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Bodytailor Orion 72-3933-9428

“Never again shall we be at the mercy of the corrupt. Never again will our blood be spilled in for the sake of greed. Never again will the cries of our people remain unanswered. Never again!” – Colonel Lucius Graziani The Art of Never Again, Chapter 001: The Exodus and the Exile
Bodytailor Orion 72-3933-9428
Species: Freespacer (Type Four)
Gender: Male
Age: 09/20/YE 19
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Handedness: Ambidextrous
Height: 6'9
Weight: 1034 lbs
Organization: Nepleslia
Occupation: Civilian Contractor
Current Placement: 4th AASP
Themesong: The Gentle Genius
Battle Theme: Conflict!

Bodytailor Orion Seven Two 72-3933-9428 in Roleplay

Bodytailor Orion Seven Two 72-3933-9428 is a player character played by SentientRace and is currently involved in the 4th AASP roleplay plot.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6'9“ (205.74 cm) Mass: 1134 lbs (514.37 kg) Build and Skin Color: Semi-humanoid, but asymmetrical. His hybrot tungsten and depleted uranium exoskeleton is mostly dark gray, though some of the carbon fiber weaves are colored in neon pink, orange and cyan, while optic fiber cables that are interwoven with the carbon fiber glow different colors depending on Orion's mood in order to more effectively convey Orion's feelings. When he is happy, the optic fibers glow neon green; when serious/no particular mood, neon blue; when angry/engaging in violence, neon violet; when sad, neon red.

Eyes and Facial Features: The high resolution cameras located on Orion's front and back glow in the same color the optic fiber cables across his mechanical body do, depending on his mood, as does his central Collective Intelligence Core.

Distinguishing Features: Orion's hybrot body is alike a humanoid's in the sense that he has two main arms and two main legs. However, there is no need for a head in his hybrot's design, and in its place lies a third arm which, unlike the two arms that frame his torso, can extend itself as far as 5 feet from its body and is completely hydraulic, not using any of the conventional electroactive polymers the rest of his body uses. Mounted on his right shoulder is the Warding Rune active protection system, which he successfully overrode to fire on his command due to his enlisting in the Nepleslian military. Under the core, at the 'abdominal part' of the torso, lie a total of 6 sets of smaller arms designed for smaller tasks such as snipping, cutting, laser welding, and an assortment of purposes regarding finer manipulation of objects his other, much bigger hands are incapable of, while one particular, more prominent set includes a hammer and a polyform wrench, which can be used for more rough treatment. These smaller arms are very fragile, however, and are usually hidden within the exoskeleton carapace of the lower body until they are required to be used in delicate tasks. They cannot be used as weaponry, but allow him further help when creating inventions and for handling small items. He has two hatches located on his torso from which universal cables, jacks, and other myriad sorts of plug-ins come out to a distance of 5 feet, that are used mostly for connecting to systems physically in case wireless connection is inaccessible. There are several engravings along his torso's exoskeleton, including the Freespacer symbol, a screw and bolt symbol, the numbers 84 and 73, and the word 'Orion'. He has several painted drawings across his body, among them stars and gas planets and the word 'lol'.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Orion is a very amiable hybrot. He will tell stories, jokes, and very often he will recite a passage from the Art of Never Again whenever teammates and friends are either down or confront him regarding his beliefs. Sometimes he may seem a little bit odd, and can develop friendships a bit too quickly for the preferences of most, but he never means any wrong by his actions and is always willing to listen to critique. Orion is very smart, and tends to clarify mistakes in erroneous facts, pronunciation and grammar.

Though he is naive, through his intuition he will be able to understand the motives of a person. This is not helped by the fact that he is innocent to a fault, so the spectrum of his intuition is limited to what customs he can see in others and from the data he has read up on Nepleslians and other alien races. Orion is also very brave and just. Since he is not only willing but eager to further his cause (and considering Freespacers live so quickly), he may seem to impulsively take action or decisions a little bit too early on. On that end, his mindset and speed are much faster than those around him, and sometimes he has a hard time slowing down his pace to their speed. He also has a hard time understanding things like greed, deceit amongst team members, etiquette, rules, laws and all of that other over-complicated stuff that can be simply solved by following the guidance of The Book.

All of that aside, Orion follows orders from higher ups in authority, and understands that in order to achieve his goals there must be sacrifices he must make (such as exerting violence upon others, not questioning the reasoning behind an authority figure's commands, etc…) and is willing to go through with these sacrifices until he can achieve his goals, for if not, the Free State might be at a greater risk than ever before.

Likes: The Book, the gods Sith, Saga, Fabricator, and Karma, machines, A.I., programming, virtual design and neon colors. Dislikes: Non-humanoids (particularly the NMX), animals, bacteria, viruses, being inside a planet, 'red tape' and senseless rules. Goals: To secure the Free State from further danger and to find a new family among the stars.


