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Blues Arnoul / Catharsis Black

Blues Arnoul, a.ka. Catharsis Black is a player character played by Toshiro.

Blues Arnoul / Catharsis Black
Species & Gender: NH-22C Yamataian Male
Year of Birth: late YE 33
Age: 8 year old identity, 31 years mentally
Height: 6’ 2”, or 188 cm
Weight: 167 lbs, or 75.7 kg
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Formerly Star Army Starship Captain Currently Katsuko's errand boy
Rank: Chui
Current Placement: First Expeditionary Fleet

Physical Description

Blues has an average but healthy build for a member of his race, with fair musculature indicating his health as a synthetic organism. He is 6’ 2”, or 188 cm tall, and weighs 167 lbs, or 75.7 kg. His skin is quite fair as if he has not had enough sun, though this is by design rather than through any form of actual illness. Still, it is within the spectrum of normal skin colors and he would not look out of place among Nepleslians or other humanoid races. His hair is black with a blue sheen and is swept back save for the bangs. It is slightly shaggy and longer than his sibling's, with a large forward bang often covering one of his deep ice-blue eyes. His face is very similarly constructed to his brother Kage Yaichiro's, to where a resemblance is clearly notable. His face can be stern, though he is a bit more expressive with his emotions than his sibling's. His ears are the standard humanoid ear, and its color matches the rest of his skin and has no fur.

As Catharsis Black, Blues wears a stylized black helmet with white “eyes”. He also wears an open black overcoat with dark blue trim over a dark blue vest with a white shirt and white ascot underneath. His pants are a charcoal grey with a black belt and a silver buckle, and his boots are black. Black gloves with knuckle studs round out the outfit. He also wears a black Zesuaium sword on his hip that once belonged to Jo Midori II.

When not acting as Catharsis Black, Blues dresses less outlandishly and maintains his hair to a slightly less unruly degree. When not in uniform he can often be found in a dark blue bomber jacket with a white undershirt, blue or black jeans depending on the day, black shoes, and a different black belt with a less obvious buckle.


Blues is a person who, while he has notions of honor and respect inherited from his sibling, has been pushed to limits so great in his time that he is also willing to be cold, manipulative, cruel, and ruthless if he deems it justifiable or those impacted deserving of such conduct. Respect given to things like rank, station, or breeding is inferior to that earned by his personal experience or the positive cause the other person may be working toward. His memories of Yaichiro's life, his knowledge of the second Jo Midori's murder by the first thanks to Yaichiro's input, and his own treatment by the NMX and later the Motoyoshi and Tange breakaway faction left him every bit as distrustful as his brother if not more so. He thus resolves to do the things Yaichiro would never be able to bring himself to do. He has his own beliefs and feelings, though they are often close enough to those of Yaichiro for Blues to consider himself the 'manifestation of his brother's sorrow and discontent' whether he is correct or not.

Politics are a sore spot for Blues as he despises the negotiation and double-dealing that goes on without regard for the impact on the lives of constituents and others with less power. While he would respect one who he considers a public servant, who “serves” the people they represent like he feels Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko does, he considers career politicians to be little more than vermin. He has no qualms about manipulating or crushing such people should the opportunity arise, and will use the very same techniques that he despises without hesitation against his foes. His beliefs on concepts of nobility and presumed correctness on the part of a government are also quite strong, leaning toward 'corrupt until proven otherwise'.

Blues is rather accepting of his new identity and does not blame Yaichiro for his situation in the least, in fact considering himself an extension of his 'sibling' who exists to do what Yaichiro's station and ethics would never normally allow. He would never confess as such to Yaichiro, knowing full well that his viewpoint is mentally unhealthy, but it is a purpose. The alternative is to share in Yaichiro's feelings without an outlet, and he recalls where that path leads. In following such a path, Blues hopes to one day find his own identity. Of course, this is slowly changing thanks to Katsuko giving him a new purpose and may result in a more balanced Blues in time.

He carries the murdered Jo Midori II's sword, given to him by Yaichiro on Blues' request. Blues identifies with Jo Midori II, as someone who fully intends to do things his family and some of his betters may not approve of, but for what he feels is a necessary cause. It is a reminder that he might be cut down at any time, but also a reminder to push forward and pursue his goals as if he might die tomorrow.

He tends toward self-reflection on occasion, particularly when pondering a course of action or facing an uncertain path. Those who don't know him, however, may mistake these times of idleness for sleep…only to be surprised when he quickly decides to act without further delay once he has made his decision on something. When he enjoys himself he may drink sake or beer, and even act intoxicated, but he never drinks more than a certain amount of alcohol. He prefers to be in control of himself, even if it's to smash a beer bottle over some pushy drunk's skull in a dive somewhere.

