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Sakura Blackberry

Blackberry is an NPC controlled by GM Wes in the YSS Eucharis plot.

Sakura Blackberry
Sakura Blackberry
Species: Nekovalkyrja, Type 33 Nekovalkyrja
Gender: Female
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Starship Operator
Rank: Taii
Current Placement: YSS Eucharis

Character Description

Blackberry is an NH-29 sprite created by the YSS Sakura as a bridge monitor, specializing in sensors and communications systems. Blackberry has long, straight black hair, dark glossy eyes, and β€œan unusual red-purple skintone similar to waffle batter with crushed berries in it,” or magenta, or β€œdeep cerise.” She has a quiet personality and is not very social. She has been known, however, to provide advice to the ship's commanding officer from time to time.

Blackberry typically works the night shift, watching over the bridge while most of the crew is sleeping; seeing her is fairly uncommon. She first appeared in the roleplay in Sakura Mission 8, Part 3 and currently serves on the YSS Eucharis.

History and Relationship Notes

Blackberry was β€œborn” in YE 30. She is part of the Sakura Clan.

In YE 32 she became an officer after being promoted to Shoi by Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Himiko I of Yamatai.

In YE 33, she fought in the Battle of Yamatai.

In YE 35, she upgraded her body to the NH-33 model.

In YE 37, she was promoted to Chui.

In YE 40, she was promoted to Taii.


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