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Bast Garu

Bast Garu
Species: NH-33
Gender: Female
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: SIGINT
Rank: Chui
Current Placement: YSS Toneri
Born: YE 34
Mother: Mau Garu

Character Description

Bast likes to watch, and is a troublemaker at heart, setting up her own fun when her current objects of observation start to become boring. She is quite clever, which leads to a poor work-ethic where she often just does enough to get by without being reprimanded. Her job working with signals intelligence gives her plenty of time to satisfy her hobbies. She is reluctantly loyal to her family, never causing them any actual harm even if she does cause mischief sometimes. She also has a slight oral fixation, enjoying hard candies and other treats, sometimes leaving chewed pens behind in her wake.

It is very clear to her mother and big sister that she is capable of far greater things.

Bast has a record of bad behavior during times of shore-leave, though her shipboard duty has always been passable.

History and Relationship Notes

Bast was born in YE34, and early on showed excellence in electronics and signals work. She quickly rose up the ranks though she always seemed somewhat bored with what was going on. In YE 35 she ran into Uso Tasuki on shore leave and was never the same sense. Her mother and big sister try their best to keep her out of trouble.

Bast has a strained relationship with her father, enjoying making him uncomfortable whenever he is around, which is not often.


Bast is 5' 1“, has dark green eyes, dark red hair, and jet black skin. She has a fairly curvy body for an NH-33 due to her high intake of sweets but it is just enough to give her a cute 'girl next door' look.

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