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Brynja 'Siv' Sigmundötyr

Brynja 'Siv' Sigmundötyr is a player character played by ShotJon.

Brynja 'Siv' Sigmundötyr
Species: NH-29
Gender: Female
Age: 3 (born: 2nd February YE32
Height: 6'
Weight: 70kg
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Technician
Rank: Santô Juni
Current Placement: Task Force Lantern

Preferred Plots

  1. Taskforce Lantern


Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 6' (183cm)
  • Mass: 154 pounds (70kg)
  • Measurements: D

Build and Skin Color: Slightly tall for a nekovalkyrja. As most nekoes she had lean build and is quite athletic. Her skin colour is pinkish and quite regular.

Eyes and Facial Features: Siv has emerald coloured eyes, with roman nose and tight lips. She has nice and rather motherly smile.

Ears: As all NH-29s, Siv has pointy ear clad with fur in colour of her hair.

Hair Color and Style: Siv is red-head, although right now she had her head shaven clean, being one of not many bald nekoes.

Distinguishing Features: Siv is pretty tall for a neko, nekoes her size are seen only very rarely. Genetic tattoo imprint on lower back. Genetic tattoo of hammer on her right shoulder.

Brynja 'Siv' Sigmundötyr

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Brynja is rather laid-back neko. It takes a lot to make her heart rate go up. Mostly she is just stoic and calm. To add to all that she is pragmatic who relies on everything she can to do her job. On the other hand she is anything, but callous and would never resort to use others for her own deeds.

If anything Siv can be called cold-blooded and almost unfazeable. It is not that she knows no fear, it is just that she refuses to let it take control of herself. How she got this kind of strong will is not really known.

Aside from that she is friendly and helpful, yet she does not care all that much about rules and regulations. At least not the ones that are not there for safety or something like that. She is often seen not in full uniform and is strangely familiar with higher ranking officers.

She could often be called lazy, although that is not truth. She rather takes some extra time to get things done to make sure all is fine. Measure twice, cut once is one of the rules she follows.

Siv enjoys her NH-29 body and should she perish in battle she requested to be ressed as NH-29 again.

  • Likes: Norse things, her adoptive father, Yamatai, Tea
  • Dislikes: Hurrying, NMX.
  • Goals: Move up in ranks, make her father proud.


Family (or Creators)

Ketsurui Zaibatsu Technician Sigmund Magnusson, 33 years old (adoptive father) Magnusson Marika, 33 years old (adoptive mother) Eric Magnusson, 1 year old (brother)

Ketsurui and boot camp

Born in early YE32, Siv was one of the batch of younglings overseen by one Sigmund Magnusson. This man did not see young nekoes as just things, but rather as children he helped to this world. As such he tried to spend more time with them then just teaching them the basics they had to know, before they grow up and should be transferred for military training.

Young and curious and without a name then, Siv spent time with him as often as she could. Always asking questions. Not being able to name the young nekoes, Sigmund started calling her Siv. Spending most of the month Siv was still in the facility they grew fond of each other. It actually did not take long before Siv started calling Sigmund “father”. Luckily for them none of the other Ketsurui workers paid much attention to the fact.

Siv was quite curious about Sigmund's work and he as a technician often took her with when he could and let her watch him work. It was probably then when she found herself fond of machines. Month flew by quite fast and Siv had to leave for a boot camp. She was also about to be named. Nekoes either chose names for themselves or got names assigned randomly by computer. Siv who learned a little about Sigmund's nordic heritage. She chose name for herself. Brynja Sigmundötyr. By that she pretty much stated that she considers him her father.

After that she did not decline and joined SAoY. Paying 5000 KS would be too much for her after all and she wanted to make Sigmund proud. Choosing her occupation was also very easy, after she spend better part of the first month of her life with Sigmund. She became technician and mechanic. Brynja trained and learned very hard to become good at what she did, although she was slower at work then other nekoes, she always managed to finish her job. Of course as Yamataian soldier she was also trained in hand-to-hand combat, firearms and power armour.

Adoption and first assignment

She graduated without much trouble and with average marks. While waiting for her first assignment she visited Sigmund. He had a big surprise for her. Adoption papers. He thought about it and told her he would actually be family officially and that his wife would be happy too. Brynja was of course joyful that such thing happened. She realised that unlike many other nekoes she had more then just Empire to live for and she was happy for it.

Unfortunately she could not spend too much time with her family as she got her first assignment. She was to be assigned with 4th fleet. A place where she spent next year of her life. She worked as a technician on supply ship. Sadly officer she was under was really strict about rules. Siv found herself in a pinch as she was not very good with rules and restrictions. She did her work precisely but she was often acting familiar with higher ups and disrespectful. According to herself respect was supposed to be gained by actions and not rank. Of course military does not look well on such thinking.

Fort Shotou

Luckily it was not enough to kick her out of the army and she was just reassigned to the rear. She was transferred to the maintenance team in the Training base which is part of Fort Shotou on planet Daichi. Things were actually pretty quiet over there as base is on the frontier. Siv found herself quite settled there. She could concentrate on her work and get even better. She became very skilled mechanic and technician.

It took almost another year for her to be promoted for first time, which made her happy. Though many of her comrades did not take much of it. She was more then year old now and only now got promoted to Nito-Hei, to many it was not much. Siv did not take much of it. With the rank came a little responsibility as she now got small team to supervise. They mostly worked on ships and shuttles cadets used when they were learning how to fly.

Siv already knew how these machines work, but she also got curious how it feels when you actually sit in one and pilot them. She requested additional training as a pilot and was actually accepted. Though she was still technician she received flying lesson and learned how to fly.

