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Bithut Morantha Zaas

Bithut Morantha Zaas is a player character played by GrammarPaladin.

Bithut Morantha Zaas
Species & Gender: Gartagen (Pygithmiin) Male
Date of Birth: BYE: 25
Organization: Gartagen Union Solar Navy
Occupation: Naval Officer
Rank: Solar Commander
Current Placement: Operation UIFA

Physical Description

In regards to his poor posture, Zaas typical looms over the shoulders of people with a slouch at the average Garatgen height of 5,5“. On the occasion that he straighten his back, Zaas would stand 5,8” imposing and intimidating small Garatgens with his weight of 187 pounds. More notably, the heavy and thick scar on his forehead that begins at the right end of his “hairline” and flows down to the tip of his left ear is accentuated by black ink, cementing his affiliation to the militaristic Bithut. To speak of which, Zaas's mobile hair has been organized through the use of “braces” that segment sections of his hair to prevent them from knotting up or causing other disruptions.

Typically, Zaas wears a regal massive cloak that covers most of his pale green skin and lean body. The garments he wears underneath however should not be called clothes at all, armor would be a better word to describe it. Zaas wears a metal pauldron large enough to cover his right shoulder and boasts a long segment of metal plates that cover his vitals. Zaas also wears a loin“cloth” that has been constructed out of many segments of metal plates that overlap each other, or laminar for short. Though the fearsome gaze his purplish eyes creates when he stares at an individual is enough to prevent them from protesting against his attire.


The epitome of a Martial and Paranoid mind, Zaas is naturally untrusting to any lifeforms that exist outside of his own species. To Aliens, he is Aggressively cautious towards them, however to those of his own rank, merely aggressive. To those who are younger or of a lower rank, Zaas disregards them as innocent, and welcomes any challenges or spunk from them. Even though he always pushes everyone beneath him to work above and beyond, training them to exhaustion and showing no mercy to them, and any life form. Those who share the same D’jashii as he, Zaas can feel most at ease in their company. Even though that company usually involves many fights.

Martial prowess is everything to Zaas, rank matters little, and the strength of an individual, both mentally and physically means nothing unless the individual can add more to Military strength of all. Anything weaker than him, Zaas will attempt to assimilate, often assuming to find potential in the week. Yet if there is no hope for them, Zaas will destroy without question. Anything Stronger than Zaas must be followed because strength determines survival. However this does not mean that Zaas will surrender. He would die for his foolish pride, content that he at least died fighting the powerful. Those Zaas is wise enough to know that to fight to the death is usually foolish, instead he would show off to the strong and meet them and their challenges head on. With the goal to out perform them with the many plans that he thinks about constantly.

Likes: A Perfectly Organized Military, Military parades, Gartagen Gun Volleys, Being defeated by subordinates

Dislikes: Alien military success, Being beaten by superiors, Aliens.


Bithut Morantha Zaas was born in BYE: 25.

Born as a street vagrant and street urchin on Gartaga in an impoverished city, Zaas fought daily for scraps of food. It was on the city grounds that Zaas was able to master the art of destruction, by getting defeated by other military vagrants and by practicing daily on other opponents on his level, as well as being instructed to it by his adoptive father. Eventually, Zaas would begin to prove himself one of the strongest there was in abandoned streets and had begun to form groups that operated under his command. This was when Zaas's ability for leadership had begun to sprout. He lead strikes to take food for himself and his group, and had even managed to procure and steal some weaponry from government officials. This was all stoped when he met Bithut Nagorthmo Ikaldo, an old Garatgen that brought Zaas into the military fold and welcomed him to the Bithut D’jashii in a lesson about self defense from assasination, instead of his father. By the time he was an adult, Zaas slowly brawled and studied his way to the top like it was common in Garatagen culture, often fighting and dueling those who would get in his way. It took him many years, and he wasted half of his life “putting up with the bullshit of the weak who claimed to be strong” to become a solar commander. He Remembers Quamerat fondly, a friend that helped him advance further in his career. Eesis is the biggest reason why Zaas was promoted as a solar commander in the first place.

Social Connections

Bithut Morantha Zaas is connected to: Quamerat Eesis (Friend/enemy) Bithut Morantha Verimak (father) Bithut Nagorthmo Ikaldo (mentor)

Skills Learned

Communications Sharan Basic

Zaas had only focused on his own language, working on master its command both verbally, and in ink. Zaas always uses a third party of some sort to speak to anyone who speaks a different language to him, fondly using Idioms that do not translate well to either confuse the translators or the ones receiving the message

Fighting (Martial arts, power armor, hand-to-hand combat, weapons)

Years of fighting vagrants and the military, as well as studying under a fine mentor, Zaas was able to master both the The art of destruction and The art of the flow.

Starship Operations

Joining the Solar Navy meant that Zaas had to familiarize himself with the Ships that the Engineers had constructed. He learned how many of the ships operated and how his own cruiser functions as well to provide him with a vast array of knowledge on what he capable of doing when leading a fleet in controlling his shit.

Space Combat Tactics

Unlike street tactics, Zaas had to study for space combat. So, Zaas indeed studied for many many years, yet he had only learned one thing. That Space combat was all about basic ship command and solid formations that are out of the ordinary. To shock the enemy and approach them as fast as possible while the enemy is trying to adjust is Zaas's favorite strategy.


He strongest point, Zaas was a natural leader. What that is supposed to mean, Zaas does not know. Yet he pushes everyone to do what they are told and makes everyone do a little more than they are able to do under natural circumstances, either through fear or respect. His words never waver and the command over his troops is as strong as his command over his own language.


Zaas had learned enough diplomacy to learn that insulting major galactic powers on his own accord is fruitless, and that he is wise to avoid unnecessary conflict.


Zaas has always had wanted to be a father figure of some kind. Never falling in love on his own had lead to serious problems in his mental state as he craved a family. Instead, Zaas found solace in helping to raise new recruits into admirable soldiers and pilots who would serve him well. Sometimes even going out of his way to prepare them a delicious meal on his own accord after putting them through excruciating military drills.

Inventory & Finance

Bithut Morantha Zaas has the following items:

Flagship: Gartagen Cruiser Mk 1 “Guardian” The “Kukri”

OOC Information

In the case GrammarPaladin becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? YES

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