Family and Relations


Intellectmoderator Alpha 39-2039-5458, fatherfigure, hybrot designer and mentor (deceased); Creativethinker Clespia 44-3217-8930, closest sister (deceased); Codeguesser Hexagon 95-6320-6991, closest brother and hacker rival (currently working for the OSC).


Junkdriver Elexcia 84-8106-1215, lover (deceased); Mindtwister Bolt 73-9937-2200, 2nd lover (deceased)


Bodytailor was born in the Freespacer fleet ship Jaywalker as a biological Type Three. Early in his childhood, he demonstrated an intense affinity to machines. Once he was outside of the nursery home, an old and wise Type Five taught him that he could make his body parts into machines, and his enthusiasm over cyborg conversion increased on its own, and became his trade. So much so that, with the help of the wise Type Five, by the early age of 6, he had replaced 70% of his body with cybernetic implants. It wasn't much longer until he was suggested he turn Type Four, offer which he immediately took. He became used to his new body with the proper training in less time than usual, and continued looking for new things to do in his search to build and create.

The Type Five by the name of Alpha, who had instructed him into becoming a Type Four, became a father figure to Bodytailor, and explained the young Freespacer about the war that was ensuing not far from the Free State. He instructed the child in the construction of machines for self-defense to fend off any aggressors, and for a while he performed all the tasks Three Nine asked of him, though Bodytailor was skeptical that this was indeed the case. In his more personal and recreational life, he was devoted to the gods Sith, Saga, Fabricator and Karma, and enjoyed the arts of Virtual Reality design in the interface facet of the Polysentience. He was an avid reader and preacher of The Book, and constantly referred to it in his darkest times. He memorized almost every single word and researched as much as he could about it, and made sure to always mention a passage to his loved ones whenever they were troubled or to remind them of the importance to persevere. At the age of 8 he came across two lovers that enjoyed his company, and when his alias was to be chosen, his family members, along with his lovers, chose to call him Orion. Unlike most Freespacers, Bodytailor was proud about his alias name, and instead of hiding it, he showed it off as a sign of how important his family was to him, until everyone knew him only as Orion.

The wise Alpha continued preaching the young Freespacer about the importance of self-defense in these times of war, and told him to join the Hacker Cult, that he would be able to defend the fleet when the time came. A bit reluctantly, Orion did as he was told. For a good half a decade, Orion did a lot of multi-tasking. His schedule consisted of visiting the Hacker Cult, fulfilling requests from his father (Alpha) regarding all sorts of new constructs, making gifts for some of his Type Three friends who wanted to become Type Fours, and, in what little free time he had left, socializing and sharing with his lovers, brothers and sisters, as well as practicing his hacking skills. Orion was one of the most well-known Freespacers in his ship, and was ahead of most of his companions in several tasks.

During his stay with the Hacker Cult he met Codeguesser Nine Five, or Hexagon. They shared a lot of passion for the same things, such as virtual reality programming and their strong belief in Sith. They became brothers and rivals, and both of them became inseparable friends. Due to this friendship and his skepticism towards Alpha's fears, Orion became more distanced from his father, and skipped doing most of the defensive systems work he was supposed to do in favor of learning how to hack and program…

Then, one day… Alpha's fears came true.

In YE 31, the Freespacer fleet was attacked by two NMX fleets. In the battle that ensued, Hexagon and Orion were knocked unconscious by the explosion of their homeship as they were attacking an enemy ship. They were later picked up by a fellow Freespacer fleet that was answering the distress signal of their peers, only to arrive too late. All that lay in that stretch of space was debris. The NMX were assumed to have taken some hostages, but both Orion and Hexagon were certain their homeship had been destroyed. Orion got angry at himself for being so skeptical of Alpha's warnings, while Hexagon tried to appease his brother's woes.

“Never again.” said Orion. “Never again.” He repeated to his brother.

In the days that followed, Orion and Hexagon decided to work against the NMX so that this would never happen again to their fellow 'spacers. Hexagon headed to the Opportunists Social Club, while Orion headed to Nepleslian space, tackling the problem from different sides and making sure to keep themselves updated on their different fronts.

Thus, Orion joined the harsh crew of the Nepleslians to make sure that the incident of his Freespacer fleet would never, ever happen again.

Role Play

Orion joined the 4th AASP Fleet of Nepleslia as a civil contractor in YE 32. As soon as he had entered the fleet, he had already begun to get involved in several development projects with Heram Wazu for the military necessities of Nepleslia. During the first mission, Orion reluctantly served a small diplomatic role with Yamatai regarding information on the NMX. The meeting was cut short, however, when the NMX covertly attacked planet Nepleslia, killing several senators and issuing an empire-wide broadcast about Nepleslia's allegiance to the NMX. Orion was then sent into the Nepleslian News Network building with a small fire-team, where he reached the server room, hacked into the administrator account and re-established Nepleslian control over the Imperium's media. On their way out they found a woman by the name of Alex Burning who had been trapped there by NMX forces.

