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Aureil is a player character played by GrammarPaladin.

Species & Gender: Elysian Caelisolan Female
Date of Birth: YE 14
Organization: Factionless
Occupation: Engineer
Rank: N/A
Current Placement: FSS Indomitable

Physical Description

Without massive wings towering over her, Aureil reaches the height of five feet with seven inches added on top of her frail almost snow like body. However frail would be understatement of her physical prowess. Though her Ivory skin looks meek and vulnerable, her muscles, however are more durable than they appear, being able to both take and give physical beatings that would surpass ametur martial artists in strength only. Her blue optical receptors also replicate the same theme of frailty and fatigue, yet they are still just as keen as other pairs of eyes for her species. If Aureil still possessed her wings they would be white, much like her curly victorian styled hair, instead she has two stumps signifying where her wings used to connect to her body. Due to the lack of wings, Aureil looks more human or Yamataian than Elyisan, whose face and voice seems to be in constant pain despite the jubilance of the air around her.


Aureil is at best meddlesome, always seeking to infiltrate into people’s business and stick her nose into places most people wouldn’t even approach, such as relationship issues or the confines of a ruined ship. Aureil does this because she enjoys the drama from the people around her and the ships she scavenges as if life were a terribly scripted soap opera. This attitude to life cause Aureil to develop disdain for anything that doesn’t interest her or keeps moving at a steady pace, much like someone learning a new skill. You would often find her begging for some else to make her own food and happily devour it, but at the same time you would find her working intensely on her own little projects and patiently providing an ear to listen.


Aureil was born in YE 14.

Aureil was born in space and was prideful of her species and felt that her species was perfect in every way compared to humans and Yamatains due to the fact that she was often disconnected from her own species as both her parents filled the roles of scavengers and prospectors. Occupations that were much like high tech recyclers who would often go into space and strip ships left floating in space caused by galactic conflicts. She would spend much of her life with her parents, and the crew of a junking ship, disassembling both civilian and military grade ships for anything that could be reused, recycled, or melted down.

As a child Aureil would learn to play around with some of the components of the ships and machines she tore apart to create little devices of her own with tools that she would borrow from both her parents. Business was especially well during the few recent galactic wars, yet Aureil was shocked to see herself stripping down so many Elysian ships and Elysian Equipment. Eventually she started losing hope in Elysian representatives that she began being vocal about her own beliefs about the government and how the Elysian faith was twisted to fuel war instead of the salvation for her own species and the rest. When her family’s ship landed on the Elysian capital of Keren they had all switched into newer bodies, much better than the ones they had possessed prior. In order to take advantage of the time she would spend on a planet, Aureil had left for a short moment to participate in a few protests that tried to encourage the Elysian representatives to stand down for peace.

Unfortunately, the protest quickly became violent and shots were fired. In the chaos, Aureil lifted her own firearm to defend herself, given to her in the cause of pirate attacks, yet this caused her to look like a target. Her wings, the biggest part of her body, were the first targets and were shot down as she shot back at anyone who looked vaguely like a threat. She managed to inure three people and kill two that day before she collapsed and had her wings crudely removed to ensure her survival. The local security force and legal system had declared her a murdering gunman judging from a visual recording of her discharging her weapon into a chaotic crowd. Her Mother and Father did not take the news kindly and had disowned her soon after she was released from the medical care as a disgrace. Aureil was then forced force to find another ship to be a crew on due to her parent's decision with no money to her name but with some gifts that she received from her previous crew mates.

Social Connections

Aureil is connected to:

  • Family (Disowned): Amriel Qaddisin (Father), Puriel Qaddisin (Mother), Ophiel Qaddisin (Younger Sister).
  • Many ship hands of the Prospector II: Uxehx Noonan (Owner of the Buckler, brute), Mitford “The Brass” (Merchant).

Skills Learned

Seraphim, Yamataigo

Born Elysian, Aureil's parents raised her to speak her peoples language, though she learned well and can speak it fluently and read it as well slowly, yet she cannot write in Seraphim. Her speech is also a bit archaic, cuasing awkward moments between her and other Native Elysians who spent more time among there own kind were they would spend sometime figuring out what the other had just said. Meanwhile Auriel was raised on a ship where most the people there spoke Yamataigo and revolved around spacer and junker slang, she could also read the language and write in the language to communicate with her ship mates.

