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Camellia Sarri

A recently retired Geshrin soldier who has serving the Yamataian army as a security chef and Intelligence officer aboard the Pisces Space Station, as well as the Yugumo deep space exploration vessel. Previous tours of duty had her largely as a pilot of a Ke-M3 Series "Kylie" Anti-Armor Power Armor for the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet. She is one of the survivors of the failed Murf offensive. She's generally considered an odd character by people who aren't close friends of family, she also has a pension to keep half her face hidden behind a drape of her silvery grey hair.

General Information

Camellia Sarri
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: Twenty-Six
Family (or Creators): Antti Sarri (Father, alive and retired), Jenna Sarri (Mother, alive and retired as well.)
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: 5'4(162cm)
Weight: 135 lbs (61kg)
Bra Size: B
Organization: Stararmy of Yamatai
Rank: Ex-Chui, ex-operative of S.A.I.N.T. Civilian
Occupation: Origin Industries test pilot
Current Placement: Currently Dawn Station

Physical Characteristics

Height: 162 cm (5’4“)

Weight: 61 kg (135 lbs)

Measurements: 88B (33) - 71W (28) - 99H (39)

Bra Size: B

Build and Skin Color: A slim, boyish build, and pale white complexion.

Facial Features and Eye Color: Not much can be said about Camellia’s face, since when she’s not piloting a Kyle, her face is almost completely covered by her hair. Save some of the right side, where a sharp red eye is seen. Unlike most people who either are, or claim albinism, Camellia actually has hectacromatic, or duel colored eyes. The one kept under her drape of hair is actually blue.

Hair color and Style: Long (down to her collar bone) stark white hair, it’s kept straight and unassuming; she only wears it up when she’s either in a PA or while acting.

Distinguishing Features: Aside from her androgynous look and Sadako-esque hair style, Camellia looks like an albino.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Camellia’s and interesting mix of personalities. At times, she aloof, at others, she humble. Sometime she acts the flirt, and others, she casts a venomous glare to all who get her attention. In reality, Camellia is nothing at all as she acts, for she is an actress, able to pick and choose who she is, and how she acts as one picks a hat. Her true self has never been seen by any others, save her family. Camellia, at her very core, is insecure. She harbors within her many facades, a scared young woman, afraid to show who she really is, for fear of rejection by her peers. She hid within the shroud of masks so she could protect her true nature from that what she fears greatest, herself.

Likes: Reading Der Ring des Nibelungen, collecting books, opera, singing.

Dislikes: Those without class, synthetic music, poor taste, rejection, skirts.

Goals: To be the first person to produce a successful Ring Cycle in the Empire.


Camellia was born into a small family of Geshrins who draw from Nordic blood. Her family is one of buskers, as such her father is a retired troubadour, or wandering minstrel, or bard. He was blessed with a plethora of ancient, but entertaining songs and stories, that were passed on to her. And her mother was an actress, though her career was restricted to minor musicals and various small time street plays. From them both, Camellia grew up with a love of the performing arts. When she reached the age of fifteen, the apparent normal age for a troubadour to go and seek their star to follow, she was given a gift, a comprehensive thick book entitled “Der Ring des Nibelungen” from them, a very expensive gift because they had to purchase it from an NDI merchant. She never let it out of her sight since that day, taking it with her everywhere.

Eventually, when she reached the age of 20, she enrolled in the Star Army’s military academy as a Kyle pilot. This initially upset her parents who wanted her to follow their families legacies, but she explained to them that her joining the Imperial army would allow her to spread her songs and stories across the very stars themselves. She had just recently graduated and is awaiting her orders for placement.

She was assigned as a Kyle pilot to the 5th Expeditionary Fleet, and stationed on the YSS Akuro. On her arrival she was told she would be a member of the 21st armored wing and was sent on a few scattered exploration missions. During one mission, while the 21st was deployed, the Taii no Iori was attacked and the Akuro, along with all of Camellia's belongings, was destroyed.

