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Belinda Blake

Belinda Blake is a Geshrin/Nepleslian that was formerly the United Outer Colonies Peacekeeping Forces Sub-Commander in charge of the 4th Logistics Fleet's Personnel and Human Resource Management. She retired from the Star Army of Yamatai in YE 38 and was hired on by Oshima National Industries (ONI) in late YE 38 as their new Chief of Operations.

Belinda Blake
Species: Geshrin/Nepleslian
Gender: Female
Age: 39
Height: 6'2“
Weight: 200lb
Measurements 38-27-39
Organization Retired SAoY & 10SF ; ONI
Rank Chief of Operations
Occupation Oshima National Industries (ONI)
Current Placement ONI Headquarters
Art Credit Mark Devera and commissioned by Kim

Belinda in Roleplay

Belinda is a NPC controlled by Kim. She made her first appearance in the UCS Zenpyou's Prelude:Siren's Call thread.

Belinda was adopted by Arieg on 20Sept17.

Physical Description

Belinda Blake felt uncomfortable in her black dress and heels. She had let her assistant talk her into looking like a professional librarian with the benefit of a white gunbelt across her hips. Her scarred arms were hidden beneath the short green coat she wore to hide the other holsters. Almond shaped green eyes appraised the board members.

Belinda met his gaze and strongly gripped his hand as she shook it. Her hands were rough from years of use and abuse. “Belinda Blake, Oshima National Industries, Chief of operations. This is my assistant, Seathan Lansing.” She had a strong disdain for meetings, she had work to do some where else but she was here. “Dozo yoroshiku.” She added as she sensed the suggestion from her assistant. Her voice was rough around the edges, like she was just getting over a bad cough but her record showed it as permanent damage from the incident on Mayer Station.

Build and Skin Colour: Muscular; Light Caramel Brown skintone
Facial Features and Eye Colour: Distinctly mixed racial facial features, almond shaped Emerald green eyes.
Hair Colour and Style: Curly, shoulder length dark red hair.

Distinguishing Features: Heavy scarring on her arms, legs, and torso. Her voice is rough from her vocal cords being damaged on Mayer.

Belinda Blake was a tall, well-toned half Geshrin and half-Nepleslian woman with curly, shoulder length dark red hair and a light caramel brown colored skin tone that sharply contrasted her almond shaped emerald green eyes. She stood at a little over 6 feet tall and her short sleeve uniform variant showed off her well-muscled and heavily scarred arms.


Belinda is a fairly direct woman. When she has to give directions or an explanation she keeps her answers concise so that she can get on with the rest of her business. She dislikes the subtlety of tact and other mind games and avoids using them when she can get away with it.

She has a cool, even temper and it takes a great deal for her to get angry. She feels that she best expresses herself and her emotions through her actions, however brief they might be. She is extremely no-nonsense and professional but she can be concise, polite and warm all at once.

Belinda likes her job, though she misses being out in the field and can empathize with other Peacekeepers that are stuck working a desk.

Brief History



Born and raised in the Rokin Isles in Planet Nepleslia to a local fisherman and a Clone processing plant technician. Her features are a distinct mix of the local flair and her foreign mother.

Cadet Miu Nagatori handed her orders back in and continued to listen to Sub-Commander Blake along side of Ira. When the Sub-Commander said for them to ask questions Miu hesitated, and decided this was the time. “Ma’am… how did you get your scars.” She said, her brown eyes shifting to a now saluting Ramirez, Ira, and a smiling Sub Commander Blake.

Sub-Commander Blake stood and returned the salute. “You are dismissed then.” Her eyes went to Miu as she asked about her scars. The woman continued to smile, “Before I joined the military, I was a cage fighter in an small Nepleslian fighting League and weapons were allowed in some of the fights. So some are a result of that and others are from various encounters with Rippers, shrapnel, and a couple bar fights. It's hard to keep track of them all after a time but it's a nice reminder of mortality and what it feels like to be alive.”

Blake grinned a bit at some of the memories but she was never one to keep herself out of trouble for too long. She had some crazy times and she was looking forward to her own involvement in the Taskforce when she could get a chance to get away from her desk.

