated from the Star Army. So far as Infantry support ground side she's brought her unique perspective of life right along with her.



Speaks Fluently: Yamataigo (邪馬台語)

Ashlinn is learning Lorath Ly'thir and while only knowing enough to understand basic concepts and orders, she's hoping that she can learn more of it by being transferred to a ship as a liaison.

Combat & Fighting Training

In addition to the standard courses of training Ashlinn has taken up a love with physical combat training in Kickboxing to enhance the standard hand-to-hand. She's proficient in planetary combat with her own personal kit and has begun showing an interest in learning about the equipment carried by both allies and enemies.

Technological Training

Ashlinn understands the technology base of Yamatai well enough that it's second nature to access information, send secure messages back and forth and keep herself in constant contact, she's acquired a basic understanding of Lorath technology as her interests in learning more about both Yamatai's allies, and enemies.


Time spent aboard ships, on the ground and among other's has given Ashlinn the drive to learn more about mathematics and their applications on the field of combat and in everyday life as it will allow her to potentially branch out into other area's should she decide someday she might like the thought of having her own ship.


No good infantry soldier disregards the applications of basic combat engineering. And a limited understanding of how to help fetch the correct tools for the real engineers goes a long ways to helping understand the tactical uses and how to apply, repair and maintain equipment.


Survival training is a basic part of planetary operations for all Infantry soldiers, while not highly specialized, Ashlinn understands the basics of how to acquire food, shelter and water within most biomes likely to be found both inside the empire and without.

Emergency training

Part of her time aboard ships going from one planet to another and as part of her basic training Ashlinn has learned the basics of emergency ship repairs and how to assist in damage control/fire-fighting when and where needed.


Ashlinn Freyja Sarn has the following items: Star Army Standard Issue Items


Ashlinn Freyja Sarn is currently a Santo Hei in the Star Army of Yamatai.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds


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