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William 'Bill' Mitchell

William 'Bill' Mitchell is a player character played by Born-on-board.

William 'Bill' Mitchell
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Age: 61
Height: 6'0
Weight: 185
Organization: Independent
Occupation: Gunsmith, former competition shooter
Rank: N/A
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots

  1. Bounty Hunts

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 6'0
  • Mass: 185
  • Measurements: N/A

Build and Skin Color: Bill Mitchell is lanky and long limbed, with a thin build and a slight paunch. His skin is white, tanned at the arms, face, and neck.

Eyes and Facial Features: Eyes are green, and his face is long, with a prominent roman nose. Upper lip is covered by a thick mustache. Thin lips, and prominent bags at the eyes.

Ears: Normal, rounded human ears.

Hair Color and Style: Bill's har has long since turned white, and is usually covered by a worn out baseball cap with the Zen Arms logo. If uncovered, he wears it combed over with a left part.

Distinguishing Features: None

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Bill Mitchell could perhaps be summed up as 'tireless'. He is an intensely focused and dedicated individual of average intelligence, that makes up for it with drive and practice. Anything he chooses to pursue is met with his 100% effort, even if he doesn't particularly like it. This served him very well during his shooting career, where his diligence and patience pushed him through grueling training sessions that other shooters would balk at.

Despite this, he manages to be fairly affable and likable, always willing to teach or share some knowledge or trivia, or in turn, have something be taught to him. Loves idle chit-chat and conversation. Tend to memorize things quickly, and rarely has to be shown something more than a few times before he picks it up. Excellent long term memory, though definitely not eidetic.

  • Likes: Teaching, learning, conversation in general. Absolutely loves to shoot, full stop, well past even most other Nepleslians.
  • Dislikes: Unprofessionalism, impoliteness, rudeness.
  • Goals: Find something worthy of his skills in the twilight of his life.


Family (or Creators)

Preston Mitchell (Father) (deceased) Annie Mitchell (Mother) (deceased) LeeAnne Carston (Wife, divorced) Sean Mitchell (Son)


Bill Mitchell was born 24 years before the formation of the Yamtaian Star Empire, to Preston Mitchell and Annie Mitchell, on Nepleslia. His father was a line worker at a Zen Arms factory, and his mother a private security guard. From an early age, Bill was exposed to firearms at a very young age, and took to them with far greater enthusiasm than even most other Nepleslians. It seemed that from a young age he always had a gun in his hand, practicing with his family's extensive home arsenal.

When he was a teenager, his father, an experienced freelance gunsmith in addition to being a factory worker, borrowed a significant amount of money from the criminal Black Syndicate in an attempt to open his own gun store. The venture quickly failed, and the Black Syndicate, familiar with their employee and his family, made the Mitchells an offer - they wanted Bill to shoot for their then-floundering Zen Arms Sports Shooting team, essentially trading their son and his talent for all their lives. Sadly, they agreed, and Bill signed an exclusivity agreement with Zen Arms that was little more than slavery in contract form. His winnings would go towards only three things, his family's debt, his guns, and his lodging, in that order.

With that, his shooting career began. Although naturally talented, and gifted with quick reflexes, Bill's first years were humbling affairs, only winning a few small regional competitions and getting thrashed at events with large payouts. He learned many lessons the hard way, and all the while the ridiculous interest rates that his father had agreed to (adjustable ones at that, natch) kept propelling the family debt higher and higher.

Although the Black Syndicate would never touch Bill's family while he worked for them, the hope of him being able to pay off the debt grew smaller and smaller. He practiced more and more, pushing himself harder and harder, and after a while, his grueling training regime soon paid off, with win after win after win. It was the first time in a long time the ZASS (Zen Arms Sports Shooting) team had really achieved anything of note, and their popularity soared.

After that, he only got better and better. Soon the ZASS went from an upstart team to a brand name, consistently placing higher and higher thanks to the skill and dedication of their prodigy. Bill himself won trophy after trophy after trophy, but it seemed like his father's debt would never really go away, always chasing him through each victory, each sponsorship. He shot in every kind of competition that would let him enter, and even shot in competitions that featured exclusively superhuman contestants, such as Nekovalkyrja, ID-SOLs, and Fyunnen, and even against such opponents he usually placed in the top ten, even scoring first place on several memorable occasions.

It was at this point that he finally managed to pay off his family's considerable debt, when he was at the pinnacle of his ability, even having enough left over that year to put them in a small, well furnished house, instead of the awful apartment they'd lived in for most of their life, where they lived out their years in relative peace.

Despite his training regime, he managed to find the time to get married to a fellow ZASS team member, LeeAnne, the relationship even producing a son that both of them loved to death. Despite this, both of their busy schedules quickly led to a divorce. Neither remarried.

When his exclusivity contract with ZASS ran out, he shot for a few more years, but couldn't maintain the level of excellence that had made him a household name before. He retired with a generous pension from the Zen Arms corporation, and now spends his days doing freelance gunsmith work, like his father had tried so many years ago.

Despite this quiet life, he can't shake the feeling that his time making his living off of shooting is over, and still he practices to this day, older but wiser, his skills still as sharp as they ever were.


Fighting (Shooting)

Pistols, energy weapons, shotguns, rifles, he's shot almost everything at one point or another. His skill with a firearm is legendary, and has barely diminished with age.

Technician (Gunsmithing)

Limited funds during most of his career made him an excellent gunsmith, often tuning his own firearms to give them the best possible performance in his hands. Admittedly biased towards Zen Arms weapons, but he's shot most other company guns and is familiar enough with them to work on them.

Communications (Trade)

He can speak and write trade fluently.

Physical Fitness

Though far from peak physical fitness, he is in good shape for his age, and his coordination and reflexes are very, very good indeed, honed by years of practice running shooting drills.


Extremely skilled money manager, comes from years of living with a mountain of debt.


William 'Bill' Mitchell has the following items:


William 'Bill' Mitchell is currently a N/A in the Independent.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
102,600 DA Pension and Savings from his shooting career Starting Funds

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