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Calanthe Brongus

Calanthe Brongus is a player character played by Fioreo.

Calanthe Brongus
Species & Gender: Separa'Shan (Pythus) Female
Date of Birth: YE 19
Organization: Galactic Horizon
Occupation: Medical Division
Rank: Assistant Specialist/Nurse
Theme song(!!): Manic Monday by The Bangles

Physical Description

Calanthe roughly stands at 5'6“ feet and is 10 feet in total length from head to tail. Her tail resembles the blood python's, which is mainly crimson red with beige marks. Calanthe’s body is curvy and a little pudgy. The upper half of her body has a warm, tan skintone and has dark scales on the lower back and belly, that fade away at her waist area. She has a round face with an upturned nose, a pair of light blue, slitted eyes and plump, peach-colored lips. Her left ear has a black mark on it, which runs in her family. She has a thick, dark brown bob which she usually clips to the back of her head. In the middle of her hairline grows a short bang.


Calanthe is very caring, but has a rather chaotic mind. She gets angered easily, but it’s also easy for her to get emotionally hurt. She tends to hide this with her tantrums and fits. Around patients and loved ones she’s very helpful and cheerful, though she surely isn’t naive. Some people say she’s a hopeless romantic, though Calanthe herself claims she isn’t.

She tends to get really energetic, and constantly moves around. When she's operating a patient, she only moves the tip of her tail around, causing no one to get hurt. Her grip is very firm, making it easy for her to keep patients under control. When something gets in her way, she isn't afraid to get her hands dirty.

Calanthe enjoys fashion and absolutely loves dolling herself up. Her favorite food is any kind of fruitcake, and her favorite color is pink.


Calanthe was born YE 19 into a small family of 7 including herself and two parents with several brothers and only one sister. Her mother was stationed in several clinics close to their home while she and her siblings were still young. While their mother had many skills and was a respected practitioner, their father had fallen quite ill when she was very young and required regular attention.

When Calanthe began to show promise in the medical profession much like her mother she was given extra training and specific instructions on how to care for her father. With her new skills Calanthe was able to care for her father allowing her mother to work further from home and come home less often.

In YE 38 Calanthe left her home satisfied her father was well enough to leave in the care of her siblings. She left in search of career opportunities around the galaxy and eventually made her application to Galactic Horizon after some other positions in late YE 39. It wasn’t long before she was contacted and informed of the available position in the developing medical technology division of the company where she would be acting as a researcher and assistant to Argus Zepheris.

Skills Learned

Medical Training: Calanthe learned basic medical skills on her homeworld as a child and spent most of her time furthering her knowledge and skills in the medical profession through educational institutes and moved into a career.

Biological and Medical science: Having studied anatomy of her own species and many others to help her career as a nurse Calanthe picked up a lot of knowledge on medical and biological sciences helping her to better understand the treatments she gives.

Technology Operation: With the level of education she worked towards during her life Calanthe was exposed to many different devices and types of technology. Over the years she improved her skills in using and operating the various medical use devices.

Social Connections

Calanthe Brongus is connected to:

Siccily Brongus (mother, 52)

Daemosyth Brongus (father, 55)

Baako Brongus (brother, 26)

Zaynab Brongus (sister, 24)

Dimitri Brongus (brother, 21)

Amaro Brongus (brother, 18)

Argus Zepheris – Immediate superior and lab colleague

Anaska DePolanskaya – Furry warmblood friend

Kryss Black – Boss

Inventory & Finance

Calanthe Brongus has:

3000 KS

Horizon issue lab coat and equipment

OOC Information

In the case Fioreo becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? NO
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO

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