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Phra'athit Neha Ay'indri

is an Shukaren Daur (Sub-Species) played by Soresu.

Phra'athit Neha Ay'indri
Pronunciation: Frah-Ah-thit, Nee-hah, Aye-in-dree
Species: Shukaren (Species) Born: ER: 745
Gender: Female Height: 4'3โ€œ / 131.06 cm.
Age: 18 Weight: 85 lb. / 38.55 kg.
Military Status: F'Bantau, Agent Nation Of Origin: Kingdom of Neshaten
Lineage: Shukaren Daur (Sub-Species) Zodiac Libra
Current Location
SNV Furi'ken

Ay'indri In Roleplay

Ay'indri is the only living child of D'evesh and Sheri'ne.

Voice, Themes

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Name Relation Age Occupation
D'evesh Father 57 EE Head of Phra'Athit Merchantile/Mining Operations and Noble House
Sheri'ne Mother 54 EE Head of Phra'Athit Materials Development
N'avid Brother 23 EE Deceased

Psychological Characteristics

Usually solitary, Ay'indri prefers keeping her own company over that of others. The reasons are many but they usually stem from how she had been stigmatized during her childhood. Once aggressive and beligerent as a kit due to this, Ay'indri soon learned violence and aggression only further tarnished her already marred image. Since then and with help during her training, she has developed a 'thicker' skin when faced with negative reactions regarding her condition. This however manifests itself in the form of a solitary, and sometimes quiet demeanor. She can however be forward and blunt when pressed further.


Ay'indri is rather obsessive about her hair and her tail when off-duty often brushing them before bed. When faced with uncomfortable situations it isn't uncommon to see her pull her tail around her, and for her to begin stroking it.



  • While she enjoys fruit like most Daur, Ay'indri prefers those with a citrusy 'tang'.
  • She also enjoys meaty meals more than the average Daur.


  • She particularly enjoys keeping herself in shape through exercise.
  • Reading (Mostly Fantasy, Fiction, Science-Fiction, and some light history)


  • Bitter Fruit
  • Well-Done Meat
  • Bullying


Ay'indri has thus far not mentioned any of her personal goals, instead keeping them to herself.

Miscellaneous Information

  • She takes weekly injections to keep her autoimmune disorder in check

Physical Appearance and Measurements


Height 4'3โ€ / 131.06 cm
Weight 85 lb. / 38.55 kg.
Bust 26โ€œ / 66cm
Waist 21โ€ / 53cm
Hips 27โ€œ / 68cm
Cup Size 26 A
Tail Length 2'8โ€ Feet

Facial Features and Eye Coloration

Ay'indri has a heart shaped face boasting high-cheekbones which ends with a defined jawline ending in an angular chin and a small, narrow nose with its smooth bridge. Her cheekbones are high, and have some fullness to them. Her eyes are perhaps one of her most disarming traits. While having the slit pupils of all Neshaten, her eyes are a pale green color they are bright, alert, almond-shaped and could be considered her dominating facial feature.

Hair and Ears


Much like her hair, her ears share the same coloration with her right having a pinch of golden colored fur right at the tip. The fur isn't long, instead feeling like crushed velvet due to being short-haired. The interior of her ears contain a small amount of white-tufted fur to prevent water from leaking inside.


Ay'indri's black, silky hair is long in the back and reaching nearly to her waist. Her sidelocks and fringe are kept neat, nearly symmetrical betraying hints of a person who prefers an orderly life.

Build and Skin Coloration


Small framed, and svelte of build, Ay'indri has been subjected to rigorous training programs due to her being an Or'ion agent. As such she has developed lean muscle along her arms, legs and stomach all while maintaining a soft and supple texture to her skin betraying the fact she has muscle. While lacking much in the way of feminine curvature she strikes a good balance as such things are a hindrance in her line of work.

Skin Coloration

Due to an autoimmune disorder in which she suffers, Ay'indri's naturally dusky 'complexion' as a result of the thin coating of fur over her body is now quite pale a stark contrast to her hair, and the remaining fur over her body. While uncomfortable in mentioning it, this is due to her ailment's effects in her having shed most of the fur off her body with only the fur on her ears, tail and hair.

Tail Coloration

Her tail is black, with golden fur around the last several inches at the tip.

