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Bobby "Xilfulgfhg" Gunson

Xilfulgfhg, known to the public as “Bob”, is a player character played by CadetNewb.

Bobby “Xilfulgfhg” Gunson
Species: Ghost Mishhuvurthyar
Gender: Male1)
Year of Birth: YE 33
Height: 4'2“ (120 cm)2)
Weight: 403 lbs (182 kg)
Organization: NMX
Occupation: Elite Special Forces YAV3)/Movie Actor
Rank: Master Overseer Cult Following-Tier Popular

Physical Description

Despite being a Mishhuvurhtyar, Bob takes good care of himself to ensure that none of his co-workers accidentally hurt themselves on random, sharp, pointy edges by periodically using a power-sander to grind them away. For this reason, he has a distinctly smooth appearance in comparison to 'wild' Mishhuvurhtyar. In addition to this, he uses various grits and polishing creams to give his carapace a silky smooth shine. Though originally black and red in color, he had gone out of his way to make sure his chitin's pigmentation is the more common brown to make sure he doesn't incite panic.

To make sure that he only instills fear and confusion rather than panic, Bob can be typically found wearing various caps and hats. During business ventures, he can also be seen wearing custom made business suits as well, while in very formal settings, will make sure to wear a tophat and monocle along with his clothing, well aware of the ridiculousness.


Despite being a Mishhuvurhtyar, Bob is very level headed and objective to the surprise of many, owing to the need for elite special forces to be capable of autonomy and flexibility in the field. Though typically polite to the point of using a civilian made Psionic Signal Controller to make his 'voice' normal sounding inside peoples minds, it usually becomes clear to anyone particularly observant that his considerations are not normal. Self-centered and focused solely on himself and his commanding officer, Aikawa Ayumu, everything Bob says or does benefits him in some way or another.


Xilfulgfhg was spawned out of a captured Star Army of Yamatai officer in YE 33 alongside what would later become known as Aikawa Ayumu in preparation for a planned black operation against Yamatai. Though trained and matured to being the best that the Mishhuvurhtyar had to offer, the mission went awry during what would become known as The Battle of Yamatai, leaving itself and Ayumu the only survivors of their special forces group. Stranded far behind enemy lines with no chance of extraction, the two plotted to work in the Yamataian Adult Video industry off in less secure areas of the empire, namely the fallen United Outer Colonies.

It was here that Xilfulgfhg picked up his alias as “Bob”, a Nepleslian who had a full body prosthetic that mimicked the Mishhuvurhtyar. Once their popularity began to rise however, the two took a brief 'hiatus' and returned, with Bob claiming he had managed to salvage and use an ST device to plant himself in an actual Mishhuvurthyar body.

Their popularity in the YAV industry quickly grew shortly after.


  • More Thrust, More Speed!!
  • More Thrust, More Speed!!!
  • Neko Sluts 7-9
  • Weapons of Ass Destruction 1-6
  • Tentacles From Below
  • Tentacles of the Deep
  • Tentacles 3: The Revenge
  • Mishhu War XXX
  • YSS Broken Hearts
  • Ass Effect 1-3
  • In Too Deep 1-5
  • Four Neko, One Mishhu
  • Squid X Neko 1-12
  • Ramming and Slamming 9: Lube Optional
  • Bobbing Blueberry
  • Peeling Apple
  • Popping Cherry
  • Any Hole, Any Time 3
  • Dawn of Assteria
  • Bob the Plumber 1-3
  • Ruffled Feathers 1-45)
  • First Contact: Lor Luv
  • Bobby's Pythons 1-6
  • Creampie Series6)
  • Helashio Fellatio 37)
  • Tentacle Tornado 1-18
  • Destructo Dick 3
  • Dominion of Arse-etu8)
  • Yama-tie Shibari 4-5
  • Mishhuvurhtyar and You9)
  • Last Resort: When Captured By Mishhuvurhtyar10)

OOC Information

In the case cadetnewb becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM: NO
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year: NO
Biologically Hermaphroditic
7' When Floating
Yamataian Adult Video
suggestions for additional titles welcome
A Series On Elysians and Lorath
Lime Creampie, Mango Creampie, Cherry Creampie, Sunflower Creampie, Blueberry Creampie, Apple Creampie, Blackberry Creampie, Peppermint Creampie, Pineapple Creampie, Cinnamon Creampie
Co-Starred with valeriane
a Kishargal orientated special
9) , 10)
military instructional video
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