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Headdrain Aurora Six-Two-6396-8472

Headdrain Aurora Six-Two-6396-8472 is a player character played by SolunaII.

Headdrain Aurora Six-Two-6396-8472
Species: freespacer
Gender: female
Age: 32
Height: 186.2cm (6' 4β€œ )
Weight: 210lbs
Occupation: dedicated sharpshooter
Rank: none
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots

  1. any

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 186.2cm (6' 4” )
  • Mass: 210lbs
  • Measurements: 34DD

Build and Skin Color: She has well structured muscles, though tends to hide them in layers of loose clothing. Her skin is a pale green, the leaf of a Manitoba maple.

Eyes and Facial Features: A rugged face tops her frame, wide spaced and large, bright blue eyes set under a high brow

Ears: Both ears are small and mostly round, with a small indent in the top of them, making them seem slightly pointed when in actual fact they are not

Hair Color and Style: Aurora keeps her dark red hair long and often pulled back in a pair of braids, bang left loose to display their bright yellow color

Distinguishing Features:

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Professionally Aurora is frequently considered brash, impulsive and callous, though this stems from a general dislike of authority for its bureaucratic stance. With her personal relationships, she can be distant, at first, until she either warms to someone or becomes essentially enemies. Unless one has genuinely pissed her off, she will generally just avoid dealing with them, luckily.

  • Likes: her weapons, eating with chopsticks, a hard workout
  • Dislikes: red tape, being poked, people who go behind her back and won't say things to her face
  • Goals: In a nutshell to make a place in the universe for herself


Family (or Creators)

A close-knit, isolated fleet, now scattered to other fleets after a severe raid.


Aurora has always been a rebel, from staging raids on the food stores with kids to hijacking defensive weapons to shoot at passing asteroids while she was in basic training. With her home fleet scattered and all but lost, she has decided to make her way outward to make a mark of her own on the universe.



Communication is key to any functional squad as is understanding the nuances of combat. Sometimes, she slips into her own phrasing without realizing it.


Originally started to cross-train for a combat engineering team, she's picked up a few tricks here and there in her journeys, largely the result of β€œthis goes boom, lets see what it does…”


Starship operations

Basic training has developed on her own after she left the fleet. Still struggling with hitting the right system sometimes.


As often as she can and varying according to local gravity and atmospheric conditions, she trains constantly, pushing her body hard in effort to always be ready for the worst.


Going hand in hand with her distaste for regulations, Aurora is a firm believer in bending the rules to get the job done, generally unafraid to outright break some local laws if they interfere.



Headdrain Aurora Six-Two-6396-8472 has the following items:


Headdrain Aurora Six-Two-6396-8472 is currently a none in the .

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

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