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Caecilia Oberstein

Caecilia Oberstein
Species: Abwehran: Oberflächenbewohner
Gender: Female
Age: 13 Abwehran Years1)
Height: 5'10“ (~177 cm.)
Weight: 180 lbs (81 kg.)
Organization Foreign Service
Rank: O-4
Occupation Mission Operator

Caecilia in Role Play

A GM NPC controlled by Matthew for the 69th Para-Military Squad.

Current Events

Currently organizing the 69th Para-Military Squad for duty.

Physical Characteristics

Military life has made Caecilia a very fit individual with a Mesomorphic body, according to Somatotype. In other words, Caecilia has a toned muscular body over a medium skeletal frame. Her diamond-shaped face holds a pair of hooded, oval-shaped eyes colored a striking, steel-gray. An aquiline nose hangs regally over her soft, full lips that seem permanently fixed in an expressionless manner. Her smooth, olive-hued skin seems to contrast with the fiery crimson curls of shoulder-length, lustrous hair, which is normally tied back into a simple braid2) and her bangs allowed to loosely fall just above her thin eyebrows. It is very rare to see the woman smile as she gifts everyone in her presence with a constant dour expression and hawk-like gaze.


  • Height: 5'10” (~177 cm.)
  • Weight: 180 lbs (81 kg.)
  • Measurements: 34-26-36 (86-66-91)
    • Bra Cup: C

Psychological Characteristics


Caecilia is a rather hard woman to get to know since she rarely shows any expression. Never one to talk about herself, many people who have met her just believe her to be a Stoic Professional (or a frigid bitch). It is a first impression she maintains because of her origins, so it is a powerful defense mechanism against the type of scandal many would expect of her. She is the type of person who will analysis a situation from multiple view points before making a decision, which many of her detractors believe makes her indecisive. That is normally the case, until she makes her logical conclusion and executes her plans. At that point, she seems more like an unstoppable tidal wave. Once her mind is made up, it is very hard to change it.

Ironically, Caecilia actually has quite a few self-esteem issues. She will often believe what her detractors say is true, even if it's not. But instead of wallowing in it, she uses it to persist and attempt to exceed all expectations. This often leads her into clashes with arrogant superiors and jealous peers, which is often why she's considered to be the 'ice-queen' of any group she serves in. Very few people know her true self.

Though she rarely gets it, Caecilia is completely different when away from the stresses of military life. Of course, she normally takes her vacations and R&R as far away from her peers as possible. In reality, Caecilia's cool and frigid way of life is just a protective shell for the wild woman underneath. Once away from her detractors and peers, she removes the psychological shell and breaks free to become quite the party animal. She is also extremely ambitious and tries to find plenty of ways to prove herself to everyone.



To those around her, all Caecilia seems to like is her work (if she likes anything at all), but that's only because she never shows her true self to others. In reality, Caecilia enjoys a good wild party with plenty of alcohol and company.


In her on-duty persona, the young Oberstein seems to dislike anything fun3). In actuality, she is a stickler for organization and cleanliness.


Caecilia's main goal is to prove her detractor's wrong and become a powerful force in the Abwehran Armed Forces (AAF).


Summarized Events


Born out of wedlock in AF 247 (42 BYE) to Anneliese Oberstein, Caecilia's life began in scandal. Anneliese had been the Chief of Staff to a noble-born Admiral by the name of Franz von Meckenburg. During their service together, both Officers had been in a constant love affair when someone's contraceptives failed. A married man, Franz quickly created a story that Anneliese had seduced him to get at his title and holdings. Creating false evidence, he threatened her in an attempt to get her to resign her commission and deny the child was his. However, Internal Investigations of the Weltraumflotte caught on to the situation. But the end result didn't change much. Von Meckenburg was placed on censured and placed on half-pay status while Anneliese was forced to resign her commission in dishonor.

Forced out of her career, Anneliese returned to her parent's home to give birth to a healthy baby girl. Naming her Caecilia, Anneliese found a new job in civilian contracting. Caecilia grew up without even knowing her father. She knew of him and how he had ruined her mother's career, but would never meet him. In the meantime, Caecilia would grow up with a relatively normal childhood in the small village of Waldstadt. Of course, since her mother never married, Caecilia's only fatherly influence would be that of her grandfather, Gunter. A former military man, his stories would propel her into military service and into some of the most trying times of her life.

Military Training

Entering the Basic Training in AF 252, Caecilia would find herself under an Instructor who had heard of her Mother and the scandal. The young Oberstein would find herself hounded heavily as she attempted to get into the Weltraumflotte Space Forces. However, she was so harassed by the Instructor, that she requested to be transferred into the much harsher Marine Corp training than suffer criticism of a 'little man'. While that did bring her relief in some form, allies of her 'Father' would continue to harass her to some degree or another. As a result, Caecilia began to mold her personality to create a stoic shield of contempt for those who would even try to hurt her. It didn't bring many friends to her defense, but one couldn't fault her abilities.

In this manner, Caecilia would pass through Basic and Survival Training. Entering Specialized schooling as a Marine Corp Marksman, she would find a bit of peace from the harassment as she dedicated herself to learning what she needed. Eventually, she would graduate from her training and be assigned to Weltraumflotte HQ.

