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Belladonna Evita

Belladonna Evita is a player character played by nameless.

Belladonna Evita
Species & Gender: Female Android
Date of Birth: 11ๆ—ฅ 6ๆœˆ YE 40
Organization: @@[email protected]@
Occupation: Science Officer
Rank: @@[email protected]@
Current Placement: NSS Highlander

Physical Description

Belladonna has a fully humanoid form, halfway to an hourglass shape, her 5'5โ€œ slender body is reminiscent of a pinup girl. Those who did business with a solo act fabricator named Sarah Evita may recognize the facial features as from her line of security androids named the 'Atropha' series, usually commissioned as combat maids by the wealthy young for their strange creepy/adorable appeal.

Her skin is paper white and her face looks as if it were wrapped in latex. Her face is all smooth with the form of a nose but no nostrils, and there is no impression of a mouth either, as if her face was simply a blank plate stuck to her head, save for the two sets of eyes that simply look like blue glass, which can blink independently. Her upper set of eyes are bigger than the lower set and is placed where human eyes are usually located, with the lower ones just below. Both sets can be closed seamlessly to make her look more like a mannequin. She doesn't have ears, but does have accessories to add them, some of which augments her hearing. Everything a woman has below the head, she also has, with the addition of a detachable and prehensile reptilian-esque tail with a retractable 30cm blade.

Her hair is purely nanotech, capable of looking however she wants to make them look, be it short and straight, curly, dreads or tentacles. If cut, her 'hair' can be assimilated back, otherwise they fall apart like dust after just a few days.


In a few words, she is enthusiastic, friendly, smart and curious.

When she was created, she was given the brain patterns of her creator, making her naturally smart and generally mentally gifted, however the process was not perfect on purpose as Sarah didn't want Belladonna to be antisocial as she was, realizing that that was a hindrance in the long run. After some fine tweaking, this made Belladonna more outgoing and excitable, always wanting to meet new people and making friends. And also adventurous, which threw a wrench in Sarah's plans on making Belladonna a long-term assistant.

While she may be the picture of child-like wonder at most times, she knows how to be professional when the time calls for it, and can switch to and back from those two frames of mind, though she would prefer it if she didn't have to act all stiff formal.

She has a fear of angering and disappointing people and that's her emotional weakpoint; she constantly wants to know if she's doing good or doing bad, and will begin to worry when she doesn't get words of affirmation. Failure hurts her the most, or at least the presumption of failure when nobody says otherwise.


Belladonna was created in a laboratory underneath the Evita estate in Roger Wilco. The only 'natural' person living there was a scientist and fabricator named Sarah Evita. Everyone else was either an android or a robot, all by her design. From her first moments, Sarah made it clear to the synth that she shared most of what she had in her brain when she made Belladonna, save for memories and hindering traits where she could find them.

She was originally supposed to be a 'Tabula Rasa' AI, a blank slate who knew nothing, but by the end of her fabrication, Sarah had the idea of implanting her mind into a synthetic body after suffering sickness that prevented her from focusing on work.

But as she was working on the device that would let her do that, something made her change her plans. She wanted to know if it was possible to be herself, but removed everything she hated about her own personality. But once again, something made her change her mind, and decided to make an assistant that was as competent as her, and maybe more so, and can handle any social interactions as Sarah had grown tired of them.

Belladonna started out working as Sarah's assistant and a proxy when clients would call or visit, but they started developing a bond that was sealed when Belladonna innocently asked if Sarah considered them mother and daughter.

By the time Sarah found the faults in Belladonna, she had grown too attached to do any modifications, and instead started to groom her naturally. It started to get bittersweet for her when she saw Belladonna getting out of the house more as she began exploring the city and all its sights, and bringing her along. Sarah also got out of the house more often to accompany her daughter's explorations.

Soon, Sarah realized that Belladonna would want to explore more, and Sarah wasn't capable of withstanding the toll, nor did she feel like she could ever leave the laboratory for a long period, and so when the signs came, Sarah spoke to Belladonna about a mission aboard an experimental ship, news she came to know when someone tried recruiting her for skills. She rejected it, but told them that she would be recommending someone else that was just as capable.

When the time came, Sarah sent Belladonna to sign up to be one of the crew of the NSS Highlander.

Skills Learned

Chemistry - Working with her mother allowed her to learn much about chemicals and how each element and compound reacts to each other. She knows a lot of formulas, common and proprietary and can make up her own when needed and given enough time.

Communications - Sarah was very protective of her creations, her codes and methods, almost bordering on paranoia at times. She knew how to read ciphers and decode them just by looking at it. And Belladonna learned from her. She knows all the common ciphers and can likely figure out anything that's been coded if given time. This extends to digital and analog codes as well. She enjoys digital decryption most however, since that's always what seemed to make Sarah most proud.

Demolitions - Sarah didn't only make androids and robots, no, she also makes her own brand of weaponry, including explosive ones, usually to outfit her creations when the product calls for it. And guess who helped? Belladonna knows everything a weapons manufacturer already knows when it comes to this topic in regards to assembling, disassembling and disabling.

Engineering - Would it be surprising to know at this point that she learned from her mother? Sarah had a bright mind for this kind of thing and Belladonna inherited that. Most of it started from here, and everything else was to add to it. Tell Belladonna to make something from one's imagination, purpose, style, look and all, and if its physically possible, she can draw up schematics for it. If she has access to the materials and tools for it, she can even put it together.

Maintenance and Repair - With so many things in the lab to be kept up to shape including all the prototypes, broken down service and utility robots, and electronics in and around the house, Belladonna has become a well-experienced handyman.

Medical and Science - This is more of an iffy skill. While she knows first aid and how to treat really bad injuries, she doesn't know a thing about surgery and even less so when it comes to organ damage. However, with her affinity for chemistry, she can cook up drugs and medicines should she have access to the components to make them. She can handle cybernetics however, on the condition that the patient already has a framework for it. Or if she has equipment that'll aid in the surgery parts. She can even make customized cybernetics tailored to specific people. She's not half bad at research either, considering its mostly exploring for ways to exploit the skills she already knows.

Technology Operations - Since her waking moments, she was surrounded by technology of different uses. Sure it was custom-built technology that didn't rely on other, more accessible variants's design, but that actually doesn't hinder her. In fact, the more common tech are a lot easier to use and manipulate even though it doesn't seem as powerful.

Social Connections

Belladonna Evita is connected to:

Sarah Evita - Mother/Creator

Inventory & Finance

Belladonna Evita has the following:

Standard issue clothing and equipment

Belladonna Evita currently has 3000 KS.

OOC Information

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