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Barbara “Babs” Rosa

Babs Rosa is a resident of Funky City. She is played by Moon Man

Barbara “Babs” Rosa
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 5'8” (172.26 cm)
Weight: 148 lb (67.13 kg)
Measurements: 36-28-35
Bra Size: 32 D
Organization None
Rank None
Occupation None
Place of Living Los Apagos

Babs' Voice and Theme

Babs in Roleplay

In line for: Taking It Back



  • Mother: Vicky Rosa(Geshrin, Age 45): A good woman, who is a little tough on the love, and even tougher with the tough love.
  • Father: Bobby Joe Fields (Nepleslian, Age 47): Nice fella, but wouldn't commit if he was being held at gunpoint.

Other People

  • Good Friend Rico Sanroma, Age 24: Best buddy growing up, were lovers for about two days before dumping him yet still remaining on good terms. A personal rival in pretty much everything.

Physical Appearance

  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 27
  • Height: 5'8” (172.26 cm)
  • Mass: 148 lb (67.13 kg)

General View

  • Build and Skin Color: Full body, slightly muscular and fit, with light-brown skin tone.
  • Facial Features: Slightly angular face with softening features, big brown eyes with markedly spectacular lashes.
  • Eye color: Brown.
  • Hair color and Style: Dark brown hair at shoulder length, somewhat coarse, usually left to hand to her shoulders. Curls a bit towards the end.
  • Distinguishing Features: A loud style of laughter. To the observant (or extraordinarily lucky), one could notice that her breasts are surgically augmented.
  • Usual Appearance: Exclusively street clothes. Babs does have a preference in ‘layered’ clothing; usually displayed as a T-Shirt and jacket or overshirt worn over, favors Capri pants and airbike Boots.

Mental Characteristics


Babs is your typical street-wise wise-cracking she-devil. Living in the slums of Nepleslian society does a lot to shape a girl, and through much trial and error, Barbara Rosa has developed into nobodies fool.

This isn’t to say Babs is your too-tough street urchin; quite the contrary, the fact that she does so well in the harsh Nepleslian undercity has left her confident in any environment and, as a result, Miss Rosa is a very laid-back and often lazy individual. She holds no real job, and works only when she desperately needs money that she can’t just simply steal or gain through unsavory means. Babs enjoys the pleasures that she can dig out for herself, good times with friends and the frequent heavy drinking at the local watering hole.

Babs is often reckless, big-mouthed, overconfident, greedy, a braggart and selfish, to name a few of her more unattractive tendencies. She is also, however, fiercely loyal, optimistic, strong-willed and has a big heart under all the bloody knuckles and tom-girl attitude. She has a tendency to jump at people who piss her off, and doesn't pull punches when angry. Likewise, she's never serious when she isn't miffed at someone…Babs has some very different mood stages.

Likes, Dislikes, and Goals

  • Likes: Attractive men, strong drinks, action-romance films, airbikes, racing games, leather pants
  • Dislikes: Rich snobs, wimp attitudes, assholes with no reason
  • Goals: Babs has no goal other than to keep having as much fun living it up with her buddies/fellow gang members. I guess one could say Babs’ goal is to FIND a goal.


There really isn’t much to tell about Barbara Rosa. Born from a single mother and fathered by a guy whose dictionary didn’t carry the word “marital commitment”, Barbara (or “Babs” for short) grew up in lower city Los Apagos, doing nothing terribly exciting other than the occasional street race or gang brawl out behind Steve’s Hardward store.

From the beginning, it was apparent Babs would become a natural born slacker. She dropped out of middle school at a young age along with the rest of her friends, whom eventually formed one of many small gangs circulating Nepleslian society. For years, all she did was hang out, slack off and live it up until the next day. Babs did eventually develop a love for speed, evident in her appeal towards fast cars and professional racing. She did, at one time, dream of being one herself, but that goal long subsided to her more practical side; when you’re born a slummer, you usually stay that way…and that suited Babs just fine.

This went on for a while, even after the previous leader of her gang, one Rico Sanroma, left to join the military, leaving Babs in charge of their five-fold team of social misfits. She more or less took the position with stride. To this day, most of her time is spent loafing the Los Apagos streets with her posse, doing nothing other than contribute to the growing social gap between the wealthy and downtrodden. When Rico applied for the Star Military, Babs took the reigns of their little gang and continued to keep the rest of their neighborhood in line in Rico's stead. This was not all that difficult, as she was more or less the enforcement of their group to begin with.

