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Blade is a player character played by dovahnok.

Species & Gender: Male Anthro
Date of Birth: 9ζ—₯ 7月 YE 20
Organization: monarchy_of_dovania
Occupation: Spec-Ops
Rank: S1-Recruit
Current Placement: Regiment 001

Physical Description

Blue eyes. Thin scar down middle of back. 6ft 3 inches. Always seen with two katana unless in a mission. An Ocelot Anthro, with tan fur with black and white spots going all along his body. He weighs 156 lbs.


He is barely tolerant with his allies, because when he was surviving by himself, he learned only to think for himself, because only he can get the job done right. When facing his enemy's, he keeps his emotions in check. He believes that his task is to do his job right, and allow others to enjoy life. He loves combat to much, and tends to stay on a battlefield for to long. He will suddenly go off by himself, if he sees a chance to kill an important evil person.


Parents were killed with swords when young, gave him a scar going along his back. Started training with swords to get back at who did that to me. Still don’t know who attacked his parents, but he will. He encountered a crew of assassins, and he stayed with them for a few months. He learned how to wield a blade and fire guns effectively, but was forced to leave after a fighter destroyed their base, and killed everyone in it. Afterwards, he encountered few people. Alone in the nebula, he wandered. Alone, he traveled to perfect himself to incite revenge.

Skills Learned


Trained to be proficient in close quarters combat, with and without weapons. Practiced by himself after leaving the assassins, fought the occasional enemy. He was also trained to use a large variety of firearms. He had lots of practice hunting food.


Can Read, write, and speak Trade and Yamatigo. His time with the assassins forced him to learn all those things fast, or risk being cast aside for being behind.

Military & Survival

Trained to be capable to survive on his own, after his parents were murdered. After all the assassins were killed, he was on his own again, cast adrift to survive by himself with basic supplies gained from the salvaged remains of the fortress the assassins were in.


Though he spent most of his time on his own, he led others exceptionally well. After a short period of time, it was quickly realized by some spec ops units that he would be useful to them. He was moved from the common solder to spec ops to have his leadership skills tested on the field, when the time came.

Star Ship Operations

During his time within Dovania, he had been taught how to pilot fighters and other single to two manned star-craft. It started soon after getting moved to spec ops. The unit that was being made needed a backup fighter pilot, and Blade volunteered to learn how to fly small star-ships. Because of how focused the training was, he is only good enough for basic maneuvers and flies better with a reliable co-pilot, when possible.


Having to live on his own, he needed some domestic skills. He only became good at them after his time with the assassins, because the assassins were all required to keep their spaces clean, and had to cook for themselves. After they were all killed, Blade kept those skills sharp by using them to keep his camp clean and cook edible meals.

Social Connections

Blade is connected to:

- Father (Deceased) - Mother (Deceased)

Inventory & Finance

Blade has the following:

Two Katanas

Blade currently has 750 DT.

OOC Information

This page was created by dovahnok on 11, 01 2018 at 14:04 using the Character Template Form.

In the case dovahnok becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? Yes
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? Yes

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