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Brynhildr Nishizaki

Brynhildr Nishizaki is a player character played by Acewing13.

Brynhildr Nishizaki
Species & Gender: Nekovalkyrja, Type 33Y (Youngling) Female
Year, Birthday: YE 37, May 11
Age 16 months
Height: 160 centimeters (5' 3โ€œ)
Weight: 49 kg (108 lbs)
Organization: Zenjinkaze Fighting High School
Occupation: Martial Arts Student
Rank: Student
Current Placement: Zenjinkaze Fighting High School

Physical Description

Brynhildr (armour, protection/battle) Nishizaki (noble samurai family)

  • Height: 160 centimeters (5' 3โ€)
  • Mass: 49 kg (108 lbs)
  • Measurements: 33A-23-36

Build and Skin Color: Lavender skin (#B57EDC), 64 cm long dark muave (#DC7ED4) tail and a wide-hipped figure.

Eyes and Facial Features: Smoldering round light blue (#A1CAF1) eyes and a oval shaped face.

Hair Color and Style: Hime-cut dark muave hair

Ears: 3-cm long cat-like ears, covered with dark muave fur.

Distinguishing Features: Her lavender skin and tail, which are relatively rare in a Nekovalkyrja and her slightly OCD nature.

Scent: Depends on her perfume, usually lavender.

Voice: Soubrette


Usually acting like a bubbly teenager, Bryn loves to be in the limelight, trying out for nearly everything and almost always over-committing her time. Somehow, she finds time to make and hang out with friends. She usually gets along with the other social people around her, but will go out of her way to make friends with her quieter peers if she gets bored. However, she quickly clams up around non-Yamataians, sometimes even Minkans, especially anyone that she doesn't know. Once she gets used to the person in question, she might accept them as friends.

These attitude's conception can be traced back to the relationship between her mother and father. Having only seen her father a few times in her life, and those visits usually marred by an argument between her parents, she unconsciously associates non-Nekos with her experiences with her father. She knows that this isn't true, as her experiences with other Minkans have been positive, but it requires some effort on her part to overcome her biases.

Her flashy, thought cautious, fighting style she inherited from her mother, in particular the Projectile Weapons school and the close quarters shooting portion of the SACQC school. She does her best work at a distance, disengaging from a melee to shoot her opponent. She obviously isn't as good as her mother was, being only 16 months old, but she is steadily improving her fighting abilities. As such, she is excited to be going to the new Zenjinkaze Fighting High School.

She likes order in her life, scheduling events and works to keep her living areas clean. And although she hasn't gotten around to dating, but she is highly interested in romance.

  • Likes: Clean and orderly areas, red, green, purple (especially lavender), making friends, winning.
  • Dislikes: Disorder and messy, losing.
  • Goals: Be as good a fighter as Mom; Get good marks in school, especially in the martial arts classes; Try to be nice to non-Nekos.


Brynhildr Nishizaki was born in YE 37 in the city of Kyoto, Yamatai.


Since she's only 16 months old and grew up with her mom, Huld Nishizaki, most of her history comes from her.

Huld Nishizaki is a retired Chui soldier, being part of the Star Army Rikugun. She was part of the Legion I when the Battle of Yamatai took place, being stationed in Kyoto and was involved in the fighting that occured on the city's outskirts. Joining them was a small contingent of Star Army Intelligence operatives, among them a Minkan named Gerhard Amachi, who helped push the Squids back from the city. In the aftermath of the battle, Huld and Gerhard decided they liked each other, and dated on and off for the next four years, mostly based on his erratic deployment schedule.

By the time YE 37 rolled around, Huld had retired from the Rikugun, living in Kyoto as a teacher of the Projectile Weapons school. After being away for three months, Gerhard reappeared, said that he was getting a desk job in the city, and that he wanted to some steady dating with her. Delighted to see the Minkan, she accepted and and after a whirlwind romance, and a Love Day proposal, the two decided to live together and have a kid. Unfortunately, Gerhard was suddenly called up for duty, to deal with 'something classified', and was gone for most of the pregnancy and Bryn's birth. Let's just say that the mother wasn't too happy when the father came back six months later.

As such, Bryn was mostly raised by her mother, the older Neko being done with Gerhard's flakiness. He reappeared a few times, the most memorable being a week before Yuletide and again before her birthday, to drop off a present or two and talk to his daughter for a little bit. These visits almost always made the two parents argue, which was a little distressing to the Youngling.

Her mother trained Bryn in the same school she specialized in, the Projectile Weapon School, and even got an old friend from Legion I, Morioka Nenna, to cross-train her in SACQC. It was from her friend that told her about the new Zenjinkaze Fighting High School that she was going to teach at. The school sounded like a great idea to Bryn's mother, thinking that it would do her daughter some good to get her fighting skills sharpened at the same time as growing a circle of peers as well. The Youngling agreed and set off to the school when it opened in the fall.

Skills Learned

Brynhildr Nishizaki has the following notable skills:

  • Communications
    • Bryn can speak and write in both Yamataigo and Trade.
  • Domestic (Includes things like laundry, basic cooking, cleaning, infant care)
    • Being slightly OCD, Bryn has been doing household chores since she was 3 months old. From vacuuming floors to cleaning mirrors, she does a thorough job without taking too much time.
  • Fighting
    • Bryn is trained in the Projectile Weapon School and SACQC, though she has only been practicing the later martial art for a few months. Through the PWS, she knows how to shoot accurately, with either a NSP and compound bow, throw shuriken, and is trained to be observing her surroundings at all times. From SACQC, she knows how to push away and evade opponents attacks, creating distance for her to use her range weapons, and a few basic strikes and takedowns.
  • Mathematics
    • She knows essentially all the math up to trigonometry.

Social Connections

Brynhildr Nishizaki is connected to:

  • Gerhard Amachi (Father)
  • Huld Nishizaki (Mother)
  • Morioka Nenna (Mentor)

Inventory & Finance

Brynhildr Nishizaki has:

  • Summer & Winter Seifuku
  • Exercise Uniform
  • Swimsuit (one piece)
  • Identification/GS Card
  • Starkwerk Touchcomputer, with a civilian Kessaku OS and PANTHEON access connecting to Tsubomi's server network
  • Casual clothing (including Shirts, Underwear, Pants, Skirts, Bras, Belts, High heels, Sandals, Sneakers, Socks, Stockings, Scarfs, and Sweaters)
  • Formal clothing (mostly Dresses)
  • Compound bow
  • White Keikogi
  • Green Belt
  • Picture of her family, father included, with all of them smiling.
  • Purse
  • Box of Prescription Drugs - Common (Salvaging Ultra Variety, TC: 74-51, IC: 3757-15306-117)
  • 3220 x Small Magnet (10 KS, 1 lb)
  • Fresh water, 500 Liter Tank (Pirating YE 34, TC: 34-24, IC: 839-3849-54)
  • Sack of Potatos (Pirating, TC: 55-30, IC: 1707-957-79)
  • 74 x Small Cask of Oil (8 sp, 5 lb)

Brynhildr Nishizaki currently has 100 GS.

OOC Information

In the case acewing13 becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? YES

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