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Bu'lla Mata'ri

Bu'lla Mata'ri is a player character played by Jimmy. He is currently involved the Bloody Claws (She'na Academy) Plot.

Bu'lla Mata'ri
Species: Shukaren Laibe (Sub-Species)
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Family: Bu'lla family
Height: 4'3โ€œ
Weight: 60kg
Organization Kingdom of Neshaten
Rank I'oshen
Occupation Student
Current Placement Bloody Claws (She'na Academy)

Physical Characteristics

Height: 4'3โ€ Mass: 60kg

Build and Skin Color: Well muscled with decent tone, very sporty. Red fur with black tipped tail and Socks.

Facial Features and Eye Color: Cream muzzle and neck with a black, moist nose. Blue eyes.

Hair Color and Style: Has slightly longer fur on top of and on the back of his head, wears it gelled high and back, or loose and puffy.

Distinguishing Features: Has a small chip taken out of his right ear.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Aloof, dark, superior but jerk with a heart full of rudy silver if not gold. Comfortably racist in the fashion of most of his species, but with his own bent that accepts the existence of other races.

Likes: Sports, kicking ass, fighting, demonstrating his superiority, winning. Dislikes: Being spoken down to, other show-offs, losing Goals: Become the best there ever was, maybe kill some terrorists on the side if convenient.


About Bu'lla

Eistheid: โ€œBu'lla doesn't give a f*** about the hierarchy unless he's at the top.โ€



Being raised in a primarily segregated laibe community, Bu'lla Mata'ri was easily indoctrinated into the belief that his own species was the superior Neshaten. However, in a terrorist strike against his mixed kindergarten involving his kid brother taught him that the way of violence was wrong and destructive and gave him his own reason to despise the laibe superiority terrorist organization responsible. Bu'lla came to understand that in order to prove their right to rule the kingdom, the laibe must do so through superior culture and form, not barbarism.

Since he was child he has devoted himself to demonstrating how superior the laibe form is to the other races in the kingdom, advancing himself in sports and athletics. His loyalties lie with neither the Queen nor the extremists.



With the Neshaten Kingdoms national sport being a toned down form of warfare, as a sports jock Bu'lla Mata'ri is very familiar with fighting in arena combat. Especially in the energy bow and sword.


Bu'lla Mata'ri is extremely fit even for a laibe as part of his sports scholarship.


School has taught Bu'lla Mata'ri some advanced mathematics principles. Even by accident.


With strong force of personality and great resolve, Bu'lla Mata'ri leads his Anyu'ja squad in Ashe'fame calm leadership and tactical thinking.


Yelling at people is easy. Yelling at people to do something right is a little harder.

Survival and Military

Sometimes one needs to think tactically, and sometimes one needs to make oneself hidden. Bu'lla Mata'ri has learned to do both in his time in sports.


All this fur is hard to clean, yo.


  • Clothing
      • She'na Academy Cowl
      • Blue She'na Academy loincloth
    • She'na Academy Gym Cloths
    • Civilian Cloths
      • 5 Loincloths in various shades
      • 4 shorts in various shades
      • 1 loose T-Shirt
      • 3 vests
      • 1 puffy hat
      • 1 pair of warm woolen Socks, laibe-sized
  • Weapons


Bu'lla Mata'ri is currently a I'oshen in She'na Academy.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

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