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Bluebell is a NPC played by Blizzard.

Species & Gender: Nekovalkyrja Female
Date of Birth:
Organization: Havok Customs
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots

Physical Description

Bluebell is a very young Neko, barely into her adulthood, with a petite frame that barely clears five feet. Her skin is a deep royal blue, and her waist-length hair is a dark lilac which gently transitions to blue at the ends. This, along with her purple eyes, gives her the appearance of a bluebell flower, after which she was named by her parents.


Bluebell is a rather shy, quiet creature, of such an innocent nature that many find her endearing and quickly forget that she was a fully trained soldier with a knack with machines. She rarely speaks, instead expressing her thoughts with facial expressions, small noises, and hand gestures. She is the definition of a moe.

Bluebell loves cooking, fixing machines, and romantic novels, though that is a secret she'll carry to her grave. She'll become violently aggressive should anyone find her stash of smut novels in her locker.


Bluebell was born in YE 38 aboard a Yamataian warship stationed near Planet Yamatai to two loving Neko parents, who were both engineers. Like all Neko, she was quickly thrust into boot camp for her obligatory three years of service. While she'd inherited her parents' mechanical skills at birth, she found herself drawn more towards the culinary arts. It came as no surprise when she was assigned to a starship as a cook. She served for one year, never seeing any major action, before her parents bought out her contract, wishing to keep their daughter safe in the ever-growing conflict between Yamatai and the Kuvexians.

Eager to grow her talents as a chef, Bluebell found work at a small ramen shop near the Uesureyan Fields. It was a relatively boring, yet peaceful life in which she visited her parents, worked, and otherwise tried to make a life for herself outside the military. But one day, her life took a very drastic turn. For one day, Bluebell met a man named Jackson Winston-Allibaster Howard. The Minkan and entrepreneur had stopped by her humble little ramen shop for lunch while testing a new airbike, and had declared Bluebell's ramen to be the best in the Kikyo sector. Swelling with pride, Bluebell watched the man go, and saw that for some reason, he couldn't start the bike up again. Curious, Bluebell stepped outside, and while Jackson wasn't looking, reconnected a fuel line and reached into the innards of the machine to initiate a manual start.

The bike roared to life, and Jackson found himself impressed, so much so that he offered Bluebell a job.

How could she say no?

Bluebell's Culinary Disasters

Bluebell's running joke is that no matter how hard she works on her delicious creations, most of them somehow always end up completely destroyed, much to her despair.

OOC Information

In the case blizzard becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? YES

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