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Augury Moonbeam Lynn 69-2114-3289

Augury Moonbeam Lynn 69-2114-3289 is a player character played by Bullroarer.

Augury Moonbeam Lynn 69-2114-3289
Species & Gender: Female Freespacer Type IV
Date of Birth: 6日 4月 YE 29
Organization: Freespacer
Occupation: Druidess
Rank: Bosun
Current Placement: Baba Yaga

Physical Description

A particularly petite and slender type 3 Freespacer female floats before you. 4'11“ tall massing 45 kilos. Being obsessed with the “natural” form, she has no notable tattoos, only an extreme number of dark blue freckles covering her body and the Mindware Technology port implanted into the back of her neck. Mid-length dark brown hair with reddish hues is tightly wound in a bun on the top of her head compliments her pale skin. Her eyes are a golden amber color. Her preferred dress off duty is a clear jumpsuit.


Common traits of freespacers include a distaste of planetary environments, agoraphobia, and having little sense of personal property or exclusive closed relationships with others (like marriage). They live a hard life and see little point in pomposity or self-indulgence, making them extremely welcoming if rather offbeat travelers. Augury is no exception here. Sometimes those who have been raised in particularly harsh conditions can be very meek or introverted, generally thankful for the company, but not used to the fancy talk of others. As she is new to association with outsiders, Trust and loyalty will have to be earned, but competing with the lack of trust and loyalty is the desire of Augury to change her own genetics, remove her reliance on radiation, and to bear natural children, ushering in a new age to the free people everywhere. And she is not alone in these thoughts. Like some wire guided, she is intentionally pushing her envelope of comfort, intentionally displaying the personality traits associated with someone wanting to assimilate new culture and technology into the free state. Augury is flirty, affectionate, and romantic to those she knows, but fairly shy in groups of more than a few. She is honest and logical when presented with a problem, either mechanical or social and willing to take risks, especially if the rewards or advancement towards her goals can be realized. In social settings, Augury is very observant, curious, sympathetic, and altruistic with just a touch of optimism. This combination endears her to almost all non freespacers, coming across as a bit naive and wide eyed with the universe. With a strong nurturing streak, she can be often seen “mother hen”ing those around her, be it with their kit or their hygiene, for she will not stand a poor presentation of her ship, as she has often lain claim to the space about herself. Augury is a very good artist, as most Type Three Freespacers are, but the art that she makes is not always seen by others as art. Often, people squint at what she draws and try to take some meaning away from it and fail to. Augury chuckles at these people, as the art never really represented anything in the first place. Often, what she draws is abstract.

Overall Goals

The Wire Guided

  • Directly integrating themselves into the culture of other empires, improving their cultural standing through trade services, AI expertise, and high-radioactivity mining ventures. This often includes using planets (particularly pre-colonized ones) as bases of operation.
  • Reactivating the natural breeding capabilities of their members, and absconding large motherships in preference for smaller, more actively helpful 'geneships'.
  • Further genetically engineering their members to the point where they more closely resemble spacer technological aspects, I.E. Continuing to operate even after extreme damage, and being able to survive in almost any environment.
  • Cracking the restricted technologies of other races, making their secrets free for all to use.
  • Providing a safe haven for all artificially created beings, regardless of their original reasons for construction.


As soon as Augury was born, she was given an accelerated learning and was able to mentally mature at a very young age, as nearly all freespacers do. However, Augury took to studying the Book at a very early age, and has loved the freedom of thought it has given her. Once she was part of the general societal collective that is the freespacer community, she was given many jobs to test her skills in many areas. While she excelled at communications, computer proficiency, and even hacking, they found that she was best at socializing. This knack drew her to the wire guided.

Augury lived on the freespacer mothership until contact was established with the Nepleslians. Afterwards, she made her way into Nepleslian society with an implant to keep her irradiated and subsequently not dead, at least until she can find a way to reconfigure her genome and become the mother of the next generation of Free People. With tales told of an old divine comedy being gifted to the Random Alien, this seemed a perfect opportunity to have access to a wide variety of genetic material as well as culture to assimilate for her people. She immediately responded to the position of Bosun, or ship mechanic, on the Baba Yaga.