Miscellaneous Information

Ay'indri suffers from an autoimmune disorder which is quite rare, only affecting perhaps one in seven hundred and fifty thousand Neshaten. This disorder results in the shedding of the bodily fur, rendering a person 'bald' so to speak. Thankfully medical science has come a long way in steming the tide. Weekly injections of certain medications and minor gene-therapies has resulted in the complete halting of this disorder's progression any further. The treatment is kept in a nondescript injector on her person, the remaining stockpile of her medications are kept in the medical bay.

Pre-RP History

Born to D'evesh and Sheri'ne, Ay'indri is the second child of the family and current heir of the Phra'athit Merchantile Family, Mining Cooperative and Noble House. From an early age she has been groomed to succeed her parents, but had also led a somewhat sheltered but privileged life in part due to the death of her brother, N'avid and the condition that afflicts her. While having whatever she wanted, the fact she had been born with such an extreme and one that was both rare as well as shameful Ay'indri led a mostly sheltered life. That changed one day a decade ago as an Or'ion Recruiter took notice of a Daut kit laying in wait in a tree for an ambush. The chosen prey was a Liabe boy who often picked on her after school, he and his friends. But to the Recruiter it was made apparent only days after discovering her that she'd waited purposefully until he was alone to strike. Planned, waited patiently; studied him she succeeded in repaying some debt he had accrued. This pique'd the the Or'ion Recruiter's interest enough to add her to a list of potentials he'd been sent to scout. Years later when the time was right he eventually came to her and her family; making the offer to which she solemnly agreed to.



Ay'indri was taught to fight with the sword from an early age by her father, but this was only expanded upon through a rigorous if not hellish training regiment once she was taken in by Or'ion. This further training included intensive and demanding hand-to-hand combat training, rifles, pistols, and further training in the sword as well as combat training in various environments to maximize her effectiveness in differing situations.


Because of how important history is, but also in order to curb the racial problems that would naturally exist in their culture, all Neshaten are taught about their past and what lead up to them having to colonize a new world but also about their allies the My'leke or the Shukaren. This is also related to law as well, where-as a soldier must know their Kingdom's law so they can enforce them when needed.


As an Agent, Ay'indri is quite knowledgable in assassination techniques including pharmacology, poison-making and even weaponry. Included in her training was Infiltration, Stealth and cryptographic courses. She has also been trained extensively in torture and interrogation techniques.


It should come as no surprise to an agent that sometimes, their missions aren't always so clear cut. Teaching an agent how to investigate scenes allows them to better understand what they might be dealing with. Ay'indri has received instructional courses in this area. She is also able to tell with observation and a degree of certainty should one pose a risk due to dissenting behavior thanks to her training.

Technology Operation

Ay'indri is a trained hacker, part of her specialized training in Or'ion, and this training includes software engineering and repair skills, knowledge in utilizing/identifying code-breaking equipment and an indepth knowledge of Neshaten Virii and other Cyberwarfare software. Her training allows her to easily hack firewalls and render the same exceedingly difficult for others. Her knowledge of software and digital virii is all the way up to an understanding of worms, trojans and polymorphic viral strains being able to unleash debilitating attacks on station, ship and ground computer networks even allowing her to take control of security and defensive systems; turning them on the enemy.


Ay'indri has a knowledge of how to construct small bombs for assassination purposes as well as larger constructs for demolitions. She is also able to identify and disarm explosives of said types if necessary.


Knowledgeable as an engineer in certain fields, one of Ay'indri's sole claims to skill in the engineering skillset is that of a Software Engineer. As part of her hacker's training, Ay'indri learned of much of the software employed as well as how to 'build' or 'code' new software, repair, diagnose or destroy it.


Perhaps due in large part to certain aspects of her rigorous Or'ion training, Ay'indri is capable of triage, thorough first aid and the implementation of various medicines corresponding to a related injury or poison.


Due to the wide range of field operations she may be called upon to do, Ay'indri has received in-depth training in how to survive in the wild. She can navigate by the stars, locate and purify water as well as hunt for edible food. Ay'indri has also been taught how to signal for assistance, along with building shelter and adapting to the planetary environment of a given world.


Ay'indri keeps to her own fitness regime through daily exercise and bodily development and is by no means a slouch.


OOC Notes

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  • Can this character be used as an NPC after the player is gone for a year? NO
  • Can this character be adopted if the player is gone for a year? NO

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