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Blastmaster 04-6669-0774

Blastmaster 04-6669-0774 is a player character played by Priscilla.

Blastmaster 04-6669-0774
Species: Type Four Syntelligence
Gender: Feminine Mind Template
Age: 5
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 550 kg
Organization: Star Military of Nepleslia
Occupation: Support Unit
Rank: P3C
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots

  1. 4th AASP Fleet
  2. OIF Atuan
  3. Cirrus Station

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 180 cm
  • Mass: 550 kg
  • Measurements:

Build and Skin Color: “Blastmaster” (usually shortened to Blasty) looks quite like a model of medieval armor assembled from junk. She is completely covered with black, bulky metal plating, but her figure is still vaguely feminine. She is completely mechanic, and her computer core is on her back, which in combination with her forward-leaning posture makes her appear hunchbacked.

Eyes and Facial Features: Blasty's head appears like a sallet helm, with a single right-side glowing red eye peering ominously from the visor.

Distinguishing Features: Although largely humanoid, her right arm has been replaced with a disproportionately huge vicegrip claw, driven by a combination of hydraulics and electronics. From the core on her back extends a crane-looking arm equipped with a powerful welding ray, among other things. This arm can be expanded and is usually used overhead. The welding ray is what netted the Blastmaster her name.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Cheerful and optimistic, Blasty places full trust in her superiors and will carry out orders no matter how illogical they may sound, and often disregarding the safety of herself and others while at it, often to the point of callous ignorance and cruelty. Her tone and language is rather informal, even with superior officers, but her absolute loyalty makes up for that. Obsessed with the single-minded pursuit to get her hands on “even better bits”, she will pass on no opportunity to do that, and things can go a bit overboard sometimes. If she finds something that looks like a fancy pauldron, she'll weld it right to the shoulder… and not always her own shoulder.

  • Likes: Customizing stuff, exploring places, salvaging, piloting, flamethrowers
  • Dislikes: Inactivity, indecisive commanders, enemies that can't be looted
  • Goals: You cannot get all the bits in the world, but you should strive for it.



The Blastmaster was created aboard the Vortex Flower, a moderately sized Mothership currently positioned not too far from Nepleslia. As soon as she was able to control her body, the first impulse of her mind was to install some tools on it and start putting them to use. At first, all she did was welding various junk together and see what happens. Because the SI was so impatient and wanted results fast, she made her welding beams exceptionally bring and powerful - hence the name Blastmaster. She wasn't seen as deserving of an alias, because despite all the attempts, her inventions usually turned out pretty random and not very usable. Who wants a toothbrush combined with a flashlight and a screwdriver? Or a coffee-brewing hoverbike that can only move sideways? Despite all the failures, Blasty relentlessly continued gathering all the mechanical parts she could find, and all the available information in the Collective Intelligence network.

However, since the Freespacers rely much on recycling, the influx of new resources to the Mothership was very limited, and the mech began running out of things to do with the available ones. Therefore, if the gubbins won't come to Blasty, Blasty will come to gubbins. While searching for opportunities to leave the ship, she looked for information about the planetside Nepleslian society. There was the option of going down there and find work at a junkyard, but mere trash was no longer enough to satisfy her. She wanted the shiny bits. From that perspective, the army appeared like a much better choise. War gave plenty of opportunity to get one's mitts on foreign technology, and for free at that. Having to squish a few meaty people with her claw in the process seemed like a small price to pay. Now that her mind was made up, Blastmaster asked one of her aquaintances who owned a startship to give her a ride to the nearest Nepleslian military base, where she would sign up and hopefully sent to where the looting is. One day she plans to return to the Vortex Flower and share the fruits of her creativity with her kin. But now, there is another objective. Her guns will be the shootiest, her gadgets the flashiest, and none of the meaties will get in her way.

Skill Areas


Seeing this as her primary purpose, this field is Blasty's main specialization and greatest obsession. The craziness of her ideas is only rivaled by that of her ways to accomplish them. The Blastmaster - making the impossible possible, by improbable means.


Though her right-hand claw is mostly intended to assist Blasty with her tinkering, it also gives her an incredibly strong melee attack in battle. Additionally, she has a flamethrower installed into her third arm. When assigned, she is able to carry heavy weapons that are normally unusable by non-power armor infantry due to recoil/radiation/etc issues. However, a wise commander won't give her a weapon that requires precise aiming, like a rifle - she will not hit anything. Moreover, although largely immune to small-arms fire, energy weapons will scrap her flimsy armor quickly. Worth noting that due to her being only partially humanoid, she cannot use power armor.

Maintenance and Repair

Goes hand-in-hand with her engineering skill. Due to all the powerful and specialized technical gadgets she's usually equipped with, she can repair both starships and power armor more efficiently than a humanoid technician of equal skill. Her ability to operate unhindered in space, high radiation areas and other hazardous environments gives her additional flexibility.

Starship Operations

Blasty's piloting abilities aren't quite as formidable as her technical ones, mainly due to not being used as much. Her core has the stored data necessary to competently perform most task aboard, with versatility making up for lack of practice.


This unique Freespacer technology has greatly helped the Blastmaster with storing and evolving her engineering skills. It also allows her to store and accumulate information about piloting to make her more useful at it over time. Because her mind is only simulated and is not a real one, she cannot be telepathically communicated with and is susceptible to EMP emissions. On the flipside, this renders her immune to psionic attacks and intrusions.

Collective Intelligence

As she is separated from other Type Fours, the vast amount of potential this ability has remains limited. However, her connection her her mothership's Polysentience remains, permitting for amplification of thinking capacity and information gathering among other things. Additonally, it makes her all the more useful both aboard a ship and on the battlefield, because it allows her to remotely and securely establish an uplink with any friendly computer or AI system. This makes it incredibly easy to gather status and damage reports from various units and systems, and proceed to fix the issues or relay the information to superiors as necessary. CI also allows her to take remote control of friendly droids and even hijack disabled enemy ones.


All one needs to do is upload the instructions and parameters of any vehicle, and she'll drive it like a pro. Vehicles assisted by an AI are even easier to manage, as the AI can be examined for details on the vehicle's operation.


Blastmaster 04-6669-0774 has the following items:


1x Huge Ragged Black Cloak with 4th Fleet logo on the front


Integrated Custom Gadgets

  • 1x “Master Blasty” Welding Ray (third arm)
  • 1x “Mega Burny” Flamethrower (third arm)
  • 1x “Extra Spinny” Industrial Drill (third arm)


  • 1x Electronic Money Card


  • 1x Box of bits for self-maintenance


Blastmaster 04-6669-0774 is currently a P3C in the Star Military of Nepleslia.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
6000 DA Starting Funds

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