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Barbanov DePolanskaya

Barbanov DePolanskaya is a player character played by SirSkully

Barbanov DePolanskaya
Species & Gender: Shukaren Daur (Sub-Species) Male
Date of Birth: ER760/YE 02
Organization: Kingdom of Neshaten
Occupation: Neshaten Healer
Rank: C'Baruce
Current Placement: SNV Furi'ken

Physical Description

Barbanov stands at a fairly average 4’6”, his form is on the lean side of things – not being quite as muscle-packed as some of the infantry yet still fit and capable. His skin is porcelain in colour and is made paler by bright, golden eyes that stare out from underneath a somewhat shaggy head of golden-brown hair that seems to never be neat – ears of a similar colour poke out the top and his large, bushy tail can often be seen swaying about behind him.

Barbanov’s face takes after his father’s side of the family, a strong, triangular jaw with a small nose and high cheekbones – although unlike his father’s mighty beard, Barbanov can only muster a few pitiful hairs on his chin and remains clean-shaven whenever possible.


Barbanov is a relatively kind soul who bottles up negative emotions and has a few anger management issues, he tries to stop inner turmoil from happening and just wants to be everybody’s friend – to the point where he would rather beat himself up about issues than let his friends help him through them.

Once he snaps though, Barbanov is quite a force to be reckoned with – pushing aside friend and foe alike as he vents in a rather physical way, thankfully these outbursts do not last long and Barbanov often over-apologises for them afterwards.

Regardless of emotional states, he is driven when a goal is set and dedicated to his work as a medic – with a stronger stomach for gruesome things than people give him credit for.

Barbanov has quite a love for music, he can’t make any to save his life but he loves listening to almost anything – with a few exceptions.


Barbanov was born in YE 20, the eighth child in a hard-working family, a combat technician for a father and a nurse for a mother that eventually had 12 kits in total, he was generally a rather quiet kid with good intentions but not the social tools to put them into action. He took a liking to his mother’s medical ways that grew into fascination as he aged.

At the age of 9, Barbanov joined the youth corps as a medic and came out the other end with a promising future in field-medicine ahead of him. Then his older sister Anaska went missing, it sent him into a bit of a rut for a while as he tried to deal with the loss – only to receive a message a week later that informed him of safe status her new occupation far away, relief hit him and he got back into the swing of things – joining the SNV Furi'ken in YE 40.

Skills Learned

Medicine: Being a healer and having a fascination with all things medical since he was able to read, Barbanov is highly knowledgeable about patching people up and keeping them alive.

Combat: Having grown up and joined the youth corp and later the navy as a field medic, Barbanov is just as proficient with a gun as any of the infantry he bandages up – showing a particular level of skill with pistols and other small armaments as well as swords

Social Connections:

Inventory and Finance

OOC Information

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