  • Likes: Art, Civil Liberties, Ice Cream, Combat, Technology, Classical and Blues music, Whistling, Reading, Free Speech, People who have earned his respect, his brother and niece
  • Dislikes: Arrogance, Presumptuous People, Pestering, misuse of Soul Transfer Technology, Politics, Mishhuvurthyar, some implementations of authority
  • Goals: Support his brother and do what he cannot, find a cause to support instead of merely a flag to rally behind, live as best he can with the unexpected life given to him.


While the Battle of Yamatai brewed and finally broke out in late YE 33, the NMX also performed infiltration operations against the Seventh Fleet. Kage Yaichiro was part of a plan to attempt to deceive the NMX and plant unaware spies within their ranks – using newly created people with false memories and monitoring implants who would be sacrificed to gather intelligence. The operation called for one of the ships to be destroyed when two vessels placed by the Seventh Fleet battled each other in mock combat. Due to the circumstances of his own creation, this hit a bit too close to home for Yaichiro so he volunteered to be backed up and placed in a new body with memory modifications instead. This removed the need for new lives to be made and lost for the sake of the mission…at least aboard one of the ships.

Thus Blues Arnoul-Chui was created as the Commanding Officer of the YSS Jikogisei, a hastily repaired wrecked Hayai-Class Gunboat consisting of parts past their runtime or tolerances for just one single mission. His mission was to go to the Xylar system and act as bait to lure out the NMX…and be destroyed as a sacrifice in the process.

Fate would have other plans for Blues though, as the NMX manifested far sooner than planned and deployed 500 ships toward the Seventh Fleet's position. Making a decision in the field that the mission objectives needed to be adjusted, and choosing a different path than that set before him, Blues chose to fight valiantly…attacking a damaged Star Fortress with little more than a crippled Hayai and managing to infiltrate its defenses and cause notable damage to one of its production bays by self-destructing the damaged vessel. Blues escaped the craft before its destruction, only to be captured by forces loyal to the NMX Nightmare Type Mishhuvurthyar, Angelica.

He was initially believed to be Yaichiro himself, but this was discovered to be false. Believing that Blues could still be of use, however, Blues would spend until March of YE 34 as a prisoner of the NMX of war rather than being killed. Afterward, he was transferred to the custody of the UCS Akuro III. For the next sixty-two months, he would find himself regularly tortured and broken down. He was killed once a month in a torture session while connected to an ST device so he would remember everything, and the only meat he was permitted to eat was his previous body's expertly prepared flesh.

Blues would eventually escape in May of YE 39 while being compelled to help repair a part of the vessel when an opportunity arose that distracted his captors. He found himself hardened to a degree by his experience and willing to do things his 'other self' wouldn't normally dare, but still rational. Rather than rejoin the army which he was created into, he would spend his time on the fringes of society for almost two years as Catharsis Black, with his own intentions and and a willingness to get his hands dirty. He had established contact with Yaichiro at some point during this time, learning of Jo Midori II's murder and receiving her sword after securing his trust by allowing full access to his memory and thoughts.

In YE 40, he would participate in massive salvage operation alongside Alex Burning and Yuki Toshiro in the area to the galactic west, and earn a small fortune by salvaging Elysian, NMX, and other vessels.

In YE 41, Blues would be learned of by Taisho Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko and be reinstated as an officer under her command.


Blues Arnoul has the following notable skills, in addition to Star Army Common Skills.

Technology Operation

Blues has Yaichiro's memories of training and practice in in the theories, implementation, and use of many systems and technologies. He has a well-rounded electronics knowledge, and a strong grasp of quantum computing. He even retains the basics of Star Army technology and its construction. In spite of this, however, his brother's knowledge of classified Star Army technologies and equipment as of YE 33 and all data on the Project THOUGHT and its technologies was removed. His knowledge of new technologies in the military sector is lacking beyond a certain point, but he can generally figure such things out. He can also use and service obsolete and general purpose craft. He has telepathic and wireless communication capability, but this is only up to NH-22C Yamataian specifications.


Blues can use mathematics and physics and their applications for design and practical use. He is able to manage computing algebra, trigonometry, scalar, vector, force calculations, scales, angles, tolerances, and other such aspects. He doesn't remember more sensitive aspects of Yaichiro's specific training in the Kyoto War College, but these skills do remain.

Maintenance and Repair

Blues can repair and maintain assorted types of electronics and starship technologies. Though classified data has been removed from him, he retains some capacity to repair older Star Army of Yamatai equipment and armaments. If this had all been removed from his memory, it would have been suspicious to the enemy if he were captured.


Blues can design things much like his sibling, but has not had the means to do so on the scale that Yaichiro has. Many of Yaichiro's designs, save some less critical ones, have been removed from his mind and must be relearned. He can, however, reapply existing items to make something new or find some new application. He often finds himself designing new components to circumvent a ship's failing components as well.

Medical and Science

Blues' memories of Yaichiro's training in basic emergency medical care and first aid are unhindered save for Neko-based medical secrets. He can assist in preserving humanoid life out in the field or use basic medical equipment. This does not extend into chemical treatments or a large list of medications, but setting damaged limbs, performing basic care, CPR, etc.


