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Beaumont is a player character played by Trainscanflytoo.

Species & Gender: Nepleslian Cyborg Male
Full Name: Anthony Rodrick Geoffery Van Beaumont (Self-Given)
Age: 30
Date of Birth: 20日 5月 YE 09
Organization: None
Occupation: Freelance Doctor
Height: 6'4“
Weight: 427 lbs
Rank: N/A
Current Placement: N/A

Preferred Plots

Physical Description

As a Full-Bodied Nepleslian, his body was tall and wiry, with fiery red hair that he often pulled back into a ponytail - one that sprawled out from his hair tie. He had sharp green eyes lined by long eyelashes and a narrow eyebrow above each one. His ears were smaller than average, sticking out at a slight angle to his head. His jawline was sharp, ending in a pointed chin, often lined with ginger stubble that met up under his lip in a small soul patch goatee. He smelled of cigarettes and cheap alcohol and often dressed in cheap jeans and T-Shirts under lab coats - even when on the job. his shoes were always a pair of cheap skater shoes - but only when he cared to put them on. Often he would just be in flip-flops.

After he had been converted into a cybernetic body, His appearance changed drastically. His face had been replaced with a diamond-shaped mask lined around the “Chin” by two panels. Upon the left panel - around the ear - would be an earpiece with an antenna. His exterior would become a mixture of matte and shiny gunmetal plates. His style is mostly unchanged since his full Nepleslian days


Lazy and sharp-tongued, unwilling to give much leeway to anyone for any foolhardiness for people other than himself, considering himself superior to nearly everybody in every way, but only due to a subtle god-complex derived from years upon years of “determining who lives and who dies” via his mostly unorthodox medical practices. Despite this, he is quite the goof-off and will find any means of entertainment if left without a job for long periods of time. This can vary from playing around with a scalpel to pirating television shows from different systems to watch on the operation monitor.

He's quite intelligent - or at least he considers himself to be. Often he will forget pieces of information regardless of importance to the situation.

When faced with tense situations, he's very analytical and will rely entirely on reason without any care for the emotional or physical well-being of anyone other than himself. This is especially applicable if it means getting a quick getaway from authorities.

due to a lack of a mouth, he's very animated in his movements. It isn't uncommon for him to accidentally hit people that get too close while he's emoting.


Beaumont was born in YE 09 in the city of Funky City, Planet Nepleslia through genetic engineering by an underground lab in Funky City. One trying out a “Get rich quick” scheme to sell young Nepleslian children to grown Nepleslians desperate to have a family. Unfortunately, it fell flat after he and his sister were “born” and an accident had left all of the donated eggs and sperm destroyed (An investigation of the resulting ruined lab revealed that it was arson committed by Arthur Attenborough's partner, Roger Davies. Done out of revenge for having his share of the profit cut by Attenborough when he decided to take in the first two children created by their process.)

At the time, Beaumont was known simply as Anthony. He grew up being educated by Attenborough alongside his sister, Lousiana. For the longest while, the two grew up inseparable of one another. The streets of Funky City were dangerous for the two children (Especially his sister, being a female and all), so Attenborough had taught the two how to use handguns and knives in the event of an emergency and he's away. looking back, it still surprises Beaumont with how tender and caring Attenborough was. For a scam artist, he may have been a part of the demographic he wished to exploit.

As he grew up, Anthony was fascinated with the anatomy of the various races that inhabit the Kagami Galaxy and desired to do what he could to help them. However, the money to go to a school of medicine was tight, but Attenborough would still purchase textbooks on anatomy, medicine, and surgery for the boy to study in hopes that he would find some use of this knowledge.

All the while, Anthony's sister had found herself a bit more fascinated with her sexuality than Anthony was comfortable with, often times, she would move to seduce him or attempt relations with him, much to his displeasure and flustered confusion. The result was her going into prostitution. A night would come that Anthony would wander the streets of Funky City in search of her… only to find her corpse in an alleyway.

He would not try to rush her back, for he already knew that she was dead. He and Attenborough had her buried on the outskirts of town, just south of Funky City, where it all comes into perfect view. Nobody knew that she was born, nor did anybody know that she had died or been buried.

for the next year, Anthony would fall into a severe depression, chugging down beer and smoking like a dirty furnace. He grew cynical and harsh. What was once a cheerful young man had become a shell of his former self. He believed that if a man could decide who lives and who dies - just as the one who had killed his sister had done, so too would he decide the same.

Case after case of botched surgeries and malpractice began arising from his private, out of the way office in the corner of town, placing his head on the menu of many hungry gangs and mercenary companies that had decided to make use of his services for their members. He was left with no choice but to leave Funky City in a stolen Ge-F7-1B - Jinsoku Cargo Runner from a nearby shipyard. One that he would eventually name “Princess Louisiana.”

Three years would pass, and every once in awhile, he would change his name to keep his identity a secret - but that became no good after awhile, and the gangs and mercs from his past began to catch up with him, recognizing his face. He knew he had to get rid of it if he wanted to live. And so he did.

He recalls the day vividly. A Los Apagos street. The sun had just set, but the evening was already black as night from the stormclouds pouring down their contents onto the world below. In his shoulder and leg, a bullethole each. He couldn't keep running for longer. To his side, a street, to the other, the alleyway he had come from. This choice would either do the trick or kill him. And so he chose the street, diving in front of the first vehicle he encountered, letting it break all it could in his body.

He would have no choice but to have his body and consciousness integrated into a cybernetic body, concealing that identity once and for all. He decided to take the name of the man that had hit him - Beaumont.

