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Ashtoreth “Ash” Demir

Ashtoreth “Ash” Demir is a player character played by Cyborg aka DJ Moose.

  Ashtoreth “Ash” Demir  
  Species:    Iromakuanhe  
  Gender:    Female  
  Age:    26 AR (34 YE)  
  Height:    6' 2” (188cm)  
  Weight:    161lbs (73kg)  
  Bra Size:    34D  
  Organization:    Independent  
  Occupation:    Salvager/Scavenger  
  Current Placement:   The Wayward    

Ash's Theme Songs:Breakout Great Divide

Physical Characteristics

  * Height: 6' 2” (188cm)   * Mass: 161lbs (73kg)   * Measurements: 38-26-39 (96-67-101)   * Cup Size: 34D

Handedness: Ash is left-handed.

Build and Skin Color: Very much the image of her mother's Mazerinii heritage, Ash's skin tone is rather pale, nearly the color of chalk. She is tall and athletic; toned, but not muscle-bound. She possesses a sturdy physique formed by the harsh environment of Mazerin. Ash is rather well endowed in her bust; “a gift from her grandmother,” her mother would often remark.

Eyes and Facial Features: Ash has a heart-shaped face with high cheekbones and a gently sloping nose. Her lips are noticeably a shade darker than the rest of her skin. Her eyes are cat-shaped and they are a striking cobalt blue. As an Iromakuanhe, her eyes glow slightly, but it is relatively subtle considering her age.

Horns: Her horns are chalky white the same shade as her skin and are relatively smooth to the touch. Her horns slope backwards and slightly inward and are thicker and longer than average. She wears a thin metal band on her left horn.

Hair Color and Style: Ash's hair is raven black with dark blue highlights at the tips. She wears her hair short, falling down to the start of her jawline and gradually shortening as it reaches the back of her head.

Distinguishing Features: Has a black slash-like tattoo vertically across each eye, as well as a black tattoo of a howling wolf on her left bicep just under her shoulder plate.

Enhancements Ash has a neural enhancement that allows her to easily access the OGNEIR.NET. However, this is relatively useless as she is well out of range from the Astral Commonwealth. With slight modification this allows her to access nearby unsecured networks or other nearby networks once she has the proper clearance. This neural enhancement works in tandem with her modified datarod headset. (See inventory below)

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Much in the way she physically resembles her mother, Ash very much resembles her father in spirit. An explorer at her core, Ash likes to experience new things and push the boundaries of all she knows. Much to the frustration of her mother, she rails against most of the traditional values that the Mazerinii hold. She would rather formulate her own opinion on matters than simply follow the trend. Ash is rather ambitious and strong willed; once she sets her mind to something, she will not give up so easily.

  * Likes: Proving herself, experiencing new things, meeting new people and species, tinkering with tech, finding useful bits of scrap, physical activity, sharing a good drink.   * Dislikes: Pirates, stiff military types, law enforcement, people underestimating her, cheaters.   * Goals: To explore the galaxy outside of the Astral Commonwealth. To distance herself from her past.


Birthdate: Mirza 15, YE 4


Mother – Inzhu Nazzim (55 AR), Mazerinii Father – Haider Demir (61 AR), Cohronl Brother – Kadri (20 AR)

Growing up on Mazerin with her parents was always a sort of oddity. Typically, most Mazerinii and Cohronl Iromakuanhe do not exactly see eye to eye. But apparently it was some of that conflict that brought her parents together. Inzhu, reserved and soft spoken, and Haider, outgoing and adventurous made quite the odd couple. But their frequent conflict was the glue that held their marriage together; they would not have had it any other way.


Ashtoreth is the black sheep in her family. Her mother is an officer in the Astral Vanguard, and her father is an engineer for Solan Starworks. While her brother Kadri followed in her mother's footsteps and joined the Astral Vanguard, Ash decided that was not the path for her. From an early age she took an interest in tinkering and engineering, and it was assumed she would follow in her father's footsteps as an engineer with Solan.

When Ash was 19 AR (25 YE), she applied for employment at Solan Starworks and undertook the rigorous application process required. Despite her high intelligence and excellent marks during her educational career, Ash was unable to meet the qualifications for employment at Solan Starworks. Her parents expressed their disappointment, and a heated argument soon broke out. Tradition and freedom, parent and child; frictions became flames, and soon a wedge was formed between the two parties. Despite the efforts of Inzhu and Haider to comfort and guide their errant daughter, Ash felt betrayed by her own parents, as if they were to blame for her current circumstances.

