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Bellator Princeps

Bellator Princeps is a NPC played by Scherersoban.

Bellator Princeps
Species & Gender: Kuvexian Male
Date of Birth: YE 10
Organization: Kuvexian Nobilty,Kuvexian Military
Occupation: Commander of The Last Sun Fleet
Rank: Noro Deilfir
Current Placement:

Physical Description

They have light purple skin, with no visible facial hair. Standing at 183 centimeters in height which is uncommon for there species.

With ice blue eyes that seem like perfect gems they always seem to be shifting and looking around the room. Despite being part of the Kuvexian Military they are usually found in a black altered uniform with a long fur cap of some unknown beast. Connected at their waist is a functional but ornate sword wreathed in gold. This traditional scimitar style blade also has etched on it with micro fibers every victory Bellator has had in victory for the kingdom.

Lastly unknown to many underneath his always freshly pressed uniform he bares self inflicted scars. Each one contains names of all his defeats, going from a unbroken chain around the base of there spine and around there waist, though there is not many.


Bellator Princeps is a noble focused on a his singular goal of ultimate victory. Born into a smaller noble house he has risen up the ranks to the sought after Noro Deilfir. Though he has attained this rank he still seeks greater fame in the coming war and looks for a single action that will set him above all other commanders. It is his hope that he will then be able to retire back to the homeworld a set man with his house hold future secured for all entirety.

To this obsession with victory he seeks out far greater challenges even if it might cost him. He has also imparted this upon those troops directly under him and will greatly reward those who go beyound his initial goals but they should beware failure or worst costing him the greater picture he will punish deeply.


Bellator Princeps was born in YE 10.

Bellator Princeps had only recently been uncovered as a core commander in the recent YE 41 push as one of the core commanders. Leading a well equipped force that is known as the Last Sun Fleet, they have lead several victories for the kingdom. His fleet was identified above Hanko World and after the defeat of local forces it spent the last parts of the year in what looks to be refit and repair.

As of YE 42 Saint has picked up further intelligence that his Fleet is on the move but unsure the direction.

OOC Notes

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