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Azazel Titan

Azazel Titan is a player character played by dragon_god.

Azazel Titan
Species & Gender: Male Hybrid
Date of Birth: 17日 3月 YE 41
Organization: Ironhart Research
Occupation: Mercenary Contractor
Rank: Company Commander
Current Placement: None

Physical Description

Azazel Titan is a genetically weaponized Human with Elysian DNA. Azazel is an altered clone from Kyle Dee, sharing similar physical features as him, however having some distinct differences. His hair is void black, along with his wings plumage. His eyes are a deep crimson, mostly dull with smaller pupils. His canines are elongated and show even with his mouth closed. Azazel's body is covered in scars from when he was being trained by his abusive creators, a sick cult that wanted to create the 'perfect being'. One that has a gland connected with his canines that could inject a highly mutagen virus known as the Crimson Virus1) into those to infect and turn highly infectious and aggressive.

He stands at 5'11“ and has an athletic build 140lb. His skin soft and fair; and on top of his head are curved black horns that curl like a ram.


Azazel Titan is incredibly intelligent. However, due to his lack of experience outside of a lab and never being told about anyone other than those he was suppose to kill, he has no knowledge of many phrases or of most common sense. His temper is something that can't be controlled, along with him having the occasional 'snap' where he can go feral. He is a very dangerous person that has a lack of self control due to his creators not giving him any knowledge of how to control it.


Azazel Titan was created in a cloning laboratory in a space station on the far western side of the Kikyo Sector. He was genetically modified to be the ‘perfect being’ for a cult called Crimson.They gave him a blend of Elysian DNA to add the species' regenerative abilities and wings. They created Azazel to be a instrument for their biological warfare, as well as a person designed to pleasure them at their whim. Despite being raised in the cult, he was very educated, having extensive knowledge of the sciences and math, however was not well educated on history or basic social skills. This led to him only developing the emotion of anger while he was there. When he was not angry, he was left in a brainwashed-neutral state, as to keep him easy to control.

It was not long when Azazel snapped and woke up from the brainwashing. It was only after hearing of the two other clones of him slaughtered by the Section 6, he realized that he was going to be the next one to be left on the chopping block. So it wasn’t till he was able to steal a shuttle from them and fled to the Monarchy of Dovania that he was able to be free from their grasp. Though not all was well and great when he fled. Knowledge of him leaving was widespread throughout the cult, so he knew he was a target is he stayed in Dovania.

Upon arrival to Dovania, many were skeptical about accepting a biological weapon that was on the KOS list for the Section 6. However, it was with the approval of Kyro-vek Draguun that allowed him to stay. Dovania was already looking for those who had knowledge and skills in the STEM field, and Azazel had that knowledge that they needed, as well as tactical information on their enemy that he was willing to hand over. Azazel accepted the possibility of him being flat out executed, as being killed would be far greater than going back to where he came from.

-Recent history-

Azazel Titan had been assigned to be an undercover Dovanian operative that would freely explore and work for other organizations and peoples. He was to check in with his Lieutenant whenever it was convenient. He was placed in a position that was most commonly referred to as a ‘Sjena Ratnik’ or a Shadow Soldier. Being separated from his main battalion and regiment made his role more flexible. Officially, he was deemed ‘MIA’ and removed from all official military rosters. Making him ‘officially’ a missing Dovanian Citizen.

Skills Learned


Azazel can read, write, and speak Trade (language) and Opšti. Azazel learned both from Dovania. However, he was only able to understand some Seraphim and Yamataigo, being illiterate and unable to speak both languages.


From his time in the Dovanian Military and the combat training that he was taught in the cult, he is fairly well diverse in different fighting styles. Azazel is skilled at using ranged and hand to hand combat, although is only somewhat skilled with using melee weapons.


Being very well educated by the cult, he has an extensive knowledge of most topics surrounding Biology. He is not extensively skilled in many areas, although has a diverse knowledge on the entirety of biology upheld by modern standards. He is more skilled in the topics of microbiology and genetic engineering.


Along with his other education, he learned mathematics. Learning this led to him being able to calculate equations effectively to assist him with the other subjects that he used. He oversaw the mathematics for schematics and personnel armor for the cult and assisted in modifying and designing their armor. He even worked on drafted power armor schematics that were eventually scrapped.

Technology Operations

Azazel was also educated in technology, as the cult was low on scientist and people who know how to manage technology. He was placed on developing shielding, power armor, weapons, and a few mech prototypes that eventually were scrapped for their top of the line combat armor. He also worked on a few AI attempts to use for their ships.


Crimson specifically designed him to give physical pleasure to their cult leaders. So they placed him through extensive training to be an exotic dancer and a dominant sexual partner. His training also includes a few acrobatic maneuvers he can do for performances that they would have.


Not only was Azazel working on designing the schematics and correcting them of any errors. He was apart of the engineering team and creating these prototype weapons, along with maintaining the equipment to be tested.

Social Connections

Azazel Titan is connected to:

Inventory & Finance

Azazel Titan has the following:

Azazel’s Inventory

Clothing Articles

  • (2) Dovanian Type 1 Dress Uniform
  • (2) Dovanian Type 1 Dress Cap
  • (1) Army Model 1 Pešadija Armor
  • (4) Plain light grey collared shirts
  • (6) Plain various tee shirts [Blue, Red, (2) Black, White, and Purple]
  • (5) Plain Navy blue jeans
  • (3) Camo cargo shorts
  • (2) Pairs of navy sneakers
  • (1) Platinum ring

Weapons and Tools


Total Savings Additions Subtractions Reason
3,000 KS Starting Funds
10,000 KS 7,000 KS Dovanian Funding

OOC Information

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In the case dragon_god becomes inactive:

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The Crimson Virus is a viral infection that is similar to rabies that is commonly found in animals, though can infect other species.

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