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Betty Hawke

Betty Hawke is a player character played by Noodles.

Betty Hawke
Species & Gender: Nepleslian Female
Year of Birth: YE -3
Organization: MOMMA
Occupation: Mercenary/Doctor
Rank: Founder of MOMMA-Head Surgeon
Current Placement:

Physical Description

Betty is a tall woman, standing at 6', with an upright, shoulders back posture. She has a lithe, athletic figure with a smaller (30 B) sized chest. Her skin is light, but not without a fair share of scars. She's relatively youthful in appearance, having kept in good shape, but her age isn't entirely hidden, small wrinkles poke at the corners of her amber colored eyes and she looks perpetually tired. Her wavy brown hair is kept cut quite short, and shows a few streaks of gray.

Her brow is usually lowered, as if thinking about something.

Her voice is a mid-ranged alto, and stern.


Betty is a determined woman, who sets goals and does her damnedest to achieve them, failure is not an option in the mind of Betty Hawke. She's a 'my way, or the highway' type of person, who doesn't tolerate out of place negativity or 'BS' from anyone under her command. Still though, she cares about other people on a deep level, even if she doesn't always show it. One may be hard pressed to get a compliment from Betty, she doesn't give them lightly. Simply being competent at your job doesn't equate to deserving of a compliment in her head.


Betty Hawke was born in YE -3

From a young age Betty was on a strict schedule, at least from the moment she was able to go to school. Wake up, go to school, come home and study, repeat. If the work from school wasn't challenging enough, Betty's parents were more than happy to come up with something on their own. Didn't help that her mother was a scientist, and her father a military officer. Biology and military tactics, every young girl's favorite subjects. Fortunately her parents weren't monsters -at least so they liked to claim- life wasn't all work and no play. There were times when she was able to go out with what friends she had, the ones that didn't mind she had such a busy schedule. All the names but two are foggy in her head. Her best friends, Fenella and Frankie, the ones that went through life with her without fail. At least, for a while.

They grew older, and choices were soon made. Fenella was picked up by a band of mercenaries, the idea of danger and gunfire (often synonymous), excited her. Frankie decided to stay, go to school, and take up law. Betty herself wanted to join the Spacy, she had always been interested in medicine..

Somewhere along the line Betty got herself pregant, a drunken one night stand, though the woman has no regrets over this night. The product of it was her daughter, Amelia, a young lady whom would make her very proud later on down the road.

Years rolled by, Betty saw plenty of action, but she was far too focused with the blood, blood that seemed to rise all the way up her arms, covering more uniforms than she could keep count of. The Spacy merged with the Grand Star Army, and then later Nepleslia fought for its independence. Betty picked a side, and when that war was done, she belonged to the NSN. A Corpsman, soon to be Doctor.

Eventually comes retirement, but not because she was done, but because she was done with serving the government. There were messes to clean up. She could do more good without the red tape being military provided.

A few calls are made, best friends are reunited, and daughters handle the financial side of things.

The Mobile Organized Military Medical Association (MOMMA) is created, a PMC group full of doctors, who's sole purpose is to help provide medical relief to anyone that can foot the bill!

Skills Learned

Optional section. Betty Hawke has the following notable skills:

  • Medical
  • Combat
  • Survival
  • Leadership

Social Connections

Betty name is connected to:

  • Fenella Basset- Best Friend- XO
  • Amelia Hawke- Daughter- CFO and Cook
  • Frankie Arnolds- Close Friend- Lawyer

Inventory & Finance

OOC Information

In the case Noodles becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? YES

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