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Ayane Akagawa

Ayane Akagawa is a player character played by Talarn.

Ayane Akagawa
Species & Gender: Nekovalkyrja, Type 33 Female
Date of Birth: YE 37
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Weapons Systems Operator
Rank: Jôtô Hei
Current Placement: YSS Imperator

Physical Description

  • Height: 5'1“ (154cm)
  • Mass: 100lbs (45kg)

Body Type and Skin: Ayane has a well-formed body that consists of a modest chest region, slim hips, and an aesthetically pleasing rear that overall contrasts well with her light peach colored skin.

Eyes and Facial Features: Ayane's round-shaped eyes are colored an aggressive red, delicately rounded out by a beautiful oval-shaped face. Upon the lower right side of her lips bears a small beauty mark, it rising every so often into her dimples as she smiles.

Ears: Ayane has slim Elf type ears that perk every now and again as she listens in to the next conversation or order that comes her way.

Hair Color and Style: Ayane wears her shoulder-length black hair in a feathered bob with several bangs on the front swept to the side.

Distinguishing Features: Ayane has what appears to be a birth mark upon her upper left bicep in the form of a half-crescent swirl surrounding a small dot.


Personality: Having only just recently been created, in Nekovalkyrja terms of time, Ayane had the basic child-like ignorance most common to newly cloned Neko's. Though the terms, idealogies, and mannerisms have been hammered into her through her lessons; she is still relatively new to the world at large. After all, nothing could beat real life experiences, and textbooks and classrooms with knowledgeable teachers can only go so far when a Neko's mind constantly absorbs and reacts to new stimuli on a daily basis.

Over time though, through her training in the Star Army and interactions with her classmates, cadets, and shipmates, Ayane has developed a somewhat relaxed professional outlook on military life compared to the rest of her more patriotic Neko companions. She still has the honor, respect, and social skills instilled upon her, but otherwise she operates through everything in life with decisions measured in gentle steps; akin to how a master musician plucks the delicate strings of a violin for the final notes of an ending orchestra.


Ayane Akagawa was born in YE 37.

Ayane was created on 2月17日37年, her history consisting of a basic start-up of her 'mind' and the massive influx of sensory information bombarding the 'newborn' Nekovalkyrja. With a basic start she awoke to the world of bright white lights, test tubes, and a pleasant 'shower' before being introduced to the concepts of clothing and order. Ayane's introductory lessons on proper Yamataian etiquette, their social structure, and the military traditions of the Star Army of Yamatai were taken in with equal parts excitement and interest as was normal for every Neko freshly instilled with the urge to protect the Yamatai Star Empire.

In the ensuing year, three months and eight days, she proved herself to be a remarkably quick learner and took to the varied amount of physical, mental, and technical tasks with a focus that rivaled many of her more “older” Neko comrades. During this phase of her life she developed several quality leadership traits that gave her the opportunity of becoming an OIT (Officer-In-Training), moving out of ED Facility 1 to take up further studies at the Kyoto War College.

For reasons unknown, despite having stellar and impeccable records during her time there, Ayane dropped out, but was slated to serve on a warship of the 1st Fleet, 3rd Squadron due to the recommendations of her mentors and high-ranking faculty members. The YSS Unicorn II, captained by Taii Miyabe Kyoki, welcomed her talents with open arms and for another year served on-board the Plumeria-class gunship as its weapons Operator, keeping the peace and maintaining Yamatai's borders free from the influence of illegals and the odd pirate group.

Though her posting was relatively uneventful, Ayane served her out her final year on the vessel with distinction and, though not the war medals a Neko would hope for, was promoted to the rank of Jôtô Hei for her efforts in the line of duty when the YSS Unicorn II alongside the Star Army of Yamatai's 1st Expeditionary Fleet participated in an engagement with a Kuvexian Starbase. During this conflict she personally shot down eight fighters and crippled a destroyer with the ship's on-board weapons systems. Her efforts during this time did not go unnoticed by the Taii as she forwarded Ayane's personnel records and background information back home with a recommendation.

“First real fight's she's been in and this one fought like a wild-cat. You should have seen the way she used my ship to take down that destroyer, the accolades of course belong to the pilot, but to give my fair unbiased view? – I think she'd be better off serving on something that can offer her some more experience then my little girl can. I hereby field promote Santô Hei Akagawa, Ayane to the rank of Jôtô Hei along with a recommendation that she be placed somewhere where her talents could be better put to use then on the YSS Unicorn II.”

Social Connections

Skills Learned


Star Army Standard Issue Items

Qty. Item Color/Pattern Notes
1 Star Army Duffel Bag RIKUPAT
1 Star Army Backpack Black or RIKUPAT Includes waterproof bag
1 Star Army Butt Pack, Type 29 RIKUPAT Includes waterproof bag
1 kit Star Army Survival Kit, Type 31A RIKUPAT
1 kit Star Army Toiletry Kit Black or RIKUPAT
1 Star Army Poncho, Type 38 RIKUPAT Field gear; Weather gear; Includes liner
1 set Star Army Environmental Suit, Type 28 (AMES) Star Army Cadet Blue Complete set
2 sets Star Army Duty Uniform, Type 35 Star Army Regal Blue Includes jacket & pants or skirt and tights, and 1 pair shoes
1 pair Utility gloves, Type 22 Jet black
1 Star Army Cap, Type 32 Star Army Regal Blue
1 Star Army Coat, Type 32 Black Weather gear
1 pair Gloves, Type 22 Cadet blue Weather gear
2 sets Star Army Working Uniform, Type 31 Dark Blue Includes working boots and work gloves (cadet blue)
2 sets Star Army Exercise Uniform, Type 38 Star Army Regal Blue Includes sports shoes, black
1 kit Star Army Undergarments see page Includes Socks, underwear, bras if applicable
2 Star Army Coverall, Type 36 Nataria Green Includes Combat Boots (black)
1 Star Army Utility Belt, Type 32 Star Army Cadet Blue
1 Star Army Belt, Type 35 Jet black
1 Star Army Communicator, Type 36 Black
1 Nekovalkyrja Service Pistol, Type 33 Black Includes 1 BR-28 Series Battery Magazine

OOC Information

In the case Talarn becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? NO
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? NO

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