When the NMX invaded Nepleslia, several members of the gang chose to evacuate the planet for safer havens with their family. Babs understood their reasons to leave but did not share them and, after a long series of events, found herself still on Nepleslia as the invasion hit full swing. Babs was able to evade opposing forces and jump between small groups of native Nepleslian resistances. At the moment she is still on Nepleslia, fighting the guerrilla war against the invading NMX.


Fighting (Firearms, Clubs, Unarmed)

Babs has been in many a brawl in her youth, and has learned most of the quick-and-dirty about unarmed combat. It isn’t uncommon for the random street-thug to underestimate her as a woman with no combat skill, and Babs has taken advantage of that many a time. Babs has also, from a young age, carried a hefty bat whenever she ventured out alone…and has gotten to use it often. Needless to say, she's a real slugger at this point in time. She is also proficient with common firearms one can find at the local cornerstore, but doesn’t get much of a chance to practice with them.

Vehicles (Airbikes, Civilian Vehicles)

Babs absolutely loves going fast; it’s in her blood, and she’s very good at it. Over time, she has become somewhat of an underground pro at airbikes and most civilian vehicles that she could get her hands on…of course, this expertise came at the price of a good few totaled vehicles. Babs is somewhat reckless and a bit of a show-off behind the wheel, and doesn’t make an effort to prove otherwise.

Knowledge (Crime, Street-wise, Racing Circuits)

Babs keeps herself informed on things she needs to know. As per her own personal hobby, Babs is familiar and fluent in many types of racing circuits around the universe and is able to call of names and statistics off the top of her head. Living in the streets and constant dealings with the local law and the local crime have left her knowledgeable in both areas. She also has a few fingers in some of the lesser criminal activities, but more or less keeps her own nose clean and has only acted with them a limited amount of times.

Rogue (Seduction, Sweet-Talking)

Using her natural charisma and (somewhat artificial) good looks, Babs knows how to move weaker-willed men on by the nose. She does what she has to in order to get what she wants, and being somewhat greedy has led her to want many a thing. Babs also has a quick tongue; she knows how to speak ways people want to hear, and has learned that a little added word or motion here or there can change a lot about how people think.

Arts and Vocations (Graffiti Artist)

A rather useless skill, time living in the slummy Nepleslian underground and time spent working gang-antics with her cronies has given Babs what some would call “inspiration”. Or, if one wanted to get technical, Babs just became good at tagging her local streets since nobody else in her gang could spray-paint worth a rat’s ass. Babs excels at sharp, contrasting patterns, and likes painting her dream vehicles on the liquor store alley walls.

Entertainment (Racing Games)

Living in the slums didn’t exactly mean living poor. Babs and her gang jointly own a top-of-the-line game console, which she regularly enforces her blossoming owning skills on her lackeys. Babs prefers racing games that are high on speed and action, stemming from her own preferences of cars.

Culinary (Ham Sandwich Extraordinaire)

Availability of low-quality sandwich meat and plenty of spare time on her hands has led to Babs being above-average in the delicate, intricate art of the ham sandwich.




  • 4 Pairs worn capri jeans
  • 1 Pair black leather pants
  • 10 Miscellaneous T-Shirts
  • 2 Leather jackets, brown and black
  • 1 Jean jacket
  • 4 Pairs miscellaneous sneakers, low-top
  • 2 Pairs High-heels
  • 1 Blue Bucket Hat
  • 1 Sleek Black Cocktail Dress
  • 1 Pair Black Airbike Boots


  • 3 Pairs skull-print Boxers (Sleepwear)
  • 5 Pairs panties (varies)
  • 6 Bras, lacey black
  • 1 Pair black garters (Only used once!)
  • 6 Pairs miscellaneous Socks

Weapons, Weapon Accessories

  • 1 ID-SOL Grade Taser
  • 1 “Lucky” Metal Bat, “Funky City Bludgeoners”


  • Cellular Phone, Camo
  • Black Leather wallet, usually empty
  • Miscellaneous junk jewelry


  • Current: 143 DA
  • Income: None
  • Expenses: None

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