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My'ean "Blackwolf" Idoqu Fyunnen

This character may not be adopted.
My'ean “Blackwolf” Idoqu Fyunnen
Species: Lorath
Caste: Fyunnen
Gender: Female
Age: 46 (appears mid 20's)
Family (or Creators): K'nopir “Iddie” Idoqe Fyunnen Sahns “San” Idoqu Fyunnen
Height: 7'0
Weight: 220 lb
Bra Size: 45D (bound flat, always)
Organization: Lorath Self Defense Force
Rank: First Lieutenant
Occupation: Test pilot & Special Equipment Operator
Current Placement(s): LSDF Val'ta Aquila Flight

Black Wolf in Roleplay

Black Wolf is a Lorath played by Osaka/Osakanone. She is a trained and experienced LSDF fighter, starship and frame-pilot, logging over 6000 flight-hours. She is an instructor, test-pilot and is involved with international relations between differing military groups within DATASS.

Her role is usually as a support character, as a mothering influence to smooth tensions or provide education to other characters with the purpose of helping other players realize their aspirations and desires in roleplay.

She is currently the head flight instructor for the Val'ta mission and as an acting commander of Aquila Flight.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 7'0 Mass: 200 lb Measurements: 45/38/55 Bra Size: C

Build and Skin Colour: My'ean's build can best be described as muscular with a distinct feminine twinge - strength beneath curves owed mostly due to her sweet tooth. Her extremities however lack the smooth contours of her body, with her hands being quite large and well defined.

Her skin is mostly tanned to a rich brown though an observant Lorath might spot the tanlines she hides revealing creamy smooth skin in a formation resembling a single-piece swimsuit.

Facial Features and Eye Colour: Attractive but by no means beautiful, her physical build takes the cake. She often harbors what seems to be an intimidating and unapproachable air, though it is by no means intentional and the source of much of her unhappiness making her quite lonely. She often works under the influence of Lorath wine to smoothen her nerves, smiling just a bit too much for the comfort of others.

Her eyes are a dark dark green.

Hair Colour and Style: Her hair is naturally black though she often chooses to dye it white to avoid being identified by her nickname if dealing with her original unit. Her cut is short, no further than chin-length about the sides, while the front is usually clipped back for the sake of practicality. Left to hang, it covers her left eye. Naturally this is unacceptable in the cockpit, as such she usually keeps a hairclip on the opposite side for such a purpose.

Distinguishing Features: A dizzying array of knife-scars dance down My'ean's left arm, shoulder and the left side of her neck from her collar-bone to her jaw-line that can be quite painful in hot water. For reasons unknown, she refuses to undergo cosmetic surgery to repair the scarring.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: My'ean (“Mayean”) is a woman of method and practicality. Though the preface of a conversation can provide great information in what approach to make, she's quite fond of getting to the point. Quite relaxed, My'ean understands the need for rank but prefers to drop the pretense of formality - insisting that respect comes from actions rather than attitude. This is in reflected in her belief that a person is worth what they do and not what they say.

Something of a lush, My'ean firmly believes any handshake should involve alcohol on some level. This can be a problem when dealing with other nations where the gender roles are neutral or even flipped, given My'ean enjoys taking a coy bck-foot that usually includes a good heckle or whistle. In spite of this, she does have something of a delicate tender side that is very private; which is reflected in her attitudes toward men: like dog chasing a tire, she likes the chase but wouldn't ever know what to do with one if she caught one. Instead, she tends to diffuse a situation with self-depreciating humor and adopt a more maternal role over a sexual one – past a certain point, backing down when challenged sexually.

My'ean often subscribes to the idea that most problems can be solved with some form of violence, whether physical or ideological and enjoys a good argument or breaking cold air with a good sparring match. While very comfortable in the military and its chain of command, she's actually quite awkward and inept in civilian life.

As far as pilots go, My'ean is worryingly proficient – piloting being her life, though there's very little on the other side of her: her work being key in her sense of self-respect.

Surprisingly, she carries an unusual fascination with anything particularly out of the ordinary, going against an upbringing that told her anything out of the norm was wrong or dangerous, as most high-class conservative Lorath families teach. Stemming from this is an unusual interest in machinery and autonoma, which occupies her free time, along with wonder and curiosity of other cultures beyond Lor, though has always been too cautious to investigate on her own.

While proficient in hand to hand, My'ean is used to fighting with the proportions and balance of powered-armour in a way most pilots typically don't train for. This leaves her off-balance on her own feet but something to be feared behind the likes of a Winter. Beyond this, she avoids conflict. A gentle giant in the face of a real fight but quick to use force to settle the temper of another - her strong constitution and pride making her a good punching-bag.

Likes: Sickly sweet foods, a good work-out, sleeping in the sun, hot weather and all manner of machinery. Dislikes: Bitter foods, icy weather, pointless arguments, holidays, the beach, rainy days. Goals: To serve her service and find herself. Maybe to open up a restaraunt serving foreign sweets to Lorath some day.



My'eans history has been a bumpy one. She was raised as a productive member of her caste, trained to be a warrior by blood, though she didn't especially care for it until she tasted combat for the first time. From there, she shaped and trained her body into a tool that wouldn't limit her

Early on, My'ean's interest in machinery was noted and she was invited to spend time among the other castes to learn basic engineering skills and advanced vehicle operation before returning to her caste, which got her into a lot of trouble. She then applied to serve as a test-pilot. Her knowledge of ground, air and space operation made her ideal, particularly for early Lorath power-armor development.