The crew were brought onto the NSS SugarPea where they would conduct their search for the missing senators. Onboard this ship, Orion left Alex Burning at the sick bay and then proceeded to the bridge, where he helped narrowing the search area for the missing senators.

Once their operation there was done, Orion boarded the NSS Acadia.

NSS Acadia
Mission 5: Quick Save

Aboard the Acadia, Orion received the personal belongings he had left behind in an orbiting station in Nepleslia.


It should be noted that, as a Freespacer, Orion's Mindware Technology allows him to learn skills faster, and can even immediately access basic levels of skills he might not even know of provided he has access to the Polysentience at the time; thus the skills mentioned below are merely the skills he has trained in the most and requires no external education to perform. It should also be noted that thanks to his Collective Intelligence Core, he has lots of space to multitask and to process information faster than the normal human mind could.

Arts & Vocations

While it might be an abstract form of art, to most other species considered a form of programming, the Freespacers see VR (Virtual Reality) Design and Programming as a method of self-expression. Orion is capable of performing masterpieces in programming and design, and has made several VR artworks, including VR plays, games, stories and even some free-form programs. Within all of his work, Orion is most recognized for his Polysentience 'published' VR plays, some of his most popular ones being 'Stars Below Bless Me', 'O Jurus One Five' and 'Beyond the Lighthouse'; most of them including some form of romance or comedy, or both. By extension, Orion is a very decent actor.


As a Freespacer Type Four, communications interfaces and management are second nature to Orion. He is familiar with basic radio operation and procedures and can make transmissions to and receive transmissions from other characters through his Polysentience Terminus unit, but is more than capable of using less sophisticated equipment if required, in both combat and non-combat conditions. He is fluent in Nepleslian and Freespacer language. He can speak and write it correctly and efficiently and can write reports, fill forms, etc.


The Freespacer trade name 'Bodytailor' comes from his engineering mindset and creativity, which is what he enjoys most. As a child, he fell in love with machines, and progressively turned into one. He experimented with defensive mechanisms development and other machines of self-defense, both personal and space ship, as a sort of 'necessary evil' due to the incoming war under the tutelage of his father-figure, Three Nine. But the true passion behind his engineering skills were always robotics. He made several hybrots for his Type Three brethren that wanted to follow his path into becoming a Type Four. His knowledge of hydraulics, electroreactive polymers, robotics, mechanics, hardware interfaces, practical and aesthetic designs are second to none.


Through the Hacker Cult's teachings, Orion was taught basic hand-to-hand combat specialized in the practical use of his particular Type Four hybrot body and how to use it for self-defense before being able to hack into the system, which bases itself around self-defense and 'disable and run' maneuvers that are not actually intended to hurt the target so much as momentarily cripple it to then access a terminal and hack the enemy craft's systems.

Maintenance and Repairs

Freespacer familiarity with machines grants almost all Freespacers knowledge on the field. Orion knows basic maintenance and repair protocols regarding machinery, robotics and cybernetic implants, particularly for his own hybrot body. While not an expert in the field, he knows how to repair all constructs he is familiar with and has some insight on constructs he is not familiar with, and can thus do fairly well with repairs.


Above-par programming and hacking requires extensive knowledge on the fields of algorithms, coding matrix, variables, calculus, among other mathematical disciplines. To Orion, extensive math calculations are second nature.

Technology Operation

Creation of hardware comes hand-in-hand with the creation of software. Orion created several programs for some of his very own creations, as well as over the Polysentience and Virtual Reality systems; so much so, that he views it as a form of art. By suggestion of his father, he studied with the Hacker Cultists for several years, which gave him above-average skills at hacking networks. With his Polysentience Terminus unit, he has an almost instinctive and immediate knowledge of any alien OS he encounters, and can gain a fair understanding of programs within minutes, or hours at most, making him an invaluable asset when it comes to software warfare or any other relative fields. He also has some experience in cognotechnology, such as Mindware software and hardware.


Personal Hygiene

  • Hybrot Repair and Maintenance Kit


  • Electronic Money Card


  • Rag Doll
  • Gyro Revolver
  • Gyrobullet Cylinder x2 (10 rounds per cylinder)


Bodytailor Orion Seven Two 72-3933-9428 is currently a civilian contractor for the Nepleslian Star Army. He receives a weekly salary of -200 DP- per week, plus negotiable bonuses per commission.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds


“If you really must question your directives, I don't suggest doing so now at this critical moment. I have just killed a man, for instance, and the thought permeates my being with guilt, but I know for a fact it was necessary to establish peace in Nepleslia. With that in mind, my guilt is appeased and am no longer questioning myself over it. It had to be done. In a similar way, perhaps, you may reflect upon what is right to do at the moment, and what must be done.” -Bodytailor Orion 72-3933-9428 on directives.

”…I wish I could help these people… I feel responsible for them…“ -Bodytailor Orion 72-3933-9428 on the civilians dying on the MedBay of the NSS SugarPea.

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