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Aurael Lihanna

Aurael Lihanna is a player character played by Scarlet.

Aurael Lihanna
Species: Elysian Plebeian
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Organization: Elysian Celestial Navy
Occupation: Armour Pilot
Rank: Armour Pilot
Current Placement:

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'8โ€œ/170cm Mass: 88lbs/40kg Bra Size: B-32

Build and Skin Colour: Ari is like most Plebeians rather small and light in build. She barely has the mass to show her muscle and curvature, but enough is there. She is despite her appearance rather well-toned and stronger than she looks. Her skin is frosty pale. Her wings as well are completely glossy white and span about 10 feet from end to end: enough to look very impressive and pretty to creatures without wings, but not nearly enough for flight. Facial Features and Eye Colour: Aurael has a cold statueque beauty to her visage, with a frosty look almost constantly claiming her. She is not prone to much facial expressiveness and her manner of wordless unblinking gaze has been called unnerving before. Her eyes are silvery-white. Hair Colour and Style: Aurael has perfectly straight shoulder-length hair. It is glossy white in colour.

Yes, that means between the complexion, hair, eyes, and wings she could probably pass for an animated marble statue if she wanted.

Distinguishing Features: Nothing to extraordinary.


Aurael is a person of subtle extremes and contradictions. Callous indifference, biting mockery, ablative sarcasm, polite dismissiveness, fawning charm, and a hundred other oddities are all buried under her placid exterior. She speaks always in calm, dignified tones, and speaks little except when spoken to. There is a streak of fatalism beneath the rest, one that rarely emerges save for key displays of terrifying, reckless onslaught when a combat pushes her over the brink.

Likes: Piloting, silence, calm, respect, witty wordplays, Iyal'yohs, necessary violence Dislikes: Excessive noise, arrogance, hubris, Nepleslians, unnecessary violence Goals: To earn a Patrician form.


Family / Creators

  • Milrael Lihanna
  • Lashael Lihanna


Aurael's history isnt exceptional, really. When she joined the military, she began with Infantry as most any Plebeian does. However, after training with the Sestina, certain qualities were noticed in her, and she was tested for piloting aptitude. Despite being Plebeian, she was found to be an exceptional talent and immediately transferred to piloting training.

Being the only Plebeian in a class of Patricians posed obvious problems. Her classmates and her instructors were both convinced of her inherent inferiority, and she was forced to work at doubletime to prove herself capable of that immense honor of being chosen as a pilot. And, as a Plebeian, she was unable to pilot an Anthedon. This proved to be more a blessing than a hindrance, as it gave to her extra time to perfect her techniques in the Hikael, and one by one she outperformed her Patrician classmates, at least in piloting.

She did not reach the top of the class, but she came close enough, and was graduated from armour training and had earned the respect, and in a few limited cases, admiration, of her classmates. That was enough.


Fighting and Physical

Aurael completed full Infantry training, and is proficient with both rifles and pistols, particularly the atromos and pestris. Additionally she is of an average proficiency with the phaelaes and xiphos, and extremely good with aspis and Sestina. Being Plebeian, she has no proficiency with the Anthedon power armour, but is a top-notch Hikael pilot. She is trained to fight both in Zero-G and in conditions from 0.1G to 2G. Military training has also imparted a reasonable skill as a tumbler, and granted her excellent endurance and stamina.


Aurael is proficient at repairing and maintaining both Hikael and Anthedon power armours, the Hikael moreso than the Anthedon. She can repair most similar systems, meaning she would have some measure of use as a starship mechanic, but the differences between armour and starship systems would be more than enough to slow her work to a crawl.


Aurael is trained in mathematics up to and including basic quantum theory. She can perform advanced algebra and calculus quickly in her head.


Aurael is perfectly fluent in Seraphim. She has a passing understanding of Yamataigo and Trade, enough to communicate slowly. Her telepathic ability is more trained than most Plebeians due to her place as an armour pilot, and she can communicate telepathically in a range of 4 kilometres.


Aurael underwent basic military survival training. She knows how to find and purify water, forage, etc. She has been versed in a wide variety of edibles on Elysia and most known and documented worlds. She knows how to build suitable shelter from minimal materials. Additionally, she has some training in stalking and camouflage.


Aurael plays Iyal'yohs for her own amusement. She isnt a brilliant player, she just enjoys the dulcet melodies she can create on a harp.

OOC Information

In the case Scarlet becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? YES

This character was originally created on 2007/03/07 14:45 by Scarlet; original forum post.

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