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Berhane Ezana Aseri

Berhane Ezana is an NPC controlled by Firebrand.

Berhane Ezana
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Age: 49
Organization: Advancer Enterprises, Mesafint of the Aseri Zemith
Occupation: Chief Operating Officer (Advancer), Mesafint (Aseri Zemith)
Rank: COO
Current Placement: N/A

Character Description

Berhane Ezana is a Nepleslian Businessman and former mining foreman living on Dawn Station along with his wife Mihret Legesse and his daughter, Tsigereda Berhane. He is a huge, bearlike man who resembles an older, more aged version of his son, Menelik Berhane, but is a far more gruff and businesslike man. Even so he has a soft side, and truly wishes to use his position to do good in the world. Under his leadership, Advancer Enterprises has embarked on a campaign to develop, produce, and market products that improve the quality of life of everyday citizens while also curing various genetic disorders. This desire to make the world a better place extends to the philanthropic efforts his company undergoes with his leadership: In addition to the occasional completely free pharmaceutical drug developed and released open source, Berhane is sure to do everything he can within limits to provide certain individuals fighting the good fight with any equipment he can offer.

History and Relationship Notes

Berhane Ezana has a small, closely knit family. He is married to Mihret Legesse, his childhood sweetheart and a religious minister. Together they have two children: the eldest is Menelik Berhane, a Marine in the Nepleslian Marine Corps; the younger is Tsigereda Berhane, a promising young political analyst.

Berhane was born and raised in La Hanya, and worked in the mines there for most of his adult life. Initially he was just a simple miner but a combination of hard work and good organizational skills led to him becoming first a foreman, and then an operator of various mines in the area. In YE 38 he was poached by Advancer Enterprises to serve as the COO of the company. He brings to the position a solid, rock like sense of fairness and hard work, as well as business experience. He is also, by dint of birth and wealth, the Mesafint of the Aseri Zemithiid.

Skill Areas

  • Communications: Berhane is fluent in Trade.
  • Knowledge (Mining and Geology): Berhane's background is in mining and resource extraction, giving him experience in mining procedures and in geology.
  • Domestic(Housekeeping): He did help raise two children from birth to adulthood.
  • Leadership(Business): Thanks to experience in running a mine and serving as a foreman, Berhane manages to decently and competently run businesses and corporations.
  • Mathematics(Accounting): Having learned on his own, Berhane Ezana is competent at accounting.
  • Humanities(Economics): When it comes to actually running a business and seeing what the market needs, Berhane is… good enough to avoid bankruptcy.
  • Physical: In his 40's, Berhane continues to be in good shape.

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