He would return to the Princess Louisiana a mere week after his rehabilitation, ready to take for the stars once more in search of a new place to set up shop, or for a new group to serve as their medic.


Most of his body had been decimated in the accident, leaving him a crippled mass. With hardly any of his bones, organs, or nerves still functional, a vast majority of his body was removed and replaced if necessary.

A vast majority of his head was ruined, with his skull hardly intact, the doctors were given no choice but to put his brain inside of a new, mechanical housing. The doctors replaced the front of his head- and, as a result, his eyes, with a targeting system, and so his visual capabilities became the same as that of someone viewing the world through a 'Peeper' Sensor Monocle. A collapsible HUD is visible in the top-right corner of his vision, giving him a “full shakedown” of his body's current status - as well as any information received via his extra systems, such as his radio. The front panel does move upwards, revealing a mechanical mouth with an artificial esophagus that leads into his original stomach. The rest of his digestive system is intact. His hearing gained a boost as well, allowing him to hear a needle drop in a crowded room when at its max setting. He successfully grafted a radio onto the side of his helmet with a little bit of help from a Nepleslian surgeon. With it, he can tap into radio signals within 300 yards. It doubles as a cellphone and a walky-talky. A micro-computer allows him an uplink to different networks

The bones and musculature of his limbs were in shambles, forcing the doctors to amputate both of them and replace them with Claymere Cybernetics Unlimited brand prosthetics. He has tampered with the safety settings of both of his legs and arms, allowing him a major boost in speed for when he's in a pinch, or faster movements whenever in combat. Oddly, he has not turned off the pain settings, meaning that any damage taken will register. His limbs do have armor enhancements, making them a tint bulkier, and as such do not have any fleshy sheathe - he does wear clothes over the metal, despite this. A MT-G1-1A - Personal Holographic Computer (PHC) (that he had stolen from a Nekovalkyrja he had failed to successfully operate on) had been integrated into his arm, running off of his internal power supply. It is used to interact with and input specific data into his systems - usually phone numbers. While he's more than capable of using his internal systems to do this, he finds the act of pushing a few buttons a lot less draining.

His lungs and heart were obliterated, leaving him dead upon arrival, but his brain was capable of being revived. Artificial equivalents have been installed with false veins and synthetic blood to supply nutrients and oxygen to his remaining organs while transporting waste away and towards an artificial liver and kidneys. Because he lacks any real organs that would be affected by the acts, he still drinks and smokes like nobody's business, and it's evident to those near him. He has taken to showering his prosthetic body just to get the scent of tobacco off whenever necessary.

His torso is entirely composed of a reinforced prosthetic shell, with a plate below the waist to conceal and protect his - miraculously surviving - genitalia. The shape of the plates around his chest and abdomen are specially tailored to protect the musculature underneath while maintaining mobility. They are lightweight and his internal organs are subject to a concussion if struck with enough force.

Every part of his body that is organic is surrounded by a series of cooling pipes that use water to prevent them from being cooked alive inside of his mechanical shell. Particularly hot days or settings will force Beaumont to carry a tank of water on his back to circulate through his systems. Vents on his shoulder blades release excess steam and heat when respiration isn't enough to do the trick. If placed in an aquatic environment, his lungs will compensate with a temporary gill setting, and his cooling systems can be switched to function with the liquid surrounding him. However, to ensure no damage is done by entering his systems, they are all surrounded by a protective coating to prevent corrosion and his electronics are sealed within waterproof chambers. These chambers are not invincible and may require repair if he's placed in an environment with incredibly high pressure. In environments such as outer space, where oxygen is not present, his body will seal itself off and rely on reserve oxygen, even going as far as recycling the carbon dioxide in his body to keep his brain alive.

His internal power source relies on caloric intake, breaking down glucose and nutrients not used by his living organs to generate energy for his mechanical body. This is done in a similar manner that cells normally receive the nutrients, but on a larger, more focused scale, with massive amounts of ATP being produced and broken down in large quantities. Vents in the back of his head provide extra oxygen to the power source while getting rid of carbon dioxide to allow for the increased amount of respiration necessary.

Defecation and excretion of Urea are both done via the same passageways and processes but include the waste matter produced by his mechanics. Luckily, his bladder and colon have been given greater holding capacities to compensate for this increase in activity.


Beaumont has the following notable skills:

  • Enhanced marksmanship
  • Surgical Prowess (If he doesn't forget what he's doing)
  • Fighting with knives/scalpels
  • Basic ability to pilot a ship

Social Connections

CHARACTER name is connected to:

  • William Chausson (Sperm Donor)
  • Lassie Griswold (Egg Donor)
  • Arthur Attenborough (Guardian)
  • Louisiana (“Sister”)

Inventory & Finance

Beaumont has

  • Ge-F7-1B - Jinsoku Cargo Runner named “Princess Louisiana”
  • A Nepleslian standard Nepleslian Medical Kit bought off of the black market
  • A large personal med kit containing:
    • 10 Normal Scalpels
    • Bone Chisel
    • Bone Cutter
    • Knife Handles
    • Backhaus towel clip
    • Various clamps
    • Various forceps
    • Needle holders
    • Various surcival scissors
    • Various retractors
    • Varous needles and thread
    • Gauze and bandages
  • Various T-Shirts, pairs jeans, and Labcoats

Beaumont currently has 3000 KS.

OOC Information

In the case trainscanflytoo becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? YES

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