Life in the fort was good, but it was somewhat lacking for the Siv. She was already very capable in her field of work and time came for her to seek more challenges. She opted for a transfer to one the fleets again. Sadly it was not permitted. It seemed that the reputation she got while working with 4th fleet was still present. To higher ups she was useful in the rear, but they doubted she was good enough for fleet work.

Bryn was angry about the fact, she was also angry that she could not prove herself a better soldier. According to nordic teaching every soldier is also a warrior. Being in the rear was no real place for warrior. Brynja wanted her father to be proud of her, she wanted to be in combat zone.

Lucky Break

It was some time before she got a chance. In early YE 34 a situation arose in Fort Shotou. A NMX spy managed to infiltrate the planet Daichi and insert parasite in one of the soldier who found a way to sneak out of the base. Soldier became puppet of NMX and returned to the base quietly and started with minor sabotages. SAINT agents in the base of course started to investigate and it did not took long for them to find who was the criminal.

When agent found out they were onto him he made a break for a Fort's reactor, planning to cause critical chain reaction. At the time Siv and her team were on duty in the reactor. Siv was repairing something in maintenance duct when she could hear violent noises from the outside. She quietly climbed out, emerging from the duct behind armed Spy. Bryn took care of him with single blow of her trusty wrench.

Agent also carried another parasite with him. Said parasite tried to run away as his owner was hit and box containing him fell on the ground and opened. Siv managed to grab it and tried to kill it. Parasite armoured body though proved tough to break. In the end she dealt with it by opening nearby steam valve and putting parasite's head under stream of super-heated steam killing it within seconds.

Although she appeared there mostly by luck it was still success. Her superiors wanted to give her an award. Siv got another idea. She was willing to let them not make big thing out of this situation. After all letting NMX agent in the base looked bad. Instead of promotion or award, Siv asked for transfer to combat fleet. Being pushed in the corner, her superiors agreed and transferred her to newly formed Task Force lantern. Of course SAINT has proper recording of situation that happened in the Fort.

Task Force Lanter - Ryuusei

As a port of 10th fleets Task Force Lanter, Siv was put into a special squad called Ryuusei. A unit under command of nepleslian named Cray, that was sent on missions right from Morioka-shosho herself. It was quite a surprise for Siv, but she took it as an honour. The whole squad was full of various strange inviduals and among them was older Nekovalkyrja named Yuroko Koko. Siv and Koko got to know each other and formed strange friendship, which after an argument and reconcilement became even stranger relationship. Siv found herself caring dearly about Koko, while Koko was suffering from psychosis unabling her from touching anyone else.

The Ryuusei was sent on first mission just days after being formed and without any time to train. They divided into three teams, each teleported to capture a ship taken by IWL terorrists. Siv found herself first getting into combat, from which she emerged alive, but very seriously wounded. She managed to take a prisoner though, but lost an arm because of it. That made the mission rather short for her.

When she woke up from hemosynthesis regeneration, she was greeted by Koko, who she then helped with some personal problems.

Skill Areas


Siv is familiar with basic radio operation and procedures and can make transmissions to and receive transmissions from other characters through headsets, starships, power armour, and shuttles in both combat and non-combat conditions.


Brynja received hand-to-hand combat training, followed up with a rigorous training program. She is skilled and experienced in combat both in Yamatai-like conditions and in zero-gravity, with and without weapons. Weapons she is trained in include energy pistols, knives, and power armour. She also happened to get into brawl few times by accident and knows hot hit someone over the head with wrench pretty well.

Technology Operation:

Siv is capable of operating any computer system that uses the Kessaku OS, found on all Star Army starships. She is proficient in entering and/or searching for information. As a technician Brynja was trained in use of computers, but also how to create programs. She knows quite a lot about computer security and firewalls.


Siv received basic mathematics training, including up to algebra and trigonometry. She learned all maths needed for proper computer operation and basic navigation.

Starship operation (Small craft):

Anne knows how to pilot smaller crafts like Hayabusa and Kawarime fighters or Kuma shuttle, which is her personal favourite. She received training for basic dog-fighting or doing combat-drops with Kuma. She handles targeting of ship-based weaponry well and use them accurately. Her flying is not so good yet though as she has trouble handling some of the more difficult manoeuvres.

Maintenance and Repair:

A skill Bryn is most confident in. She knows most of the Yamataian technology, how it works and how to keep it working. Though she prefers working with mechanical problems rather than with electronics. She likes jobs that requires some sweating rather then tinkering with circuits. She is very precise when welding. Her speciality are engines and thrusters, though she knows a lot about generators too. She can also repair Yamataian weaponry.


While being stationed at the Fort Shotou, Siv found herself with more and opportunity to have free time. It so happened that she was trying many thing to have some fun. From drinking, love-making to softball and basketball. She found herself quite fond of singing, from traditional Yamatai songs, to battle marches or Nepleslian rock. She also became pretty good with pencil and can draw pretty nice, yet still amateurish pictures mostly of various machines. She doodles very often, sometime even on the side of report papers. She also became very good at rolling in Phantom Blades.

Awards and Citations

  • Wooden jewelry box with red velvet interior (for medals)
Award Pin Date Received Reason

Siv's creations



Brynja 'Siv' Sigmundötyr is currently a Nitô Hei in the Star Army of Yamatai.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
2200 KS 840 Purchased Phantom Blades and other persnall effects
2525 KS 996 671 Got paid as of 18.8 YE34/Bought sword, balisong and clothing
2850 KS 0 700 Bought SiZi Model 30

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