Angry and frustrated at her fortune, Ash gathered what belongings she could fit into her duffel bag and left for the nearest starport. Under the guise of visiting one of her cousins at the Star Island space colony, Ash booked passage onto a merchant vessel operating on the outskirts of the Iruotl System, the Skyfish.

During her time aboard the Skyfish, she quickly became a well liked member of the crew. By putting her technical skills to use in a myriad of ways, be it repairing ship systems, fabricating tools, or correcting issues with the ship's comms, Ash became a Jill-of-all-trades.

But to Ash the best part about her time aboard the Skyfish was the ship's captain, Abul Umar. Captain Umar was a seasoned merchant captain, transporting commodities to and fro to colonies along the frontier of Iromakuanhe as well as frequent salvage operations. Treating her like the daughter he never had, Umar taught Ash the art of salvage. “Everything has a value, but some items are more valuable than others. A good eye will find the items that are worth the most,” he once told her. Power cells of all kinds, weapons, electronics, domestic items, and hard-to-come by ship parts were often the mainstay of items stripped from any derelict ships they found.

Life on the edge of uncharted space always has its dangers, and an ever present one is pirates. While the Skyfish had its share of close calls, luck seems to always run out when it is needed most. When Ash was 21 AR (28 YE), the Skyfish was attacked without warning and without mercy.

A pirate conglomerate of Nepleslians and other species named the Blood Wolves accidentally stumbled upon the Skyfish as they were running salvage operations on an ancient ship hulk. The lead ships of the small flotilla opened fire on the small Skyfish, quickly disabling it. Umar and Ash, who were on the derelict at the time were quickly rounded up along with the rest of the crew and brought to the flagship of the Blood Wolves, Fenris. There they met a self-proclaimed Admrial Crimson, who snidely deliberated their fate while the rest of the pirates stripped the Skyfish of any valuables. Some of the crew resisted, and he promptly had them spaced. The women from the crew, including Ash, were rounded up and taken away. What transpired between Captain Umar and Admiral Crimson is unknown, but all Ash knows is that she was forced to watch Umar's corpse tumble from an airlock.

The next few years of Ash's life was an unimaginable hell. Much of what transpired during this time is unknown, but what is known is Ash was the prized “pet” of Admiral Crimson. Bound in chains and never far from the Admiral's side, Ash was paraded as an exotic specimen of uncharted space that the Blood Wolves had conquered.

Years passed, and Ash gradually earned the trust of the Admiral, showing that she was good for more than just being an exotic pet. Afflicted with a form of Stockholm Syndrome, Ash was utterly devoted to Admiral Crimson and the Blood Wolves to the point that she wanted to become a full member herself. Amused by this, the Admiral allowed Ash to undertake several ordeals by which the crew would test her worth as a fellow pirate. With a ferocity born of desperation, Ash was able to complete her difficult ordeals, killing several other pirates in the process. Upon her initiation into the Blood Wolves, two downward slashes were tattooed across her eyes and a howling wolf was tattooed upon her left arm.

The next year was a busy one. The Blood Wolves had come into an uncharted system with several colonized worlds near to the Pirate Nebula, and they planned on making off with as much profit as possible. Since being elevated to a full member of the Blood Wolves, Ash was given a remarkable amount of autonomy; with her status as the Admiral's “favorite” she was given free reign of the Fenris. She spent much of her time by the Admiral's side, learning the Trade language and being taught the tactics that the Blood Wolves employed. All the while, Ash's admiration for the Admiral began to wane and she realized the terrible, terrible people she was consorting with.

One day, when Ash was 25 AR (33 YE), most of the flotilla including the Admrial had gone down to one of the colony planets for the regular “tribute” that the Blood Wolves would collect. Sensing that she would not get another chance, Ash quietly gathered what few possessions she had and stowed them in one of the flagship's many shuttles. Ash made her way around the Fenris and discreetly looted as many power cells, bullets, and provisions she could lay her hands on without raising the alarm among any of the other pirates. She carefully retrieved an incendiary grenade from the ship's armory and placed it in a vital area of the ship near the aether generator. Setting a timer for a mere five minutes, Ash made her way to her chosen shuttle and launched it. Ignoring any challenges to her departure, she activated the FTL drive and headed towards the Pirate's Cove Nebula. The Fenris was temporarily disabled by Ash's grenade and it was the small advantage she needed.

Ash hid in the Pirate Nebula for nearly one week before she attempted to make her way out of the nebula. Running low on energy reserves, she happened upon Dawn Station and quickly landed there. Using a false name and a stolen DA card, Ash docked her shuttle and made her way onto the station.

She has since been on the station for nearly a year; fencing items she has salvaged to earn currency she can actually use. She usually makes her way to Sector Nine to sell her salvage, and then heads back to Sector Four to salvage more items and to return to the abandoned shanty she calls her temporary home.