Weltraumflotte Service

Caecilia Oberstein As a Maat on board Weltraumflotte Headquarters, Caecilia would be assigned to the Military Police. She would serve in the background for most of her time there, but a few incidents would propel her up the ranks and make her noticed to her detractors. One of the major incidents of her time at Weltraumflotte Headquarters was during a visit from one of the Empire's Representatives, whom had been on the Military Budget Committee. During his tour, he had been taken hostage by Terrorists looking for reparations for those wounded during the Pirate War. At the time, Caecilia was an Oberbootsmann in the Special Weapons and Tactics Task Force. In a shot that seemed reckless, Caecilia would neutralize one of the Terrorists holding the Representative at gun point and allow a Breaching Team to break through for the Rescue. While her Commanding Officer seemed furious about her taking the shot without authorization, a Nachrichtendienst agent would take notice of her achievement and timing.

The Agent confronted both Caecilia and her CO, offering her a chance to join transfer over to the Nachrichtendienst. Unsure whether she should, Caecilia was given a week to make her decision. A couple of days later, she had transferred off of the Weltraumflotte Headquarters and to Area 99.

Nachrichtendienst Training and Service

Most of the training at Area 99 was classified and much tougher than that of the Weltraumflotte Marine Corp, but Caecilia actually enjoyed it more than she had Weltraumflotte training. This was mostly because there was no one harassing her for her origins on top of the stress of intensive training. Going through an accelerated curriculum, Caecilia was assigned as a Field Agent to one of the few Yamataian Cells the Nachrichtendienst could field in YE 29. Posing as a daughter of an Abwehran Merchant Family, Caecilia would traverse Yamataian Imperial Territory under that guise. Unfortunately, not much military information could be gained due to the stringent security measures found there. There was plenty of political and societal information to gather however, giving Abwehrans a glance into Yamataian society. However, their cover was nearly blown a year later and forced the cell back to Abwehran Territory.

Her next duty was actually in an Nepleslian Cell, which was posing as a crew of Mercenaries. This was where she got much of her combat experience as her Cell was 'hired' to do many a job. All the while, they gathered and collected data on the politics and society of Nepleslia. It was also Caecilia's Cell that gained the most intelligence on the NMX and is the only complete archive the Abwehrans have on the menace. This is mostly because Caecilia's Cell had actually be in several skirmishes against the NMX to protect civilian targets. Caecilia's Cell was pulled out in late YE 31 in order to return to abwehr and rest.

Since then, Caecilia has had more domestic work in tracking domestic terrorists and illegal aliens. However, that would soon change with the announcement of the Foreign Service and Assault Legion. Placed into reserve, Caecilia volunteered for service in the Foreign Service as a Mission Operator.

The 69th Para-Military Squad

Currently, Stabagens Caecilia Oberstein is responsible for gathering suitable men and women for the 69th Para-Military Squad, a permanent formation in the Foreign Service.



Having served in the Nachrichtendienst as a Field Agent, her communications skills have far surpassed her original military training in the Weltraumflotte. In the Weltraumflotte, she learned how to operate military-grade communication equipment, both personal and shipboard, as well as the proper writing style for reports and other paperwork. While in the Nachrichtendienst, she learned how to operate civilian communication equipment of Yamataian and Nepleslian manufacture. Caecilia is also completely fluent in her birth language of Abwehran, the Trade4) language, and even Yamataian.


Like many other soldiers with Marine training, Caecilia is trained in various methods of lethal and non-lethal styles of combat. She is able to use the standard mass-driver pistols and rifles of the Abwehran Armed Forces (AAF). She is also an avid practitioner of Panzer Faust style of hand-to-hand combat. And of course, she is quite able with a combat knife as well. While serving with the Nachrichtendienst, Caecilia also received training in the usage of firearms of Nepleslian manufacture. She also has the tendency of fighting dirty in order to give her an unfair advantage in combat.


Because of her role as a Mission Operator in the Foreign Service, Caecilia has received instruction in the Operational Planning and Logistics required for missions.


Caecilia is capable of performing calculus, algebraic, and trigonometric operations as well as basic mathematics.


The young Oberstein is quite capable in the art of camouflage for a variety of wilderness environments. She also has knowledge of Infantry Tactics for a variety of environments including woodland, tundra, jungle, urban, and shipboard environments. Caecilia is also trained in Escape and Evasion tactics and Wilderness Survival.


As a Field Agent for the Nachrichtendienst, Caecilia is quiet capable in disguising herself as a Nepleslian or Yamataian woman. She is also adept in the deception necessary for espionage missions and stealth in both wilderness and crowded urban environments.

Technology Operations

Caecilia is proficient in the operation of both military and civilian-grade Abwehran computing systems as well as civilian-grade computing systems from the major powers. She is also capable at hacking into different, computer networks, though networks with sentient AIs are definitely harder to manage. Because of her Weltraumflotte Marine Corp training, she is able to operate shipboard weaponry on manual control.

Currently Training

  • N/A



  • 2 Jumpsuits, Dark Grey
  • 1 Bomber Jacket
  • 1 Workout Uniform
  • 4 pair of black boot Socks
  • 1 pair of black boots
  • 1 black beret
  • Undergarments (Female only)
    • 4 black panties
    • 4 black sport bras

Civilian Wear

Casual Wear

  • 4 Blouses, buttoned5)
  • 4 pair of khakis
  • 4 Standard Bras
  • 4 pairs of boy shorts
  • 1 pair of Tan, Low-Heel, Ankle-high, Boots

Party Wear

  • 3 pairs of risque lingerie
  • 2 Halter Tops6)
  • 1 Black Mini-skirt, Form-fitting
  • 1 pair of black leather pants
  • 1 pair of Black, Calf-high, Mid-Heel, Suede Boots



Balance: 3000 AC
Description Credit Debit Balance
Starting Balance 9000 AC - 9000 AC
Personal Items - 6000 AC 3000 AC


46 Standard Years
English Braid
according to those who have been around her
2 white and 2 Black
one black and one red

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