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Autodriver Bit 66-2037-8743

Autodriver Bit 66-2037-8743
Species: Freespacer Type Three
Gender: Male
Age: Eleven
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 5' 6
Weight: 137 Lbs. (158 with envirosuite)
Organization: Origin
Occupation: Mechanic/Pilot
Rank: Private
Current Placement: OIF Halberdine

Autodriver Bit 66-2037-8743 in Roleplay

Autodriver Bit 66-2037-8743 is a player character played by Cory and is currently involved in the OIF Halberdine plot.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5' 6
Weight: 137 Lbs. (158 with envirosuite)
Build and Skin Color: He has a lithe build for a male. He has a naturally healthy body. He is a deathly pale from his years in space.

Eyes and Facial Features: He has replaced both of his eyes with ocular implants to help see in dark areas without the need for additional light. A side effect being that his eyes give off a red glow under the face plate of his pressure suit. His ocular implants replace his eyes filling in the sockets and go back to the side of his head stopping over his ears.

Hair Color and Style: He has black hair that is as long as three fingers side by side. He lets it fall where it wills only bothering to style it when the occasion arises.

Distinguishing Features: His diatoms are arranged on his neck, shoulders, and arms in a tribal design. His eyes glow red from his ocular implants.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Bit tends to favor the company of machines to other beings but is far from anti-social. He will talk to friends and people he is familiar with but tends to be more reserved around strangers and outright silence with people he hates refusing to even talk to them.

Bit is normally calm and collected not bothering to let anger show since he feels it is a waste of time to get angry over anything and he does try to stay upbeat and positive about everything. True to his species he is always working on one thing or another and loves to draw vehicle designs when he is not working on repair jobs. He hates to be interrupted while working and has been known to throw anything he can easily grab out of annoyance and to shut the person up normally complaining about how his focus was broke.

Likes: Machines, Vehicles, Friends, Cheesecake
Dislikes: Rust, Bigots, Hate, and Dirt
Goals: To become a successful vehicle designer


Family (or Creators)



Bit grew up like other Freespacers raised in the incubators till he was old enough to be with the other members of his race. He always felt a desire to go and see the universe as a nomad instead of living in the fleet as a vehicle and small craft mechanic. After a few years of working as a mechanic Bit finally left the fleet and was off to see the wider universe and all of its mysteries. He left on a merchant ship and after a few days he suddenly got in a fight with three bigot Elysians who would have killed him had a security guard not stopped them. Bit befriended the security guard and soon bit joined the crew as a mechanic and part time butler. Bit learned how to clean effectively and also was given basic combat training from his friend.


Starship Operations

Living in starship environments his entire live, he naturally learned quite a bit regarding starship architecture and related systems. He became proficient mostly in fixing systems involving the hydraulics and moving systems of the ship as well as some engine work. He has downloaded manuals on every part of the ship just in case but has only truly memorized a small percentage of them.


Bit uses his implant to not only record the various states of vehicles he works on, but also the different tools he used to fix it. He uses it to stay connected to the Polysentince and maintain some ties to friends.


Bit loves vehicles whether it be taking them apart and putting them back together to pass time or actually driving them whenever he can. He talks to vehicles as if they are living beings due to the society of the Freespacers

Maintenance and Repair

Bit's love for vehicle naturally turned into a desire to work with them and that lead to his desire to fix things. He always does his best to fix whatever he can and has always left everything he could better then when he found it.


Bit hates to admit it but he is not a good cleaner, he is a perfect one. His ocular implants can pick up even trace amounts of dirt and foreign contaminants as he cleans and his phobia over them compels him to destroy them on the spot. He keeps his room sterile and clean at all times so he can have a place to remove his pressure suite while sleeping and relaxing.


Bit was given basic combat lessons while he served on the merchant vessel by his friend. He favored using a pistol whether with one hand or dual wielding and sniper rifles. While he does have basic skills he is far from perfect he is just a little worse than a new recruit fresh from basic training.

Technology Operation

Bit learned to use his mindware to interface with computers and vehicles he uses. He cuts down on lag and response time when piloting vehicles when he is interfaced with them making them a natural extension of his body. He also has a small amount of hacking expereince from stopping people who try to steal vehicles usually cutting their joyrides short.



  • Voidwalker suit with Origin symbol on the arm
  • Grey pants with mulitple pockets and loops
  • 3 X White T-shirt
  • 2 X Black T-shirt
  • Blue pants

Weapons and Accessories

  • ODM 10mm Pistol
    • 2 X Magazine Cartridge
    • 60 10mm rounds
    • Black Leather Holster


  • Tools
  • Radiation Pills (two months worth)


  • Electronic Money Card (5000DA)


Autodriver Bit 66-2037-8743 is currently a Private in the Origin Security. He receives a weekly salary of 400DA per week.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
6000 DA Starting Funds
5000DA 1000DA Starting equipment
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