Soon, she will have enough currency to gain passage on a ship. After all it is only a matter of time until the Blood Wolves come looking for her.



Ash is fluent in Saalsari and speaks basic Trade, but only speaks enough Yamatigo to conduct polite greetings. She is familiar with the use of most communication devices including comm-links, radio transmissions and networked messaging. She can read and write Saalsari and the Trade language, but not Yamatigo.


Under the watchful eye of her mother, Ash was taught how to defend herself in close quarters using techniques utilized by the Astral Vanguard. Her mother also coached her in the use of firearms, and Ash is a decent shot with a pistol. Her time among the Blood Wolves taught her brutal knife fighting techniques. She is in good physical shape and has excellent endurance.


Ash has been alone and on the run for some time. Desperation has led her to pickpocketing and breaking and entering in order to forage for supplies. She is at home in an urban environment and can blend into the background if needed. However, the physical appearance of an Iromakuanhe is certainly unusual and tends to be remembered.


Ash has a knack for repairing most mechanical or electrical items, given enough time. She frequently modifies her gear in an attempt to make them more efficient or tinkers with devices that she found to get them working again. She can repair Iromakuanhe items and ship systems very easily and is familiar enough with most conventional firearms to repair them as well. She is less familiar with Nepleslian or other species ship systems and will be unable to perform major repairs, only minor electronics repairs and most metalworking. She would make a good assistant engineer due to her technical mind, but would require a small measure of guidance on non-Iromakuanhe tech.


Ash has a decent understanding of explosives. While not exactly an expert, she knows enough about most common substances that, when mixed together in the right quantities, make a recipe for a big boom. She often tries to make her own grenades, usually with varying degrees of success. She has yet to have one blow up in her face, but there is a first time for everything.


If there was one thing that Ash was gifted at, it would be scavenging. She has an eye for salvaging old pieces of technology to sell or utilize in some way. It is second nature for her to pick up items that she thinks will be useful; she hates to waste anything. She can more easily find discarded weapons and parts, most power cells and batteries, and important starship components that are light enough be carried. Due to her experience in salvaging ship hulks in vacuum, Ash is very comfortable and agile in an EVA suit. She can easily perform work while wearing an EVA suit and is resistant to sickness caused from disorientation in zero-g.


Ashtoreth “Ash” Demir has the following items:


Standard Outfit

  • Sleeveless turtleneck, black.
  • Dark grey cargo pants.
  • Reinforced black Combat Boots.
  • Black fingerless gloves.
  • Olive Drab long duster-style coat with hood. Hood has holes cut for her horns.
  • Long duffel bag with shoulder strap.
  • Messenger bag with shoulder strap.

Workout Clothes

  • T-Shirt, Red with Gamma's Diner logo.
  • Athletic shorts, black.
  • Slip on athletic shoes.


  • 1 bra, white.
  • 2 bras, black.
  • 2 sports bras, grey.
  • 4 panties, black.
  • 1 pair of boyshorts, grey.
  • 6 pairs of Socks, various colors.

Other Clothes

Firearms and Combat Gear

(This has been modified to accept different types of power cells aside from leyflar supercapacitors with varying degrees of success and reliability. She will always prefer to recharge the supercapacitors, but if she is unable she may attempt to utilize a different battery that may or may not cause damage to the weapon.)

(This has been modified with several cables that can be inserted into the ports at the base of her neck while the Datarod is clipped to her belt. This then links to a modified volumetric projector headset that can be worn looped over one of her horns. This provides a small HUD over her right eye. The Datarod has also been modified to incorporate a basic EM scanner. The scanner can detect and identify EM signals, which provides the wavelength, frequency, and signal strength. It can also be set to locate the source of the emission.)

  • 1 Monomolecular combat knife (Worn strapped to left boot.)



Stolen KS card with 53KS

Personal Hygiene

  • Shampoo
  • Soap
  • Towel, dark blue
  • Tooth brush
  • Tooth paste
  • Feminine products


Ashtoreth “Ash” Demir is currently a Springer in The Wayward.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000KS Starting Funds
2525KS -475KS Styrling Silver Special
2297KS -228KS Solanii Laiz Pistol+Capacitors
2222KS -75KS Solanii Datarod
2184KS -38KS Random Ammunition
2064KS -120KS IHVC Batteries
1764KS -300KS Clothing
1714KS -50KS Hygiene
1364KS -350KS Tool Kit
1214KS -150KS Monomolecular Knife
1611KS -53KS Hobo donation
2611KS +1000KS Sign-on Bonus
7611KS +5000KS Station Salvage Mission
7611KS Current Funds

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