Maintenance and Repair

Ships break down all the time, especially civilian working ships. That fact that all hands should be busy keeping the ship that everyone lives in running was a vital one that not even Aureil could escape, even as a child. She would spend much of her time fixing the ship that she and her parents lived in whenever parts of the ship broke down, often with the tutorship of other more ship hands. Aureil would also find herself fixing the worthless junk she found in space as both a hobby and a way for her family to earn a living, meaning she is well experienced and fixing garbage into useful items and components.

Technology Operation

Aureil had worked with all kinds of ships from all sorts of factions who designed their ships differently and coded all of their programs differently, as well as encrypted everything differently. Though Decrypting was not Aureil's area of expertise, she often found herself analyzing pieces of decrypted code and using computers in order to figure out how to return something broken to its fully functional self. As a result, Aureil was able to learn how to use computer software somewhat efficiently, to the point where she can program basic a small robot could perform. With help she can do much more.


For having a lack of public or private education institutions, her parents had often drilled mathematics into Aureil with unrelenting force. Though Aureil swore she would never use them in real life because of the advent of advanced technology that could do all sorts calculations S for her, her parents nonetheless instructed her to learn math as a number one priority compared to anything else.


Aureil's bread and butter. There is nothing that she could enjoy more than building small little contraptions or working on large improvement projects for her home. Aureil considers herself a natural tinkerer and creating and dissembling has become her hobby that would require someone pry her cold dead fingers off in order to prevent her from doing it again.


Short answer: Dirty Long answer: Aureil does not like to fight fairly, at all. Often fooling her enemies into thinking she's a helpless human only to surprise them with a mighty punch, demonstrating her true Elysian strength. When scavenging Aureil uses her shotgun to shoot down any survivors she finds on ships and escape pods unless they make their presence known as peaceful before hand, you never know who to trust on an unknown ship that you're going to destroy. When fighting in ship's corridors Aureil likes to pull out her Osmiridium buckler to protect herself and strike at enemies close range while she has her pistol for medium range conflicts. She's an average shot, and the buckler is mostly there to stop her from being shot so easily when turning corners.


Mecha, tanks, cars, trucks, and hovercraft are kinda like cool toys for Aureil. As much as she likes taking them apart, she also loves putting them back together from the hangars of lost ships just to jump in and experiment with the controls in a controlled enviroment. Perhaps she can't use them tactically, but she can maneuver in them just fine without fancy regulations and training, though they probably could help Aureil

Inventory & Finance

Aureil has the following items:

"Figments of Fantasia" VR-MMORPG Profile

  • Name: Priscilla Ariamis
  • Gender: Female
  • Race: Snow Elf
  • Class: Priest
  • Appearance: A 5'4” tall SnowElf, Priscilla has been blessed with white hair that has been braided around her head like a sort of crown. Her hair stretches the the bottom of her should blades braids. Ornamenting her features, she has two thick black lines resting on her cheekbones.
  • Personality: The only thing brighter than Priscilla's personality is magic, overly so in fact. Even when she is injured, or someone dear has fallen, Priscilla is a devout follower of her faith which gives her the strength to remain positive in all things. Her piety should be classified as blindly devout, claiming to be the leader of a new crusade that only she was in, for now, and eagerly seeks to proselytize anyone and bring them to eternal life. Nothing will stop her from preaching her truth, either with words, or with a weapon, and she does not fear calling out someone for heresy.
  • History: Raised in a holy home from the union of a Holy man and a zealous woman. Priscilla was always surrounded by those who considered themselves pious and devout followers of their gods. Yet instead of following in her people's footsteps, she had decided not to worship these many gods who guided their small temple and village, and instead worshiped the creator of this smaller pantheons. A supreme being that no doubt created all in existence, and would one day reclaim it from his children who were set to destroy themselves. One day, she decided to take all manner and sorts of religious scriptures from her home, tired of these flawed lessons and imperfect teachers, and went forward to preach to the world, to give charity, and to happily end those who would stop the next great wave.

OOC Information

She is disowned, as a result she refuses to use her original family's name.

OOC Notes

In the case GrammarPaladin becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? YES

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