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Augustus Dietrich

Augustus Dietrich
Species: Abwehran Oberflächenbewohner
Gender: Male
Age: 8 AY / 28 YE
Family: Father: Friedrik Dietrich (Deceased) Mother: Unknown
Height: 6'10“
Weight: 235
Organization Abwehran Star Empire
Rank Civilian
Occupation Representative Senator
Current Placement Abwehr

Augustus Dietrich In Roleplay

Augustus is a Player Character played by Samuel. He is a newly appointed Senator.

Physical Characteristics

Build and Skin Colour: A lean, fit Abwehran male with tanned skin.

Facial Features and Eye Color: With a combination of a winning smile, handsome stone-cut face and trimmed jaw, Augustus is a very charismatic man. His eyes are a mix of Red and Orange, creating a brilliant look of fire and intelligence.

Hair Color and Style: Dark hair cut short and well kept with a liberal use of a comb.

Distinguishing Features: His eyes and his smile are the most distinguishing features of all. He is very charismatic, and is a very definite presence in any room. He is not someone who could blend into a crowd.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Augustus Dietrich is a very confident, very present person in almost every situation. He is intelligent, he is flexible, and he almost never shows his anger. These qualities make him a manipulator. Augustus is something of a control freak, and wants his hand in everything, always. He wants everything planned, listed, organized, and/or classified. This behavior spawns from when his father died, and is a direct result of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Augustus is also typically very honest: He says what he means and he does what he says, and plans any lies he may have carefully 1) to better influence events important to him.

To sum Augustus up: He is a charismatic leader, a controlling person, and a meticulous speaker.

Likes: Organization. The Empire. Politics. Debate. Intelligence. Control. Dislikes: Foolish people, foolish notions, and things beyond his control – like Fate. Goals: He keeps his goals to himself.



Augustus Dietrich was born into the role of sole heir to a small local business empire in the first quarter of AF 251. His mother left a few weeks after, leaving his father – Friedrik Dietrich – to raise him alone. By the age of two (In Abwehran Years) Augustus was an articulate, athletic young boy who had taken to the sword and to healthy discussion of any and every topic from politics to what was to be had for dinner. Throughout his remaining three Abwehran Years as a child, Augustus studied to follow in his father's footsteps. He learned Abwehran History, Economics, and of Abwehran Society.

When Augustus became a legal adult in AF 256, he joined the Abwehran Armed Forces (AAF). He left the AAF in mid AF 258 when his father died, and he inherited the few small businesses that were owned by his father. Once finished mourning his father, Augustus began expanding his businesses, and accumulating a vast sum of wealth under him. This is also when he began involving himself in political matters. Finally, first contact with the Yamatai Star Empire spurred him into action in AF 259, and he announced his campaign for an open House of Representatives seat.

By the end of the first quarter of AF 260, Augustus had taken the seat he had set out to sieze four quarters prior.

Dietrich Family Business

The Family Business began in AF 239, about a year after the Pirate Wars began. Augustus' father took out a loan, and set to work. His first move was to buy up a large local restaurant. By AF 242, Friedrik Dietrich had payed off the loan, and gained enough funds to expand. He constructed a hardware store under a national franchise, and after that began to show profit he bought another restaurant. By AF 250, he owned a dozen Fast Food locations, two restaurants, and a hardware store. And then Friedrik met Augustus' mother. The how, or why of it was never explained to Augustus, but Friedrik was devastated when the future Mrs. Dietrich ran away. He turned to take care of his son, and over the course of Augustus' childhood neglected his duty as an economic power. By AF 257, the Dietrich family owned only the hardware store and restaurant.

In AF 258, Augustus inherited the businesses his father had owned. He then set to expansion with his inheritance money and the saved funds from his brief military career. Now, in AF 260 everything his father had previously owned, with the addition of the expansion of a new Hardware Store franchise, Augustus readies himself for the next step into the economic world.

RP History

Dietrich founded the Dietrich Starkwerk Corporation, and after great success in the military-industrial complex of the Abwehran Star Empire, expanded his base of financial power into electronics, automobiles, and more. Within a very short time Dietrich became one of the wealthiest men in the Empire.

Soon, though, the Second Mishhuvurthyar war and the fall of the UOC called Dietrich into action as – of all things – a humanitarian. Throwing away several fortunes' worth of money, Dietrich headed a rescue effort that helped to break the dead lock of the war and save millions of UOC civilian lives.

He returned to his creation tired and frustrated; his humanitarian aid would continue, but he needed to lead his business. His first order of business was to put a leash on the runaway business executive he had left in charge; he fired the man for wasting more money and entering DSW into a binding agreement with a small alien nation. Unable to back out, Dietrich became determined to pull a profit out of the gamjie_corporate_zone, beginning with redoubled efforts to establish a working industrial base.


Public Speaking

Augustus Dietrich is a confident Public Speaker. He is able to give clear and articulate statements to multiple persons, and can hold healthy debate with another individual in front of an audience.


Augustus Dietrich is trained in hand-to-hand combat and is well-versed in all contemporary weapons and their usage by the Abwehran Military. He is also trained in the use of a blade, and it isn't uncommon to find him sparring with someone in his rare free time.

Technology Operation

On top of his training in the use of standard Ship-Board computer operating systems and skinsuits, Augustus Dietrich can use most modern Abwehran devices due to his wide array of small businesses. He is constantly using communications devices and organizational data systems.


Augustus Dietrich is well-versed in basic math skills, as well as advanced math skills including Calculus and the basics of theoretical physics. This ability is spawned from a combination of luck, business practice, and general curiosity about his own world.


Augustus is a fluent speaker/writer in both the Abwehran and Trade languages. He is very articulate, and has excellent diction that allows him to clearly voice his thoughts and words.


A combination of personal, educational, and military training has given Augustus Dietrich a good grasp of Abwehran History, Politics, Military Strategies, and a basic understanding of Abwehran Psychology, Sociology, and Economics.


Augustus is a tinkerer that enjoys to make things – from useless to efficient – for the simple stress-relief he gets from it. He typically also fixes his own appliances and computers.



  • 5 Different Formal Suits
  • Two Duster-Style jackets (One Red and One Black)
  • 10 White Abwehran T-Shirts
  • 10 Different-Colored Abwehran Polo Shirts
  • 40 Different Ties with different patterns.
  • 3 Pairs of Dress Shoes
  • 4 Pairs of Sandals
  • 2 Pairs of Tennis Shoes.


  • Large wallet with pictures
  • 3 Jeweled Rings (Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire)
  • 2 Dozen clipboards scattered around his home.

Personal Hygiene

  • Large stick of Deodorant
  • Pack of cleaning wipes


Augustus Dietrich is currently a Abwehran Representative and business owner.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
9000 AC Starting Funds
15000 AC +6000 AC Money from Businesses
and Obsessively

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