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Boel Cavik

Boel Cavik is an NPC controlled by GM Bloodyscarlet who appears in the YSS Shinsugo.

Boel Cavik
Species & Gender: Female Caelisolan
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Cook
Rank: SantΓ΄ Juni
Current Placement: YSS Shinsugo

Character Description

Boel is a short 4 foot 4 inches tall, with a slim build and pale skin, her eyes are an emerald green. She has short white hair and wings, but she dyes both her hair and wings a rusty orange color as to feel unique and a little different.

Boel is a very bubbly and happy, she cooks and sings a lot and enjoys it. She is always helpful and will jobs that aren't part of her duty because she enjoys to see people happy and hearing thank you for the help.

History and Relationship Notes

Boel was always into cooking from a really young age, as she grew, she wanted to learn to cook different meals from all over the universe.When she was old enough she joined the star army to explore the culinary universe and also help the Star Army keeping the empire safe. She grew as a cook and also a solider, after a lot of cooking and working with different ship, she saw a new ship that was looking for a crew and jumped on the transfer papers as fast as she could.


OOC Notes

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