United Outer Colonies

YE 30 Previously a member of the 5XF, she decided to keep her loyalties with the people of the Yugumo Cluster and became a citizen of the United Outer Colonies. She was appointed as a United Outer Colonies Peacekeeping Forces Sub-Commander in charge of the 4th Logistics Fleet's Personnel and Human Resource Management operating out of Mayer Station.

The PCIS crews however, were mostly given busy work to keep them busy. Sub-Commander Belinda Blake was less than pleased to be assigning Power Armor Pilots to cleaning and mess details. She felt it was a waste of their time but… she had to give them something constructive to do while they waited. The ship captain's were not all chosen for some the vessels, so in their stead- she had to direct these Peacekeepers to where they needed to go…

“I'm sorry, Recruit Lansig, but you'll have to report to the Galley for a kitchen detail today,” Sub-Commander Blake announced to the red haired Peacekeeper recruit in front of her with a sympathetic smile as the man winced, “Luckily, tomorrow you'll be joining the Tanebi's crew for a Combat exercise and Power Armor training. So please, bear with it today until your ship is ready. You are dismissed.”

Recruit Lansig saluted the Sub-Commander and exited the officer's office with a heavy sigh. If he had less military bearing, he'd drag his feet but since he was fresh from boot camp he begrudgingly marched towards the Station's large Galley for his Mess detail.

Blake watched him go and sighed herself as she looked through her latest reports from the Personnel Management Office that gave her the Personnel files of all incoming Peacekeepers to the station so she could properly instruct them on where to go. She was surprised to see that her incoming recruit itinerary was slightly smaller than yesterday's but she had time- they didn't have to report in until 1600 but, they'd be on station just in time to help with the dinner cleaning detail. ”…It's never fair,“ she muttered quietly to herself as she picked up her green coffee mug and took a sip. “I guess, I can catch up on my paperwork as I wait for this new boot drop.”

The chaos that ensued when Mayer Station was attacked in YE 32 left few survivors from the infection that killed or mutated most of the Peacekeepers. Blake was one of the lucky ones that was able to escape thanks to the Star Army rescuing a handful of the personnel.

In YE 34, she regrouped with Mitsuya Ember at Leo Star Fortress and assisted her fleet commander in maintaining the security at the station as a member of the Star Army of Yamatai.

In YE 38, she decided to retire from the Star Army of Yamatai.

In YE 39, she was firmly placed as the Operational Division lead for Oshima National Industries (ONI) on Oshima.

The Colonel nodded and reached forward, manipulating controls on the table as the lights in the compartment dimmed and a holographic projection filled the air above it. It started with a star system before focusing on the second world, a tan and brown desert rock. Then the Colonel more or less laid out what the Pact knew about the world known as Santa Torga Prime.

A world of ruins and buried technology that attracted scavengers and like any ecosystem these attracted predators, both human and alien. While its exact history was unknown for the moment what the briefing covered was the pooled knowledge of those from ONI who had called it 'home' for nearly six months of captivity. The briefing went over the long and old presence of the Mishhu, the Jiyuuians old enemy. The hubris of their human underlings in traveling far and wide to capture whatever they could get their hands on, using the 'gifts' of their alien masters too bring wealth and slaves back to the world that the alien intelligences where slowly building into something insidious.

Then the color of the planet changed and a more tactical display overlayed the world, Belinda's military experience immediately plucked what was a campaign after action report. Figures, battle locations, objectives, all scrolled as the Colonel continued to speak. Finally he finished with the refugee count, including Jiyuuians which had been taken to the planet soon after the fall of the UOC. This completed the report as the display powered down and the lighting returned to normal, all three sets of Pact eyes looked at the Jiyuuian searching her face for answers and reactions.

The numbers of the Jiyuuians bothered her, the tension started at her jaw and flexed down into her arm. They needed the people, they were her responsibility as a former Peacekeeper… but could their current system handle that many? There were jobs and the system could support them. It disturbed her that these people had waited so long to be liberated while everyone else had been scattered between Yamatai and Nepleslia.. but then again, she had waited 2 years with only 100 of several thousand personnel that survived Mayer. “It'll be a shock to our current system, but we can manage it.” She said finally. “The company can keep them gainfully employed until they decide they are ready to move on or we can help them get to some where else.” 1)
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