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Ashton Acres

Ashton Acres is a non-player character played by Legix.

Ashton Acres
Species & Gender: Nepleslian Male
Year of Birth: YE 15
Organization: Ken-TEC
Occupation: CEO, Head Engineer, and Lead Designer
Current Placement: N/A (Running his company!)

Physical Description

A quarter ID-SOL, Ashton stands at six feet and one inches tall. His body is lean, though heavily defined through years of refined heavy lifting and muscle-requiring work. Though his skin is a dark chocolate shade of brown, patches of paler welding burns litter his hands and arms. Silver-white dyed hair is swept back and along his head in a smooth flow. Dark brown thin eyes sit on his masculine face, his rigid jawline fitted with three one-inch stretches of reinforcing metal. His pointed, thin nose sits above his thin lips to finish out his facial features. While he lacks any facial hair, the slightest hint of a mustache's stubble sits above his lip, wrapping most of the way around his upper lip.

While he lacks tattoos, one will quickly find that much of Ashton's lower body has been replaced with cybernetic improvements. His entire right leg, left knee and left foot, and his waist are made from durandium and synth-muscle. This results in a clanking while he walks, often leaves him smelling of oil, and ends up ensuring that when he speaks he tends to give experimental leans to ensure his body is working properly.


Ashton is a man full of ambition, born into the world with the mindset that he has to work and take everything he can get. As a result, one will either like or despise him for the manner of which he doggedly pursues his dreams. Those who befriend him find an ally willing to utilize everything in his power to bring them into the fold and support them, while those who anger him often end up ignored almost entirely. With this focus on his career and bringing those up with him, there are few things other than his work that the man ever truly has the time to fully focus on.

In the off-chance someone is able to drag him out of work, Ashton tends to settle into a groove of unease and restlessness to get right back to it. One will often notice him start to pace after enough time, and eventually even getting him to head off and try to work in some capacity even if it's something small. This can often lead him to eating poorly or not cleaning as often as he shouldโ€ฆ and unfortunately Ashton cares little for the pleasures of food and rest compared to the thrill of success.


Ashton Acres was born in YE 15 on Kennewes, in a rather tranquil part of the marshlands. His parents had been members of the now defunct-Yellow party, who had made the place their home. When the vicious gangwars of Kennewes reached their house, he was only a young child. Hiding out in a bunker, he was the survivor of the catastrophic battle that turned his stretch of land into the now aptly-named Yellow Marsh Expanse. A conversion to the Greens wasn't hard, as he didn't care for the political bickering, but life as a trinket-gathering orphan took its toll on Ashton. He'd rebuilt his family home from scrap, ate mostly whatever he could find of scraps, and did his best to read up on any books he found. He was desperate to rebuild the home of so many Nepleslians upon the collapse of the Yellow party, but to do that he needed a proper education.

It wasn't until YE 30 that Kennewes University noticed the blossoming engineer. Only 15 YE old, he was admitted early into the university's College of Engineering as a child genius. But it wasn't due to some booming wealth of knowledge, but rather his ability to adjust and utilize what he had at hand. From simple modifications to mirroring the builds of more popular pieces of technology, he displayed a renowned advantage when it came to making his own creations. Some saw his future possibly aligned to Origin or the powerful Zen Armaments, but by the time he graduated he chose a much more shocking path. Ashton deliberately turned away employment offers and gathered a group of trusted colleges, leaving the Academy in YE 36 with degrees in Engineering and Applied Sciences. To him, his goal was one no company could give him. He still wanted a place to pursue his ideas and to bring about the change that would let people rebuild their homes.

By YE 39, there was growing talk around Kennewes that he had possibly found the right tools in the form of a KT-M1-1B "Warlock" Powered Armor.

Inventory & Finance

Ashton Acres owns Ken-TEC. Pretty much anything they own, he owns or has access to. Beyond that, however, he has a personal home within the Yellow Marsh Expanse on Kennewes. A small abode, one he tends to keep well-stocked and guarded so he can enjoy his time away from work in peace!

OOC Information

In the case legix becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? No

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