Blues has built upon his combat skills in the years since his birth, becoming better able to utilize sword and Power Armor. While he has some of Yaichiro's memories of the latter, Yaichiro's combat skills are now inferior to those of Blues mainly because Blues has practiced and built upon these skills while Yaichiro has merely maintained them. His skill with the sword has been developed in part so he could do the sword he carries justice. He is also better able to brawl without a weapon, and has been known to smash a beer bottle over someone's head in the past a time or two.

Survival and Military

Blues remembers in basic survival skills, such as shelter construction, water discovery and filtration, hunting and foraging, navigation, and extending food, water, and air resources to their maximum. While he is also aware of and able to function in the chain of command as well as basic military operation, there are times that he simply doesn't care for it.


Blues retains the ability to write and speak general humanoid languages that were needed within the Star Army of Yamatai, and has a working knowledge of radio and subspace communication and operation. He is also capable of basic levels of radio and subspace message encryption using computer systems. Blues has also further developed Yaichiro's ability to read body language, for the purposes of combat. It is still, however, difficult to use against non-humanoid or sufficiently different peoples. He can use Trade, Yamataian, Lorath, and the Gartagen languages with varying measures of fluency.

Art and Vocations

Blues has Yaichiro's skill at making images of ships, people, and environments that he has seen, as well as action shots. He can color them in an impressive way, and possesses even more appreciation for fine art than Yaichiro does. He likes to keep art within his quarters or home, wherever he may be, but doesn't enjoy a piece simply because of its price or artist. While he can draw schematics and diagrams, he doesn't use this ability extensively.


The command capacity displayed by Yaichiro is inherited by Blues, though Blues would command more as a means to an end than for command's sake itself. He knows the pain such responsibilities have given Yaichiro in the past. He does not remember every engagement or encounter, but he remembers faces, names, events, and recalls them as his own experiences though they were surrendered to Yaichiro years ago. He hasn't as much respect for those in positions above him as Yaichiro does, though he does care for those below him. This is especially true if they have earned his trust and respect.


Blues has knowledge of history consistent with that of an SAoY officer that has left the army for civilian life. He has no memory of Yaichiro's top secret escapades aside from what he learns first hand or from being told later. Missions in which SAINT has participated alongside Yaichiro are not remembered by him.


His brother was taught the ins and outs of public speaking from the 5th XF's branch of the Kyoto War College and learned to carefully word his sentences when wishing to convey or downplay certain pieces of information. Blues inherited this…though his use of it is not necessarily the same as his sibling's. He finds extended leadership for its own sake to be difficult to provide unless he has a specific cause, and thus tends to avoid it unless he's already committed to a crew or there's a specific reason or goal. When he does have a goal, however, he is more than capable of not only being a leader but also maintaining an image for himself. Catharsis Black needs to be an identity respected by many and feared by some, so he is not above being ruthless if necessary to achieve an end or if he needs to convey an image of strength. Kindness and reason are not absent from his arsenal by any means, but they are more carefully metered out so as not to convey weakness.

As Blues Arnoul, he is a bit more like Yaichiro in his command style, though he is capable of being more brutally honest.


Blues hates politics. He recalls many of the things Yaichiro saw and experienced in this regard and though his political views differ slightly, they tend to agree on many things. He has little respect for what he sees as a manipulative cloak and dagger affair that is more about personal or political interests than the people governed, but he is willing to use those same tools and skills he despises to gain advantage over those he considers to be corrupt. He is above very little once he has chosen to attack someone full force, willing to employ ends that his brother would not normally dare. His trust in politicians as people is minimal, and his trust in the nobility is reduced unless explicitly earned.

He internally supports some Himiko-era reforms as well as civil rights, and could be considered a moderate progressive at heart, but may pretend to have alternative views to entrap his enemies.

Social Connections

Blues is connected to his brother Kage Yaichiro. He wishes for a relationship with his neice Kage Kasumi "Mist", but is currently keeping his survival a secret. He does not have any other connections in his life worth noting at this time, though he has memories of some of Yaichiro's connections.

Inventory & Finance

Blues Arnoul currently has 17,418,667 KS, as well as Star Army Standard Issue Items.


  • 1 black helmet with white optics
  • 1 black overcoat with dark blue trim
  • 1 dark blue bomber jacket
  • 1 dark blue vest
  • 2 white shirts
  • 1 white ascot
  • 1 pair of pants; charcoal grey
  • 1 pair of blue jeans
  • 1 pair of black jeans
  • 1 black belt with silver buckle
  • 1 black belt without silver buckle
  • 1 pair of black boots with steel toes
  • 1 pair of black shoes
  • 1 pair of thin black gloves with steel knuckle studs.
  • assorted pairs of black, white, and grey socks
  • assorted undergarments


OOC Information

In the case Blues Arnoul/Catharsis Black becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? NO
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO

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