Skills Learned

There is no real limit to what members of this race can be good or bad at, but many are often versed in star ship operations simply due to their lifestyle. The mindware Operation also grants them special access to a huge reservoir of knowledge, and the ability to talk to others over great distances or even create virtual experiences. Technology repair and religion are two rather more unique, distinctly freespacer traits Augury is very versed in. With a drive to absorb new culture and Genetics, Augury is very versed in genetics and psychology.

While she has little aptitude for combat, she carries a Pulse Pistol for self defense and as a deterrent, much like a cat will puff outward to scare off would be attackers. In a pinch, she can download and read a basic manual of ranged combat and utilize said weapon, but she is not terribly skilled in its use.


For a little extra flavor, it's worth considering that some may not even speak Trade very well due to years of isolation, instead relying on one of the traditional languages. This is true of Augury. She sometimes appears to struggle with trade speech, though she understands it very well. However, she can, through her Mindware Technology, download a translation of what is said. this process can be slow, but in social situations, she plays the thoughtful response to account for this delay.

Mindware Operation

Augury is adept at quickly downloading, uploading, and utilizing the Mindware Technology.

Technology repair

Augury's specialty is technology repair. As a young Freespacer, she scored highly in aptitude for mechanical understanding. She is able to visualize the 3D structure of almost any object, virtually or physically, and navigate, modify, or repair said object.


As a druidess, Augury is a follower of the The Book. She references and quotes frequently the book as a manual for daily living. While not evangelical, she will discuss for hours the benefits of this way of life, and is a regular commentator and contributor to the book in the Polysentience


As part of The Wire Guided, Augury has great interest in furthering the evolution of Freespacers, advancing them to a more natural state, through genetic manipulation.

Star ship Operations

Augury can function in any role on a star ship with some proficiency, having a passing understanding of how each job is done. For higher technical operations, such as star navigation or manual gunnery, the Mindware Technology knowledge base and the Polysentience can assist with a walk through.

Psychology and Sociology

With the integration of the Freespacers (or the Free Folk, as she calls them) into the greater universal culture, Augury seeks understanding of all people. As an often contributor to The Book, she records every moment of her day, through a variety of information gathering sources. She then uploads and discusses these interactions within the polysentience, furthering the understanding she and the Free Folk have with the greater universe.

Skills Summary

  • Communication
  • Technology Repair
  • Religion
  • Mindware Operation
  • Genetics
  • Psychology and Sociology
  • Star ship Operations

Social Connections

Augury Moonbeam Lynn 69-2114-3289 is connected to:

Baba Yaga as the ship's Bosun

Inventory & Finance

Augury Moonbeam Lynn 69-2114-3289 has the following:

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
6000 DA Starting Funds
500 DA 5500 DA Equipment Trades
34,608 DA 34,108 DA Equipment Trades

Mindware Implant: Free

Clear Jumpsuit: 500 DA

Pulse Pistol: 300 DA

Portable Repair Kit Premium: 1000 DA

EM-G8 Type 33 Datapad: 100 DA

EM-G13 "Kuromegane" Communications Visor: 1800 DA

EM-G11 "Explorer" Field Communicator: 700 DA

EM-G16-1A\1B Medical Kit: 1200 DA

Augury's Voidwalker Suit

Like all freespacer's their suit is an extension of the freespacer which wears it. Augury's suit is with a translucent swirling tie dye pattern adorned with glittery clips and straps, wrapped in transparent SynAraS robes. Little is hidden behind this suit, often to the shock of those around her.

"Moondyne's Graft" Hackable Voidwalker

  • Helmet: Standard
  • Polymer Insert: Type 5 'luxe Weave
  • Upper Dorsal Hardpoint: “Bitsyspindle” Construction Array
  • Lower Dorsal Hardpoint: “Cappy Pals” Capacitor Array
  • Full Body Mid-Layer Mountings: “Sleepwalker” Cargo Harness and Wearable Hammock
  • Waist Mounting: “Gotwhatcha” Utility Belt
  • Upper Body Dustcloth: SynAraS
  • Lower Body Dustcloth: SynAraS
  • Feet Mountings: None

Plots and Independent RP

OOC Information

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In the case Bullroarer becomes inactive:

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  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? No

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