My'ean has worked with engineers as a user-consultant a vast range of equipment, both in and out of combat where she has worked from first-hand experience and information from project engineers to make subtle tweaks and provide notes for the soldiers who would eventually use it in the future.

Noteworthy is her hazing ceremony which earned her the nickname blackwolf. Others seem to misconstrue as some demonstration of her proficiency and a reputation as such tends to follow her.



Blackwolf trained from a young age with well over 20 years of combat training under her belt. Blackwolf is experienced and skilled in many terrains and environments, including zero-gravity, harsh weather and low-lighting and also understands how to use the layout of a building to her advantage during a gunfight. She has trained extensively in melee combat and armed combat with a vast array of standard-issue weapons of Lorath origin. For the sake of comparison, Blackwolf also has limited experience with foreign weaponry.


With extensive training and her immense size, Blackwolf is a tower of a woman with immense physical strength that surpasses that of many of her peers though it falls far behind the elite of the Fyunnen. This is thanks to BlackWolf's use of exercise as a stress reliever and her high protein diet and the luck of genetics that made her so tall, something she's quietly very touchy about.


Blackwolf has a deep hatred of disorder and has gone out of her way to assure she is able to keep her assigned quarters immensely clean and her attire crisp. Blackwolf is also able to cook rather well, preferring to cook her forte of sweet dishes over savory dishes which she is rather less talented with.


Blackwolf has a basic understanding of mechanics. Based on a series of symptoms displayed, she can diagnose a problem and is able to learn how to conduct basic maintenance provided she has a manual available to her. She has also been briefed with terminology necessary to coordinate and explain symptoms to engineers in a language they are able to understand.


My'ean has immense aerospace experience and is able to fly various aircraft, spacecraft, starfighter, frames and powered-armor of international origin and has some experience at the helm of a starship. She has been in the air since her 17th birthday and has decades of combat experience, serving now as either as a flight-lead of instructor. It is here, she earns her callsign, 'Ouyaa' (lit: the black wolf).

“I heard someone say once 'Oh, you're a fighter-pilot, you must have really quick reflexes and good instincts' and I don't think that's necessarily true: If you're reacting to what the plane's already doing, you're probably behind: you need to be thinking ahead. You need to visualize beforehand what the craft is going to do and think ahead, be prepared and confident, that's the most important thing.” “Confidence in flying something is nothing more than 'I can hack it, no matter what, I can hack it'. There's nothing subtle or sophisticated involved here, its just a basic belief in your heart that you know what you have to do and you're confident in your ability to do it; that you can hack it when it gets rough. there's no gunfighter approach or gunfighter approach, its just that you can hack it when things get tough.”


She can operate Lorath communications equipment, she has a knowledge of Yamataian communications equipment, and she can speak and write fluently in Lorath, Helashio, Nepleslian and Yamataian. She is also experienced with issuing and receiving orders, receiving communications, decoding communications and recognizing keyword/embedded signatures in communications.


Blackwolf is trained to coordinate and work in a group and is able to use this to her tactical advantage, understanding how to place those beneath her in proper strategic decision. Blackwolf is naturally able to take charge in a pinch, should the situation require it.



Lorath Self Defense Force Uniform Components

  • 1 Rank Patch Set, re-applicable adhesive type
  • 1 M37/38 Environmental Battledress Uniform with collapsible helmet
  • 2 Uniform blouse, gray, with appropriate caste and assignment markings
  • 2 Uniform shirts, gray, with appropriate caste and assignment markings
    • Caste position and awards on left sleeve
    • Rank and position information on right sleeve
    • Rank patch on right shoulder
    • Caste indicators on left shoulder and arm bands
  • 2 pair of pants, gray
  • 2 pair of kilt/skirts, gray
  • 2 stonethread undershirts, caste color
    • Individual name printed on back and left breast of chest.
  • 2 cotton undershirts, gray
  • 2 pair synthetic fiber stockings, black
  • 1 pair synthetic leather gloves, black
  • 1 pair leather boots, black
  • 1 pair short boots or athletic sneakers, black
  • 2 belts, black, brass buckled, sword and pistol usage.
  • 1 Glengarry hat (Fyunnen Caste Only)
    • Rank patch on front left

Weather Gear

  • 1 black balaclava
    • Rank patch on left forehead
  • 1 black stonethread poncho (quarter inch thick), weather resistant inlay, caste colored stripe

Workout Clothing and Undergarments

  • 2 custom print boxer trunks
  • 2 black T-Shirts with chest pocket
  • 1 pair black loafers
  • 1 pair black wrestling shoes
  • 4 black boyshort cut panties
  • 6 black sport bras
  • 3 black chest wraps
  • 3 white chest wraps
  • 4 pair of black boot Socks


  • Electronic Money Card (New characters start with 3000 KS)
  • Coin Purse, raw gems and metals amounting to 3000 KS in value, utilized by the Lorath Matriarchy.

Personal Hygiene

  • 1 bottle of shampoo
  • 1 bottle liquid body soap
  • 1 stick of deodorant
  • 1 toothbrush
  • 1 tube of toothpaste
  • 2 washcloths, white
  • 2 towels, white
  • 1 4oz Container of moisture absorbing powder
  • 1 Make-up kit
  • 1 Manicure kit
  • 1 Hair brush
  • 1 Hair dye kit
  • 1 Set of hair ornaments and ties
  • 1 Tooth repair and alteration kit


  • Electronic Money Card (New characters start with 3000 KS)



My'ean is currently a Cadet in the Lorath Self Defense Force. She receives a weekly salary of -salary- per week.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
2500 KS Starting Funds
5500 KS +3000KS Coin Purse

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