After that battle, Camellia and the rest of her wing were relocated to the YSS Akuro II and were sent, along with a small advanced battle group to the Murf system to try and drive the SMX forces that have claimed a hold there. Though the battle (Battle of Murf) was fairly even, the battle group took heavy casualties when reinforcements for the entrenched SMX forces arrived. Having been reduced to just five out of twenty ships, the Yamataian forces were forced to flee while the heavily damaged Namiko drew the remainders of the attacking SMX forces away from the New Anisa as it fled the doomed battlefield.

Following the events in Taiie, Camellia was promoted to officer rank and went through command training, being reassigned from Combat Arms to Intelligence and Tactical on the colony ship Yūgumo. During the off time she spent during her training she also expanded her book collection. She, luckily, was in the Yamataian system when the major offensive to recover Taiie went underway, so she did not serve in that series of sorties. Though she disliked the orders that the 5th expeditionary fleet, due to losses, was being put in mothballs.

She was reassigned to the Pisces Station shortly afterwords and was given the position as head of station security. During her short tenure, she was part of an investigation into a possible double homicide by and unknown perpetrator, who was apparently pining for Marisa Arisa's attention. She was relived of her station after a verbal altercation with Taisa Arisa after the latter violated security protocols in relation to crime scene and evidence tampering. She was incarcerated in the brig until the standoff when the 1st and 5th fleet command ships arrived to investigate the communications blackout. Camellia and her two assistants took this opportunity to board a shuttle and fly to the Seijin no Umi and request asylum from the Pisces. She was reinstated as a 5th fleet member and was given her original posting on the YSS Yugumo.

Shortly after she was granted a post on the YSS Asuka when they were ordered to investigate an abandoned Mishhu ship. Unbeknown to the crew, shortly after she was granted temporary command, three Ghost Mishhu targeted her for a combined mental attack that resulted in her having an nervous breakdown and several months of rehabilitation and a reassignment to a desk job on the Jiyuu no Iori. After she finished her rehabilitation, she expressed disinterest in her position and requested resignation of her commission.

Secretly having gotten in touch with an old friend Creighton Marks, Marks managed to get Camellia a job working as a special operative within S.A.I.N.T.. After a failed proxy mission that was intended on getting Sky Marshal Davis and a local politician named Tange-Katsura Ayana together in a aborted attempt at cross political reconciliation. When that mission failed, she was recalled to the YSS Yuurei for the next mission. Though she could find records of her mission briefing and some initial details, Camellia seems to be unable to recall her first actual mission with S.A.I.N.T. The gap in her memory starts with her piloting the Yurei from the station on Vicky into space and towards the Bufarks Debris Cloud. But then her memory gets fuzzy and then it picks up again with her waking up on the YSS Miharu in their medical bay. When she inquired she was told that all S.A.I.N.T. missions are classified. When she notified S.A.I.N.T. her intent on retiring her commission with them, she was told to go to debriefing again.

After her retiring her commission from the YSS Asuka, Camellia found a want ad requesting test pilots for the Origin Industries branch Origin Armor Works. She set off almost immediately to inquire about work.


Communication: Camellia is trained in the uses of standard Star Army radio equipment as well as having extensive knowledge of call signs and various other fighter/pilot lingo.

Fighting: Camellia is extensively trained in short and long ranged weaponry while piloting a suit of powered armor, she’s also specially skilled in knife fighting and handguns.

Technology Operation: Camellia’s a fairly competent computer handler, she does pilot a suit of powered armor after all. Her computer skills are only average though, she doesn’t have the keyboard savvy to know how to hack systems.

Mathematics: Proper match skills are required for gunners, Camellia is versed in what’s needed to survive.

Entertainment: Camellia was taught by her parents the finer points of dancing, acting and singing, her father was a troubadour and her mother was a small time actress. She has a strong voice when singing in the language her father taught her, (the language being German).

Maintenance and Repair: Camellia was always fiddling with machines since she was a little girl, when she was old enough, she took part in a correspondence course where she picked up her meager skills.

Physical: Camellia’s a physically fit woman, despite her thin look. She has a great deal of stamina, which is a requirement for an armor pilot and a dedicated stage actress.

Starship Operations: Camellia went through Imperial officer training and thus has some understanding as to the layout and proper handeling of several bridge stations. (Tactical, internal security etc.)

Leadership: As said before, Camellia went through Imperial officer training and was versed on command structure, intership politics, proper mannerisms and security.

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