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Bresal Sable

Bresal Sable is a player character played by CadetNewb.

Bresal Sable
Species: Ottyo War Master
Gender: Male
Hatched: δΈ€ζœˆ (ichigatsu), YE 39
Age: 7 Months
Height: 7'9β€œ
Weight: 524 lbs
Organization: Royal Defense Initiative
Occupation: Bodyguard, Champion, Assassin
Rank: Knight Paladin
Theme: Shin Godzilla: Who Will Know (Tragedy)

Physical Description

Build and Body Plumage: As a War Master, Bresal's build is thick and stocky, with very clearly defined and ropy musculature. Its muscles seem to bulge, but are just at the edge of limiting its range of motion without actually doing so. Meanwhile, its skin fits over its body like tight vacuum packing, and is concealed by body plumage that is still mottled brown with a white-mocha underlayer of down that puffs through due to its young age. The tip of its tail however, has begun to grow long, red display feathers.

Eyes and Facial Plumage: Surprisingly, Bresal's eyes are an innocent blue befitting of a child. However, the pupils are shaped as a black cross, as with all Ottyo. Its head is elongated like many other lizards or raptors, and features rows of small, neat sharp teeth, but is covered in the light brown and white downy underlayer of a baby. The crest of feathers on the back of its head however, have become crimson red.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Bresal mostly keeps to itself and addresses others on an as-needed basis, its speech relatively straightforward and to the point. Though it may come off as broody, sullen and angry, its stoic sarcasm and backtalk are actually signs of its approval and good regard, as it will refrain from giving any constructive criticism to those that it is not used to, or dislikes. In general, it disapproves of other life forms, viewing them as generally inferior and beneath itself, yet capable of self-improving. Often, it feels alone and forlorn as a result of being sent into the most dangerous of situations with little or no support as a nameless bastard knight of its noble house. Bresal persists however, as it craves attention and approval of its mother, but at the same time, is also aware that such is very unlikely, due to its role as a bastard and knight.


Hatched in early YE 39, Bresal was meant to act as a replacement for its older sibling, who failed in its duty as a body guard for their dame. Following its hatching and naming, it was promptly put on a course of aging accelerants and an intensive training regimen. This included both time accelerated training in virtual space, as well as real-world physical training with knights errant and its mother as well. When this was finally complete, Bresal began to serve its mother as both bodyguard, representative and champion. It has since acted on it's mother's behalf, being sent on various 'errands' and the like before finally being ordered to act as guard and champion to bhelith_blackspear.

Shortly thereafter, it made to test the mettle of Bhelith's men from Special Planetary Section 7: Scythe as well as the candidates from Interregnum on Dawn Station at its mother's request. Out of necessity, it acted with restraint, holding itself back in order to see the others perform at their very peak.

OOC Information

  • Bresal is an Irish name meaning 'Pain' or 'War'

In the case cadetnewb becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM: NO
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year: NO
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